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Kankuro 87 minutes ago
Blue Hope

„Blue is warmer than red.”

XerJoff, again and again this magnificent niche label draws me in. Right from the beginning, the beautiful scents by Sergio Momo made me swoon. No wonder I once owned four of them. I will never forget my first XerJoff perfume. It was the limited edition "Verona 010"....
MasterLi 113 minutes ago
Arpège pour Homme

„Soft Unisex Oriental... yet discontinued?”

Why discontinue something like this? Arpège pour Homme is a wonderful soft oriental for men that is a mix of tonka bean, iris, pink pepper and vanilla... with touches of jasmine, sandalwood and amber in the base. It's so soft and sexy, I can't see anyone who wouldn't...

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GothicHeart 3 days ago

„Oscar has left the building...”

Rest in Perfume and Peace uncle Oscar. Thank you so very much for creating some of our youth's benchmarks!
Apicius 12 days ago

„E99-EsAns - Arab Perfumes Made in Germany! ”

Saturday afternoon in Nuremberg - booked up hotels, heavy traffic and a stressful search for a parking spot. Reason for my journey: Nuremberg is the city of a young perfumer who we found recently. Today, I have a date for the interview. I will meet him in Nuremberg's picturesque city center and I am really curious...

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