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Tihota by Indult
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by Indult (2006)
82 of 100%, 80 Ratings
Released in the year 2006, apparently still in production.
Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top Notes Vanilla
Heart Notes Heart Notes Musk
Base Notes Base Notes Tonka bean


82% (80 Ratings)
87% (51 Ratings)
75% (50 Ratings)
72% (38 Ratings)
Researched and submitted by DonVanVliet
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Very good
1 Award
If you love Vanilla scents, this is your perfume. I was curious. We had a long discussion about dupes at Fragrantica and because INDULT "Tihota" was only available in a limited edition and written up in the perfume blog internet world as extraordinary ... we wanted to get a whiff of it via a dupe. This dupe came from a Candlemaker firm and when I tested it on paper, it simply smelled wonderful. Out of this world. Sexy. That was on paper. On my arm, I did not want to test it, because essential oils are harsh and diluted, well, it would not be as potent.

Okay. The minute the news came through that "Tihota" is again available, I followed this information like a bloodhound. A sample from LUCKYSCENT quickly landed in the mailbox.

On my arm next. Let us see, I mean sniff and experience. What I get in a full beautiful impact is Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla. The purest Vanilla I have ever experienced. Mostly when Vanilla is an ingredient as part of a perfume composition, it has its creamy and powdery presence. Here, it is pure.

I went into the kitchen and compared it with Vanilla baking oil. That smelled authentic but raw, with edges, in a way "unkempt". "Tihota" is very fine, subtle and for lack of another word, "angelic".

The notes list Musk and Tonkabean. That is possible, although my rather unprofessional nose smells Vanilla from beginning to end.

For the lovers of Vanilla - try this and you may absolutely adore it.

Quite frankly, speaking for myself, I like the scent ... but want it to be more rounded out with something else. More "flower power". (I found that in a floral creamy perfume "La Route d'Emeraude", at which "meeting" I could not get enough of it and kept sniffing the arm.)

Maybe for another perfumista "Tihota" provides that "cannot stop sniffing" experience. For me, it stopped at being fair and scientific about the scent.

It projects just a little, depending how heavy one wishes to put it on, but it has very good lasting power.

The price is high, maybe with the new launch it can be made in smaller sizes, we shall see. I still would not buy it. I have seen (sniffed) enough. For me it does not have enough "flower power".

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