ROBERTOB L'Ombre dans L'Eau by Diptyque - 5 hours ago

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PBullFriend 19 hours ago
Quinacridone Violet

„loud fake purple”

On me, this perfume smells a lot like an artificially-flavored, artificially-sweetened fruit gelatin dessert that my mother used to eat (called DZerta). It was one of the early artificially sweetened desserts in the US (early 1970s) and she knew it was horrid, but she was diabetic so she wasn't...
PBullFriend 19 hours ago
Ancient Air

„too subtle”

This scent may be too subtle for me. Almost all of it is patchouli to me to start. Early on, there are hints of dust and something a bit syrupy. (The syrup seemed like immortelle, which is not a listed note.) Then, within a half hour, it all faded back to patchouli, where it stayed for a good...

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Rachel 21 days ago

„Don't pigeon hole your self!”

now I love my perfumes, I've got hundreds of different stuff. From dollar store scents to extravagant niches I've got a wide spectrum. People should open their eyes or rather noses to the many different scents out there for you to discover. Don't discount things just because of the low price as you never know you could be missing out on a hidden...
Finanna 22 days ago

„​Downsize interim report 8/12…it was a bad month.”

**WARNING! This post is very long so go get yourself a cup of coffee/tea, some chocolates and a comfy seat.** The good news: my sample stash is getting emptier, and I have been doing lots of decant swaps which is good for decreasing the liquid level in the bottles, although it means getting new samples to finish....

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