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ColinM 78 minutes ago

L'Eau des Hespérides by Diptyque

L'Eau des Hespérides„Negliglible green”
Eau des Hesperides by Diptyque starts off with a sharp, almost acrid minty-citrus-grass accord, which smells as much green as really pungent and balsamic. Invigorating and bracing on one side, quite artificial on the other, ending up in smelling a bit like a nasal... More

WildGardener 4 hours ago

Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil by 4711

Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil„Orange Mist”
The fine mist nozzle on the Acqua Colonia bottles makes them ideal for a refreshing walk through on hot days. Of the three I have this one is my favourite, a nice sweet orange accord with a touch of basil. *** More

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GothicHeartGothicHeart 20 hours ago

GothicHeart„Scended scents and moving movies Part 1”
Yeap, movies and their olfactory assocciations. Any of you reading my blog should have seen it coming. For the rest, I hope you'll have a good time reading it, just as I enjoyed making it. Who has not placed her/himself in an anti-hero's shoes? Who has not fallen in love with a movie character? Who has not been jealous of the audacity... More

ScentedSalonScentedSalon 14 days ago

ScentedSalon„Honey Oud is Here”
Recently, I have been editing my perfume collection (seen here and have become obsessed with owning an old English perfume. I already had Atkinson’s superb Odd Fellows’ Bouquet, which is one of the best sweet tobacco scents out there, but as I read about Floris in Cult Perfumes: The World’s... More

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