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NikkRouse10 10 hours ago

„Better Than the First”

Tested this today at Kohls. I was super excited when I saw this sitting there and I went straight for it. A few spritzes on my wrist and.... back on the shelf it went. For now. I will end up buying a bottle eventually. It's a very nice aquatic floral with a touch of saltiness sitting...
Tdwctdwc 19 hours ago
La Liturgie des Heures

„Pass the soap ”

I'll make it short : Soapy incense and myrrh. The soapy green vibe starts to calm down after the opening to make room for some cypress and incense resins. Its performance is too weak to enjoy or to even try to detect some notes. I rank this the lowest in all incense perfumes i tried....

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DonVanVliet 3 days ago

„Custom order for sections on homepage”

You can now order the main sections on the homepage - just as you like! In order to do so, drag and drop the different sections in your desired order. You must be logged in to use this feature. When you log out, the default order will be restored.
Pipette 3 days ago

„On the path to the Holy Grail”

The road to success is paved with good intentions ... sample this, sample that. After I was excited about the Grossmith perfumes, I came down somewhat because, although exquisitely beautiful, they are not for every day wear. They can be sniffed and admired for what they are - pieces of art of perfumery. Especially since the formulae...

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