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ROBERTOB Le Vetiver by Lubin - 11 hours ago

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Fanny 30 minutes ago
Heure Exquise

„Too excellent?...”

Well, Divinity has arrived in the building. Everything else, previously called divine, is looking a bit faint and dusty. Being not too much in the habit of idolising flowers in a perfume, let alone idolise a 'flowers-only' scent (I'm an overall 'woody oriental' (Lutens!!) worshipper),...
GothicHeart 4 hours ago
Angeliques Sous La Pluie

„Lost in the rain...”

Like being in the place where a ten ton coriander loaded truck crashed into a pepper storehouse, under a showering rain. The first hour or so is like being on the spot when it happens. The rest (which is not much) is like visiting the place three months later. I love both pepper and coriander,...

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Finanna 17 hours ago

„Project downsize 7/12 (a very good month!)”

Oh my! I am so proud of this month's stats: Finished bottles: 2 (wopeee!!! need to finish 8 more) Finished samples: 7 (need to 14 finish more) Purchased/adopted/other sad excuses for getting new bottles: zero!!! (but still over my quota...) As usual, short eulogies for those who have left my collection. ...
DonVanVliet 9 days ago

„Custom order for sections on homepage”

You can now order the main sections on the homepage - just as you like! In order to do so, drag and drop the different sections in your desired order. You must be logged in to use this feature. When you log out, the default order will be restored.

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