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ROBERTOB Antaeus by Chanel

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Perfumemania 2 hours ago
Scent 6.0

Gardenia by Roja Parfums

Gardenia„Bit disappointed”
I am not keen on this version of gardenia. Its nothing spectacular, just like any other white floral scent. It is extremely difficult to imitate the real gardenia scent from nature. Sadly Roja has failed in this version. To me, personally i don't think any gardenia... More

Perfumemania 5 hours ago
Scent 10.0

Lily (2014) by Roja Parfums

Lily (2014)„Lily bomb”
I love lilies, one of my favourite flowers along with gardenia, tuberose and lilac. I have tried Tom Ford Shanghai Lily and also Lys Fume, but this is the best lily soliflore. This extrait has fantastic sillage and excellent longevity. Its sweet and green with lovely spicy... More

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GianlucaGianluca 10 days ago

Gianluca„ I decided to risk a Blind Buy...”
You know what, I've read several positive opinions about Alviero Martini Geo Black, it stands out from other fragrances for men for its heart of licorice, original, darkly bitter and sweetly aromatic, suitable for spring time, with good projection and strong longevity. Hence, I decided to search for it on ebay and luckily, I found both... More

ParfummaniacParfummaniac 13 days ago

Parfummaniac„What happens when you change 'the road' which you walked”
Hi all, after a very long time not being able to smell any fragrances, while I was addicted to all kind of ..., it's so weird but mostly amazing and wonderful to have your smell back! Any idea how it is to smell food ,which you are preparing, again? And what you think at that moment? Let me put some spices, salt and fresh... More

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