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Taskphorce Taklamakan by Stéphane Humbert Luc

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WildGardener 12 hours ago

Bowling Green (Eau de Toilette) by Geoffrey Beene

Bowling Green (Eau de Toilette)„Irresistible average”
The list of fragrances that Bowling Green has been compared to is incredible. Along with my own comparison to Tsar the total runs to 35. This is quite a phenomenon; in my opinion it means that 1) although obscure, Bowling Green is very popular among those who have... More

MasterLi 28 hours ago
Scent 8.0

Noir Exquis by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Noir Exquis„Vanilla & Chestnut...”
I think this is a fragrance which will appeal to a broad range of people. That's because it's not really gourmand enough to turn people away, and it has just enough gourmand notes in it to attract people. I say this because the way Bertrand Duchaufour has used... More

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DorothyGraceDorothyGrace 7 days ago

DorothyGrace„Aromatics - yesterday and today - a savoury experience”
Eaking out my older bottle of Aromatics and feeling that I really didn't want to use it all up I decided to give the new formulation another go; my first try hadn't gone so well as it brought my wrist out in an angry red rash.I took my son to the local shopping centre to buy him glasses and took the opportunity to leave... More

DorothyGraceDorothyGrace 9 days ago

DorothyGrace„First of Five Animalics Run the Gaunlett”
Embers by Rouge bunny Rouge opened hopefully enough with a smokey, peppery, woody, resemblance to Parfum Sacre by Caron. At around the half hour mark some rather generic 'woodsy' notes started to climb (and climb they did) and hope that had sprung eternal in my breast faded and died.These strangely generic, overly synthetic, slightly... More

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