ROBERTOB Bel Ami Vétiver by Hermès - 93 minutes ago

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Coutureguru 1 minutes ago
L'Eau par Kenzo Colors pour Homme

„Frequently complimented today ...”

I'm writing this review on my 'phone which is damn irritating so it won't be a long one! My bottle of Colors was on sale in a duty free I visited a few days ago during the constant traveling I am currently experiencing. There wasn't a tester, but I have enjoyed the odd Kenzo...
Gmmcnair 11 hours ago

„Should Have Been Called Vindictus”

I sampled this one at Nordstrom today. Initially, I was underwhelmed with the top notes and the synthetic, too sweet jasmine. Within 30 minutes this had changed from something I don't like to a scrubber fragrance from hell. Sweet, cloying, and vile to my nose. I will...

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Apicius 8 days ago

„E99-EsAns - Arab Perfumes Made in Germany! ”

Saturday afternoon in Nuremberg - booked up hotels, heavy traffic and a stressful search for a parking spot. Reason for my journey: Nuremberg is the city of a young perfumer who we found recently. Today, I have a date for the interview. I will meet him in Nuremberg's picturesque city center and I am really curious...
fragrob32 16 days ago

„Fragrance tastes and how they change!”

I am a firm believer that our tastes change with our understanding of and journey through the world of perfume! When i started wearing perfume properly when i was 16 my tastes were dictated by what was popular and by what my novice nose perceived as a good scent, be it JOOP!, Hugo boss Man, L'eau de issey or at the time my favorite...

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