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MasterLi 4 hours ago
Black Orchid

„Lush, Dirty, Sexy stuff...”

Black Orchid was the first release for the Tom Ford brand. In his mind, he felt like the modern designer market trends didn't offer anything really unique, heavy or interesting enough... as most of them were watered down versions of best sellers. With Black Orchid, he wanted...
MasterLi 31 hours ago
Fou d'Absinthe

„A spicy green witches brew...”

This is such a dark, intriguing fragrance! Based around the drink "absinthe", it has an unusual combination of notes such as artemisia, pine, fir, star anise, cloves and blackcurrant. It's such a deep green mix which is both fresh and aromatic at the same time. It...

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Finanna 29 hours ago

„​Downsize interim report 10/12…only one bottle this month!”

Finishing samples seems to be easy for me and I think it will be my project for 2015. Alas, resisting perfume purchases is not... But the stats do not too bad: Finished bottles: 1 ( need to finish five more!) Finished samples: 5 (target exceeded in last month already) Purchased...
ScentFan 6 days ago

„My New Blog”

I've never blogged but as of today I am, in hopes it might help someone. Eventually, I'll talk about perfume, but for now it's Ebola. Have a look.

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