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ScentFan 14 hours ago
Head Over Heels / Helen of Troy

„Not Obnoxious”

I'm amazed that this bargain fragrance isn't completely obnoxious, given the price and the upside-down girl. I find it captivating, in fact--a fruity floral with depth and real class. There's certainly more than melon, peach and plum in here with the florals. Or maybe...
ScentFan 15 hours ago
Downtown Girl

„Nice & Smart”

Revlon advertised this as "a floral with a whole new beat." Fourteen years later, not so much, but this woody, musky floral is appealing. Makes me think of the kind of smart, nice women I used to chat with over a glass of wine after work or at lunch. Those...

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TPV 3 days ago

„Masque Milano Russian Tea: My Current Obsession”

(Photo via midnightpoesy) The cozy times have come. As the sweltering October heat finally left, Luckyscent created an amazing Fall sample pack that ushered in my favorite season. One of the offerings, and the major reason I ordered the pack, is "Russian Tea" by Masque Milano. In addition to lovely...
TPV 3 days ago

„Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Saffron”

What does saffron smell like? For those that have eaten decadent Iranian puddings or even Indian chicken dishes, the smell of saffron is very subtle. It is unlike anything else: a bit sweet, musky and comforting. When choosing a saffron scent, one would have to pay attention to the most nuanced of smells. I have been on the lookout...

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