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Foustie 3 hours ago
Jardins d'Armide (2013)

„Dragées on the dressing table.”

Jardins D'Armide; What a joy this is! I defy any fragrance lover not to react when they smell Jardins D'Armide, even if it is not to one's personal taste. I can't imagine that anyone would find it uninteresting. The opening of this fragrance immediately brings to mind...
Karinoula 8 hours ago
Womanity Aqua Chic

„Soft womanity”

In exact the same spirit of original "Womanity" the aqua chic is a little lighter, more sweet and the spices are well hidden in the background. It is an amazing perfume may be the best for spring/summer. The bottle is lovely too where there is a shade of "oyster" like...

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Finanna 6 hours ago

„​Downsize interim report 9/12…reached one of my goals!”

Phew! I have officially finished the 52 samples I aimed to finish during 2014 (and swapped&donated away those that deserved a more loving home). Running is going smoothly, I achieved my 10k in 1h (training for half marathon now…). But I did not (yet) purchase those 10 new bottles…although I adopted...
Pipette 3 days ago

„Lost - gone forever”

The current version of "Shalimar Eau de Parfum" is ... how shall I put it ... not anymore what it once was. I ordered a bottle just for the sake of nostalgia and was certain that it would be a reformulated version of the 1980 version I had and cherished. My signature. My treasured possession. So many memories attached. Well, either...

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