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ColinM 71 minutes ago

„Uninspired fougère”

Photo by Lagerfeld is a more than conventional masculine cologne with citrus, lavender, carnation, rose, spices and woody-mossy notes – shortly a fresh, woody-soapy aromatic fougère halfway Versace l’Homme (to which it is much similar) and Armani pour Homme....
ColinM 72 minutes ago
Al S. Anas Blend

„Balsamic gem”

Sheikh Anas (if this page is for that oil) opens with a fantastic stroke of velvety and balsamic notes wrapping around rich flowers (soapy rose, jasmine, and surely others I don’t catch), posed on a woody-mossy base comprising also patchouli, musk, thin fresh green notes,...

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AndreMoreau 7 hours ago

„The KOUROS Encyclopaedia 2.0”

Due to overwhelming amount of new material and pictures, I had to split the "KOUROS Encyclopaedia" in two parts Hope you can appreciate it. (if the address is signalled as spam simply google for "Raiders of the Lost Scent Kouros" ) sincerely, Andre and the "Raiders" loyal guys ----------------------------------- part...
ScentedSalon 4 days ago

„New Guerlain”

(photo via bergdorfgoodman) Seeing a beautiful black and gold bottle at the Guerlain counter is exciting because it is not that often that a new Guerlain comes out. The last one I remember was Myrrhe et Delires, which left me thoroughly unimpressed. Santal Royal, however, did not have the same effect. Smelling this sharp spicy sandalwood...

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