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Scarletting My Tauer Explorer set just arrived! Eeee! *happy perfume dance!* - 4 hours ago

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Tessa 11 hours ago

„Imaginary flower”

Sarcanthus means FLESHY FLOWER ! It is hard to understand why such a name was given to a delicate perfume that is a pleasure to own and to wear. Maybe the relationship is closer to a type of orchid I read about and I tend to accept this possibility because whenever I wear Sarcanthus I imagine myself in a greenhouse, surrounded by strongly...
AromiErotici 14 hours ago
The Lover

„The Lover by The Gap”

Apricot, Mint Leaves, Patchouli. I've been meaning to snag a bottle of this for a few years now and I finally got around to it. To be exact, I purchased 2 NIB 50ml. on auction because the price was perfect. Lo and behold, when they arrived, both sprayers were damaged and 25% of each bottle had leaked. I own a few Gap Individual...

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Most of all I like Now. Nearly half the fragrances that I own and wear were composed since 2000 and, regardless of when composed, the vast majority of the juice was put in a bottle within the last few years. What I like about Now: the... » Read Article

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