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GuerlainGirl Laurelle Perfumes Loves me...loves me not Summer Edition 8 hours ago

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WildGardener 2 hours ago

Krizia Uomo by Krizia

Krizia Uomo„Sun and wind in an Italian herb garden”
Anisic artemisia, basil and minty geranium in a fresh herb garden juniper sports its raw blue berries and cold wind brings pine from the hills Mandarins and lemons lie on a vinyl cover near a bleached wooden chair clove pinks grow beneath where... More

ColinM 3 hours ago

Ferré for Men by Gianfranco Ferré

Ferré for Men„Half-successful masculine iris”
Ferré for Men (nothing to do with Ferré for Man from 1986) is for me one of the most representative epitomes of “half-baked” fragrances. It’s perfectly split in half, on a time axis: one is really – really! - good, the other is not tragic, but a bit disappointing.... More

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GothicHeartGothicHeart 3 days ago

GothicHeart„Scended scents and moving movies Part 1”
Yeap, movies and their olfactory assocciations. Any of you reading my blog should have seen it coming. For the rest, I hope you'll have a good time reading it, just as I enjoyed making it. Who has not placed her/himself in an anti-hero's shoes? Who has not fallen in love with a movie character? Who has not been jealous of the audacity... More

ScentedSalonScentedSalon 16 days ago

ScentedSalon„Honey Oud is Here”
Recently, I have been editing my perfume collection (seen here and have become obsessed with owning an old English perfume. I already had Atkinson’s superb Odd Fellows’ Bouquet, which is one of the best sweet tobacco scents out there, but as I read about Floris in Cult Perfumes: The World’s... More

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