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Taskphorce Sable Or by Giorgio Armani

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Hitchslap 41 hours ago

Grey Flannel (Eau de Toilette) by Geoffrey Beene

Grey Flannel (Eau de Toilette)„Mr. Beene!”
It's the oddest thing......of the colognes I have in my cabinet, this one seems like the most "un-synthetic" of them all. The opening notes are so "natural" and strong, sort of astringent but never does the thought of a chemical odor cross my mind.... More

Hitchslap 5 days ago

A*Men Pure Shot / Pure Energy by Mugler / Thierry Mugler

A*Men Pure Shot / Pure Energy„simplicity................don't over think it”
Frosted Patchouli................clean smell, straightforward...............sporty, buy if you are not expecting much More

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ParfumoParfumo 4 days ago

Parfumo„Interview with Victor Wong - The creative mind behind Zoologist”
First of all, what gave you the idea of launching your own Fragrance Brand “Zoologist”?Back in 2013, I wasn’t very happy with my career and I felt very insecure and frustrated. I guess that’s what people like to call a “mid-life crisis”. Lots of people making politics and decisions that led to nowhere.... More

DorothyGraceDorothyGrace 33 days ago

DorothyGrace„Five Animalics Sitting in my Drawer”
I have finished testing my little set of five perfume samples, perfumes noted for their tilt towards the animal. Really I am looking for something great to replace a couple of my favourite perfumes (Aromatics by Clinique and Magie Noir by Lancome) both of which are still in production but reformulated away from what works for me but none... More

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