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Taskphorce Lubin Upper Ten (2015)

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Marie69 53 minutes ago

Adolfo by Frances Denney

This is a nice light non cloying, non fruity, non musk, non civet, floral. To me, its main strength is its gentleness. Very classic perfume. I am trying a vintage mini. More

Bossman 6 hours ago

ComoTú - Fuerza by Mercadona

ComoTú - Fuerza„Just Le Male”
One More... Le Male Jean Paul G. Cheap and, just this one... not recommended from my side... too much sinthetic, and low sillage and longevity. More

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UriticoUritico 17 hours ago

Uritico„Any suggestion to replace Lacoste Red and Fahrenheit Summer?”
I have a problem fellow Parfumo enthusiasts: Lacoste Red's and Fahrenheit Summer's production has virtually been discontinued. I currently own them but I'm down to my last bottle of Summer and I have three bottles of Lacoste Red remaining. I used to get them online whenever I'm running short, but it's getting... More

GothicHeartGothicHeart 4 days ago

GothicHeart„You name it!...”
Perfumes are some of the most potent image generators out there. And I believe that a good deal of this potence lies in the way they were christened. As William S. Burroughs allegedly used to say, language is a virus from outer space. And the most effective one ever I might add, since it has infected us all. Being a glossology enthusiast, perfume names never... More

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