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Fhaldara 14 hours ago
Scent 9.0

Baby Tous by Tous

Baby Tous„Pretty Baby!”
This is a soft, fresh and enchanting orange blossom. It's very clean, making it quite reminiscent of a newly washed baby, though it's not just for babies. I get a little of the pear in the heart, but no apple or rose. The base is musky soft, and has a fresh 'greeness'... More

ColinM 21 hours ago

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

As usual I’ve a bit of a hard time with fragrances known for being “skanky”, “dirty”, “animalic” and in broader terms, “challenging”. Because they never really seem so to me. And this is the case of Kingdom, too. It’s a fantastic fragrance, that’s for sure,... More

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AromaXAromaX 28 hours ago

AromaX„Floral Aldehydic Perfumes or Soft Florals”
Originally posted: aldehydic is an interesting example of a perfume family originated from a group of aromachemicals. Technically speaking aldehydes are forming a huge group of chemical compounds containing a “formyl group”. It includes a very big group of perfume odorants. But only... More

CrypticCryptic 4 days ago

Cryptic„Monsieur Guerlain is silenced by LVMH”
Apparently Monsieur Guerlain's lovely tribute site has been summarily shut down at the behest of LVMH over alleged trademark infringement. To all appearances this represents cold-blooded and inexplicable treatment of an individual who had been the brand's biggest cheerleader. Although the house is legally entitled to protect the Guerlain... More

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