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White Sandalwood

White Sandalwood by Nest
74 of 100%, 5 Ratings
Released in the year 2013, apparently still in production.
Perfumer: Jérôme Epinette

Fragrance Notes

Australian sandalwood, Spices, Almond, White musk, White sandalwood


74% (5 Ratings)
81% (4 Ratings)
69% (4 Ratings)
78% (15 Ratings)
Researched and submitted by Franfan20
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Synthetic (or not?...): climate dependent!
My high expectations were not met.
I find the opening too synthetic and the almond is not smooth but very dominant and quite shrill caused by the spices.
The synthetic vibe became less so in 2 hours, but left a lasting impression in my mind.
Sillage ok, longevity about 6 hours.

Just nice, not FB worthy.

EDIT 28th of August:
In summer WS is much much better, not synthetic at all!!

Bottle: Very good

Review by
3 Awards
mmmm... almonds and sandalwood
i stomped determinedly into sephora and went straight for the new nest scents. i had one thing on my mind and that was SMELLIN! i take my smellin' very seriously folks, haha. each fragrance comes in insanely gorgeous glass bottles and they all smelled divinely different and intoxicating.

white sandalwood gave me pause. i seriously think i may have actually SWOONED!! it was warmth and sweet romantic whispers in your ear... it was exotic, woody and a perfect balance of sandalwood and almonds. my god i thought i was going to cry when i found out the store didn't have anymore $25 rollerballs left because (real talk) $65 for a full sized bottle is not my jam. baby girl has got to eat, am i right?

after huffing them all and hogging the perfume wall for a good half hour, i actually decided i wanted small sizes of them all. so the bargain shopper in me raced home, went to sephora online and purchased all 5 in a lovely Eau de Parfum Coffret for $38, such a deal!!! YOU'RE WELCOME!!

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