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Fendi by Fendi
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Fendi (Fendi)
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Fendi (Fendi)
Fendi (Fendi)
Fendi (Fendi)


by Fendi (1987)
81 of 100%, 103 Ratings
Released in the year 1987, production apparently discontinued.
Perfumer: Firmenich

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top Notes Aldehydes, Bergamot, Cardamom, Coriander, Mandarin, Rosewood, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart Notes Carnation, Geranium, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Rose, Ylang-ylang, Cypress
Base Notes Base Notes Amber, Oakmoss, Spices, Leather, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Cedar


81% (103 Ratings)
87% (65 Ratings)
81% (53 Ratings)
66% (60 Ratings)
Researched and submitted by Kankuro
Helpful Review - 11/06/2013
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Strong
Bottle: Good
5 Awards
Heavily Spiced And Intoxicating, Buyer Beware
Another cult classic that must be tried in all types of weather, but certainly the colder weather brings out the best of it. There is such an intermingling of sweet and sour spices for me with this perfume. As the weather cools, it seems to be working better and better on my skin.
The last time I tried Fendi, the weather was cold outside, near freezing. Now it began working its magic for me. I began imaging a cauldron boiling somewhere deep in the woods, in a squat mythical house, one built of boards slapped together, with a chimney spewing forth smoke. The house had small flattened stones leading to it, as if a prepared walkway had been readied. It was surrounded by gnarled, overgrown trees, mosses of all kinds, moist lichen growing at the bases. The air is damp and cool. Looking at this house, one wonders at the occupants. Inside, a cauldron is boiling a mix of spices. Heavy spices you can't help but inhale as they assault you when you walk in the open door. It's a paradox of evil and good in that cauldron and you know this. You knew that when you walked into the little house. One moment you're in a cool clean damp environment in the forest, the next you're hit with these spicy, heavy odors that frankly, make one wonder what's in the pot. They make you swoon. And you wonder who is in charge of this cauldron.
Spices, leather, patchouli and mosses all take charge together in this perfume to make you see another side of yourself. This is a scent for languishing in oneself, for being assertive, knowing who you are and enjoying that person. It is a strong perfume that should come with a hang tag reading "Heavily Spiced and Intoxicating, Buyer Beware".
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Cryptic 296 days ago
Gorgeous in the heat, too!
Very helpful Review - 04/02/2013
17 Awards
Gone too soon
My dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and the premature death of a work of art that is sorely missed. Fendi Fendi, according to databases, was first launched in 1985. I only met her just last year when my quest for vintage fragrances began to soar. At first sniff, my eyes watered. Fendi, for me, carries the feel of L' Heure Bleu but sways in the opposite direction. Where L'Heure Bleu is subtle and unobtrusive, Fendi is prominent with a hot chip on her shoulder.

An initial blast of spice leads to soft, aromatic florals.

Warm spices envelop the sweetest flowers. Ylang is captivating as it mingles with Jasmine and Patchouli making this a deep, rich and irresistible. If carefully applied, Fendi can be as soft as corn silk yet powerfully rich and deep enough to make your knees buckle. Woodsy notes and amber bring us to a dramatic finish that reeks luxury and sex appeal.

Fendi can be described as breathtaking and heartbreaking. There are no equals. None.

She and I don't have a long history together but I do cherish my new friend. Just as a departed loved one remains in our hearts forever, I am hoping that Fendi will remain in my collection forever.
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Flaconneur 683 days ago
I sniffed the sample and was immediately transported to a new wave coma circa 1987. Thanks for the time travel, Digindirt.
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Helpful Review - 12/28/2012
6 Awards
A real Fan...
I have never encountered this elusive beauty before. Its oddly familiar. Perhaps that because I have used Fendi Uomo for years and they have some common elements. Perhaps it the leather.

It pushes the limits on its catagory. It has too many spices to be a chypre, not enough flowers to be a floriental and changes dramatically over the hours to be an oriental. The LEATHER is big. The rose is blatant. The oakmoss and sandalwood shine. Its epic construction is the stuff of legends. It is refined elegance that is mostly formal winter wear. Perfectly matched with a leather suit and rich furs. Dont forget your hat and viel. Oh yes, red nails and lipstick are required.

