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Killer Queen by Katy Perry
Flacon Design:
Lutz Herrmann, Katy Perry
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)
Killer Queen (Katy Perry)

Killer Queen

by Katy Perry (2013)
61 of 100%, 79 Ratings
Released in the year 2013, apparently still in production, produced by Coty.
Perfumer: Laurent Le Guernec

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top Notes Bergamot, Plum, Wild berries
Heart Notes Heart Notes Cockscomb, Frangipani, Jasmine sambac
Base Notes Base Notes Cashmeran, Patchouli, Liquid praliné


61% (79 Ratings)
65% (42 Ratings)
58% (45 Ratings)
80% (60 Ratings)
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Researched and submitted by Franfan20
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Good
1 Award
sweet queen
Lovely oriental, it reminds me alot of Maria Carey's "M" and Rihana's Rebel Fleur. It is rather sweet a little spicy and earthy. Pretty lond lasting 4-5 hrs. The bottle is a true gem though the packaging is rather cheap. I am happy with my choise.
Very helpful Review - 08/05/2013
Longevity: Average
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Average
7 Awards
The killer queen inside me is coming to say "Hello!"
Entrance of the queen:
The purveyor to the Royal Household brings a big carton with royal content.
A heavy box covered with red velvet-like material with a golden label saying Killer Queen - Katy Perry. Inside the flacon: A red crystal with the elixir of a Killer Queen. In addition, Katy's emblem that is also shown on the crown lid of the crystal that should be seen as the top to a scepter. The "Killer Queen" makes a one of a kind entrance that the scent can't really live up to.

The queen says Hello:
To disillusion you right away, the queen has no scent inside her that will make you say wow and it won't appeal to everybody probably, but it's pleasant at least. The scent starts fruity and dark. Ripened berries hit my nose. I find the smell quite familiar immediately. Shortly after, I recognize a resemblance to "Wonderstruck Enchanted" by Taylor Swift which wasn't a nice experience to me. But thankfully the bad experience doesn't repeat itself, "Killer Queen" perseveres. Although it's quite unspectacularly floral and fruity. The jasmine fits it well nonetheless. Surprisingly I detect some sweetness from the praline in the base a good 6 hours later. On the whole the scent has more development and lasting power than initially thought.
A word on celosia/cockscomb: The truly attractive and sophisticated promo kit contained a blossom of celosia as well. Scent-wise the plant can't be distinguished from any other forest or meadow plant because it isn't that fragrant and can be described as rather grassy-green than floral. But another aspect comes through: the velvety. The scent has something velvety indeed. Therefore the character of celosia has been captured well. It isn't named Red Velvet Flower for nothing.

Own the Throne:
"Killer Queen" lines up in a long blood line of fruity-floral celebrity scents. Her upcoming reign is doubtful. To me she doesn't own the throne and rules over the rest, but she isn't part of the infantry exactly either. A tenure for a few months after release is imaginable. "Killer Queen" is a nice red berry scent with more than acceptable longevity. It didn't cause big enthusiasm in me, but it leaves me satisfied. It's good to have experienced "Wonderstruck Enchanted" totally now and be pleased with the scent. The big advertising campaign and heavy promotion should help the scent a lot. But if we learned one thing from Lady Gaga's "Fame", it's to not let yourself get carried away by the hype and masquerade. If possible one should experience it unprejudiced. Nevertheless I think Katy Perry's switch to Coty was a smart move because "Killer Queen" is definitely better than "Purr". However, "Meow!" and the queen balance each other.

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