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ROBERTOB Vetiver Extreme 23 hours ago

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EvelinEvelin suggests a similar perfume for Emotions in Motion - Floral Dream by Adidas: Un Air de First by Van Cleef & Arpels.
EvelinEvelin adds Golden Woman by La Rive to her "I Have" Collection.
EvelinEvelin adds Vanilla Blossom by Monotheme to her "I Have" Collection.
EvelinEvelin adds Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry to her "I Have" Collection.

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Seerose 10 hours ago

Oriental Musc by Ava Luxe

Oriental Musc„Custard?”
To say it at the beginning: "Oriental Musc" is not at all a custard. But my first impression of "Oriental Musc" was that of custard. I am enjoying to eat custard if it is prepared with real bourbon-vanilla. The difficulty to write a review about "Oriental... More

ColinM 16 hours ago

S.T. Dupont pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont pour Homme„A better Declaration!”
A really nice surprise to say the least. I have tried some other S.T. Dupont’s fragrances and they all seemed just a tad below mediocre for me, except the barely-decent Signature and the quite decent Intense version of Homme. But this one is definitely good... More

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AndreMoreauAndreMoreau 2 days ago

AndreMoreau„"KNIZE TEN" Extravaganza.”
My dear friend Alfarom (AKA Francesco Alfa Romero) wrote a really passionate review for KNIZE TEN, then I added a few pictures. A great reviewer for a great scent, I should say., I think Alfarom's blog is *really* amazing and much, much better than mine ( )Take it easy,... More

ScentedSalonScentedSalon 6 days ago

ScentedSalon„Wintertime Spring”
No one will ever believe that a Texan would wear a sweater in late May but that is exactly what is happening this year. Tornado season has brought not only much-needed rain but also temperatures in the 50s. That is welcome news for cold-lovers like me who begin to dread summer well before its arrival. Usually, May brings temperatures in the 90s and we leave... More

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