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Vetiveresque Sisley's "Eau d'Ikar" - 6 hours ago

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Gold 9 hours ago

„My absolute favourite from PdN ”

To me, Patricia de Nicolai is a kind of "überexpert"-perfumer, I like most of her work and I love "Sacrebleu". This perfume is powerful, when you spray it on, the initial in-your-face whiff of mandarin, carnation and cinnamon comes...
Tar 9 hours ago

„Flowerpot on a metal tray”

So Granada, Spain. Must be hot, a bit crowded, mixing something historical and new together. Of course it must be also vivid. I tested first the fragrance itself, now that I have begun writing this review, I took a look at the town on the Internet, and it is hard...

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AndreMoreau 20 hours ago

„FAHRENHEIT: a visual guide (1988-2015)”

FAHRENHEIT by Christian Dior is one of the top-selling perfumes in history, and you can find thousands of pages and articles about it.In this short essay, the main goal is to summarize the different boxes and bottles produced "year-by-year" since its launch in 1988.No opinion about "reformulations" will be provided: here you will...
ScentedSalon 7 days ago

„The Unbearable Action of Wanting”

Human nature is such that we are never satisfied with what we have for long. As soon as you think “I’ve found my signature scent,” another beauty comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Dior’s Privee Collection, much like Armani Prive and Chanel Les Exclusifs, is a high end set of beautiful perfumes that are more refined...

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