By todays standards, Fendi has become unisex. Much like the mens leathery rose standards of the late 80s-Actuer, Zino, Perry Ellis, Tenere and of course Fendi Uomo( I think the big difference is some coumarin), this has similar character. Its somewhat on the delicate side for the men at first, but watch out. Leather and rose is the ultimate pairing for dark passionate romance. Fendi defined this effortlessly.

She is gentle, soft and comfortable. She is also very skilled in the art of wanton seduction. She has more notes than anything on the market today and they hold many secrets. Too many sprays and she could wear you. Like many 80s fare of the day, she requires a certain attitude and a skilled trigger finger.

It not old fashioned by any means. Today its more avant gard than ever. Due to its discontinuation, it is now more precious than any niche house. The original Fendi line from 1985-2000 is now legendary and required in all serious collections.

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Digindirt 753 days ago
Excellent review. It took me a long long time to even attempt a review, I didn't feel I could do this beauty any justice.
Helpful Review - 01/31/2012
Longevity: Very good
Sillage: Strong
Bottle: Poor
3 Awards
Cardamom Overkill
As anyone with experience in preparing either chai or Indian cuisine knows, cardamom pods are seriously powerful little spice bombs. Add one too many, and your beautiful creation will be destroyed. Unfortunately, this is how I feel about FENDI, which had the potential to be a great oriental chypre but has been wrecked (to my nose) by the heavy-handed use of cardamom.

I love cardamom, don't get me wrong. Some of my favorite modern chypres-orientals feature this note (LEXINGTON AVE and CHINATOWN offer delightful, well-measured presentations...). FENDI, in contrast, is a serious case of cardamom overkill. The cardamom in this composition is so strong that it literally wipes out everything in its path.

That said, I do think that I might be able to wear FENDI mixed with some other lighter oriental. I'm thinking maybe a smooth amber would mix well with this. But as it stands, FENDI is way too cardamom-heavy to enjoy as a perfume on its own. Désolée.
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Flaconneur 544 days ago
Death by cardamon? Bring it on.
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Strong
Bottle: Good
2 Awards
Sweet spices & woods wraped in Leather
Bondage This will Lure a man to his
Downward spiral full of Debauchery;
Origies With Sexy chorus girls Circa
1933. until your wife walks though
the door and you need a lot of Explaining to do! this is what the vibe
it gives off to me. very Sexy Scent.
Helpful Review - 01/07/2012
Longevity: Good
8 Awards
Fendi by Fendi
Fendi for Women

A few years ago ( and immediately following Fendi's announcement to discontinue their line) I happened upon a sealed 50ml. Fendi for $9.99 in K-Mart. What I didn't realize was just how good this scent is. It was released in 85, but I cannot recollect ever smelling this on anyone.

Of course, I purchased it and gave it to Mrs. Aromi. She wore it that night and I knew this was a terrific blind buy. It's indicative of the 1980's but in a very fashionable and classy way. I've since read some disheartening reviews that claim it smells like insecticide and generic bug spray. This aura is also found in Krizia Moods and to an extent, in Giorgio Beverly Hills. It's not a bug spray accord but instead a combination of aldehyde, citrus, cedar oil, rosewood, carnation and geranium. Insecticide never smelled so good. The way these notes are used in the aforementioned scents gives them an almost "fuzzy" texture.

Fendi really smells exceptional when misted. It seems to reek of a self assured individual with some refinement. There's nothing casual about wearing Fendi. There's no law against doing so, but it's much better suited for making a social impression.

Fendi is a chypre that opens with a nice aldehyde, citrus and wood accord underpinned with patchouli and cedar. There's a hint of fruit in there as well and closely followed by an entire posse of florals. The heart is a densely blended array of carnation, geranium, rose, jasmin, muguet and some tuberose. The tuberose ( on me ) is the only one to rear its head slightly higher than the others.

In 20 minutes or so, a nice moss accord starts seeping upwards. It blends nicely with the still beating heart accord. The cedar note also becomes more pronounced, but very slowly I might add. The extended drydown reveals an addition of van-amber with some sandalwood to augment the others. Long into the life of the wearing, I can still smell most of the notes mentioned here. This is a very commendable feminine fragrance.

Of those interested in Fendi, you would do well to get a sample of this one. Bottles are going to become very difficult to obtain in the near future. Thumbs up from Aromi for Fendi.

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