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L'Inspiratrice by Divine


by Divine (2006)
80 of 100%, 102 Ratings
Released in the year 2006, production apparently discontinued.
Perfumer: Richard Ibanez

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, Patchouli, Peony, Rose, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Vetiver, White musk, Ylang-ylang


80% (102 Ratings)
82% (79 Ratings)
68% (72 Ratings)
69% (63 Ratings)
Researched and submitted by Apicius
Helpful Review - 03/11/2013
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Good
6 Awards
The Perfect Match!
Having tried all my Divine samples, this is the one that made my eyes widen, and I just can't get enough of this fabulous fragrance! What a beautiful Rose! One of those dewy, perfectly formed, and original English Garden type rose. And the Patchouli! It's soft, but rich, and these two together..what a perfect match! I have tried several Rose/patchouli fragrances, and it always seems that either note is trying to outdo each other. But not this blend...they are complimenting each other throughout the whole journey! The opening is just like a grand entrance of the two notes, walking hand in hand through the heart, greeting the other notes with a wave and a smile. The white musk is playing his part well, and I get the occasional whiff of the bergamot and peony. The dry down is so well tuned with the whole fragrance. Even the vetiver blends in beautifully...unlike L'Etre Aime..which in my review of that fragrance defined the vetiver as putting the fragrance of balance. I am very impressed with this perfume, and I will purchase a FB of this! The notes blend so well together, and the Rose, and Patchouli are indeed..a perfect match!
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Gold 547 days ago
I agree, a beautiful, beautiful perfume. It's on my wish-list now.
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Longevity: Good
Sillage: Strong
2 Awards
Amberesque Floriental
Divine L'INSPIRATRICE is a rich, smooth, and viscous oriental perfume whose primary appeal to me lies in the drydown, at the culmination of a journey through a couple of oriental twists and turns, beginning with a rather boozy opening stage. There are a lot of rose-patchouli perfumes to choose from these days, and those notes number among the components of L'INSPIRATRICE, but to my nose, this is much more of an amber-esque oriental than either a rose or a sweet patchouli composition.

After a rather boozy opening, this perfume eventually arrives at a gorgeously golden, slightly sweet amberish drydown with a touch of patchouli. As is generally the case with hefty orientals, this one has both fairly big sillage and excellent longevity. I find the opening of L'INSPIRATRICE slightly less inspiring, though it's certainly not bad, but the drydown if not quite divine, is certainly very nice.
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Strong
Bottle: Good
1 Award
A rose: inspirational or conspirative?
L'Inspiratrice is the first Divine fragrance that I get to know, thanks to Igraines generous filling. Thank you again!

This floral fragrance is different from many others of that type, but also diffrent from what I would have expected. An explicit fragrance pyramid is not named here, nevertheless, I think it has one!

The prelude of the first minutes is lavishly fruity, fresh and flowery. It has a richness that is astonishing. It has the fruitiness of red berries that are not mentioned above but nevertheless dominate the head note. The passage to the heart note is the bergamot with its citric green, slightly bitter fruitiness.

From the heart note onwards blossoms dominate the development, and most of all, the rose. It is a dark and noble strong-scented rose in its full splendour. It is accompnied by Ylang-Ylang which brings in a sweet softness. Not too much, so the fragrance does not drift away into the gourmand style, but just as much as to bear the beauty of the rose. The fragrance keeps this accord for a really long time.

It is not a fragrance for nice and neat little females. It is a fragrance for „La Donna“, for a vamp, for the woman in itself. I love it.

The sillage is perfect because the fragrance cloaks its wearer in luxuriant garments. The longevity is tremendous and consoderably prolongs the enjoyment of the base notes.

Slowly, the sweetness of the base note becomes less, the fragrance gets softer and more round, with a few green notes twinkling in between. It is simply the perfect fragrance for me and I' sure it will become part of my collection one day.

(Translation: Apicius & Florblanca)

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L'Inspiratrice by Divine
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