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OGBuysblind 10 hours ago
Acqua Essenziale

„Underrated and Overlooked”

This is a very good fragrance that I would put up against any other designer aquatic on the market! Acqua Essenziale opens with an aromatic top of mint, lemon leaf, rosemary, and lavender. It's an accord that smells sweet, fresh, and clean in a modern, "I just got out of the shower...
Elaina 12 hours ago
Hanae Mori / Butterfly

„Hanae Mori”

Hanae Mori is the kind of scent you wish for whilst thinking of pearls, blush pink roses, and tea length dresses. I think it's quite cute in the way that at first whiff you think "nice, vanilla!" but after a good few moments you realize it's very similar but actually made up of an array...

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AndreMoreau 47 hours ago

„"FAHRENHEIT" by Christian Dior : A 10-batches review.”

"FAHRENHEIT" by Christian Dior : A 10-batches review.
Sorceress 10 days ago

„Moving On...”

Finally on the mend, and more stressful news in my life. My town has been cleaning up the older homes and inspecting them for code violations, etc. I've rented a small home for the last five years from, you guessed it, a man who could care less about maintaining his property. Inspector comes in, gets shocked by an outlet, can't get out the front...

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