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OGBuysblind 97 minutes ago
Solara for Men

„Solara for Men by Lomani”

A light, easy going fragrance which features a distinct sugar note over dry, subtle woods and a sheer vanilla/tonka base. Solara's sweet, semi-spicy top reminds me of the sugary smell one finds in the sap of pine trees. This note is presented in the more...
Prosperonlin 4 hours ago
Pour Monsieur

„Extremely suave and exquisite masculine”

I've got the new Chanel pour Monsieur EDP 75ml. And it's not easy to convey how it smells in words. It sits right between the EDT and the Concentrée version, I mean, less citrusy and less sweety/vanilla like. But it does remind me the original,...

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Cryptic 5 days ago

„Save Oakmoss (and perfumery in general)”

If you love perfume, please take a few minutes to read this comprehensive article concerning the proposed oakmoss ban. I've heard many people take the position that the ban will not seriously harm perfumery because there is a synthetic oakmoss substitute available. According to the esteemed noses who were...
DonVanVliet 5 days ago

„Fragrance Notes Update Part 4: Fragrance Notes Directory”

After the info popup we now roll out the Fragrance Notes Directory. You can find it on the home page and under „Discover“ a bit later. Currently, Parfumo knows about 7000 fragrance notes. They have been categorized and assigned by Apicius. He will also answer to your questions, criticism or suggestions. ...

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