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ColinM 5 hours ago

Puredistance I by Puredistance

Puredistance I„Overpriced hippie weirdo”
Probably the most decent offering from Puredistance I’ve ever tried. Not because of the smell per se, since actually others smell better; but because for God’s sake, at least this is not something ripping off cheaper fragrances, and it’s not something... More

ColinM 5 hours ago

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Eternity for Men„Terrible”
Desperately bad on every level. Basically a musky citrus-lavender fragrance smelling like a fizzy warm burp after drinking cheap Limoncello. Deadly everlasting persistence. Gross and discomforting. 4/10 More

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ScentedSalonScentedSalon 4 days ago

ScentedSalon„Wintertime Spring”
No one will ever believe that a Texan would wear a sweater in late May but that is exactly what is happening this year. Tornado season has brought not only much-needed rain but also temperatures in the 50s. That is welcome news for cold-lovers like me who begin to dread summer well before its arrival. Usually, May brings temperatures in the 90s and we leave... More

GothicHeartGothicHeart 4 days ago

GothicHeart„More lesser saints...”
For those wondering what these lesser saints are, I explain it here. So here are fourteen more of them. Seven for girls and seven for boys. One for each day of the week. Since finding a couple wearing any of their possible combinations has become rarer than a good fragrance launched after 2000, I think... More

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