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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker


by Sarah Jessica Parker (2005)
70 of 100%, 99 Ratings
Released in the year 2005, production apparently discontinued, produced by Coty.
Perfumers: Laurent Le Guernec, Clement Gavarry

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top Notes Apple martini, Bergamot, Lavender
Heart Notes Heart Notes Orchid, Patchouli, Bunch-flowered narcissus
Base Notes Base Notes Woods, Musk, White amber, Cedar


70% (99 Ratings)
65% (70 Ratings)
54% (56 Ratings)
71% (71 Ratings)
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Researched and submitted by DonVanVliet

Interesting Facts

The creation of this scent is described in the book "The Perfect Scent" by Chandler Burr.

Helpful Review - 09/22/2013
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Good
1 Review Award
Queen of the Inoffensive
It's not an amazing perfume, but does it need to be? In a world of sensory overload sometimes I need a break, a kind of perfume "white noise" and that's what Lovely is to me. I find that when I'm recovering from a cold and I can't stand most of my usual perfumes because my nose turns them all harsh and screechy, I can still wear Lovely.

It's calm, acceptable, boring. Yes, boring, and in this rare case I don't mean that as a negative! Lovely is charmingly reliable and unadventurous in the same way a person can be, and to its credit it doesn't pretend to be otherwise. As a matter of fact, Lovely it stands out amongst other "classic" perfumes in that all her edges are neatly tucked away. It's hard to find fault if you can accept it for what it's trying to do.

Can you find art in the colour of cream, in the calm drone of white noise? Do you aim to be queen of the inoffensive?
Helpful Review - 02/11/2013
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Good
4 Review Awards
This muskathon has fallen out of favor somewhat...
Before I came to the wonderful land of fragrance, 'Lovely' by SJP was my very favorite scent. It had everything that I required at the time - a lot of musk, not too sweet, not too feminine. Check! Let me grab a bottle of this and have done with it. Since I have learned how much else is out there, has been pushed back into the 'it's OK, but nothing fantastic' category for me.

Musk is supposed to be the base note here, but from first spritz it's mostly what I detect all along. After a few minutes I can smell some rich florals underneath, but I definitely do not get all of the listed notes on this fragrance. At the end I do also get some woody notes.

Still, I think the heavy musk would make it appropriate for a sexy date sometimes. Maybe the gents would like it as a precursor to some later in the evening romping.

All in all, generally 'meh' is my new reaction to this once upon a time old favorite.
2 Review Awards
taffy musk
I read Chandler Burr’s story of the ridiculousness of the making of this scent and an Hermès Jardin fragrance, and then, of course, was dying to try it. What’s funny, though, is that for all the attention centered on Lovely and the Hermès scent, I found them both to be first and foremost dull. I thought that I would at least find Un Jardin sur le Nil intriguing or memorable. 5 minutes after testing it, though, I could only vaguely even remember it, and never went back to try it again.

As ho-hum as Lovely is, I like that it’s a musk fragrance. Little wood, little flower, BIG MUSK. Enough musk that this could be a musk-in-the-title perfume if it chose to be. Soft, when used to describe musk usually means rounded and comfortable. This is soft like soggy. The cloying musk burdened with flowers and patchouli is all weight and no buoyancy. Also a bit like chewing a taffy ‘til your jaw aches—it takes effort and seems to go on forever. Still, if you like sweet, this is better than most candy-perfumes.
Helpful Review - 01/10/2012
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Strong
Bottle: Good
1 Review Award
good office scent
Not being a particular fan of celebrities or their scents, I found Lovely had enough merits that I looked past the label and bought it, anyway-
Directly from the bottle, I noticed prominent notes of lavender, smoke and synthetic musk- which doesn't sound that great, but somehow translated into a scent that I found incredibly easy to wear- it has a bit of an edgy, sharp piquancy that said "urban office scent" to me

Love the bottle, too!
Longevity: Good
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Very good
2 Review Awards
Sweat and the Skanky City
It remains a mystery why I ever acquired a bottle of SJP LOVELY, not being a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, and not a fan of celebrity scents in general, but it happened somehow, so about once every six months I take out my undeniably lovely bottle of LOVELY and try to figure out why I don't really like what's inside.

I watched a grand total of one episode of "Sex and the City," which featured the looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places SJP coterie grappling with one of their cases of crabs. Seriously. Was it the luck of the draw, or were all episodes of this series about venereal disease? I did not stay tuned to find out.

Recently, however, I decided to give Carrie Bradshaw another chance and watched the movie "Sex and the City," which over the course of a long, somewhat tedious two and a half hours relays the trials and tribulations of the same group of gals as they approach menopause but without having changed much of anything about their outlook. Shoes and bags and dudes remain the focus of their lives.

LOVELY edp is a floral woody musk perfume with a slightly skanky and dominant musk note which generally reminds me of the sole episode of "Sex and the City" I watched long ago. It's just not my kind of thing: too sweaty and slightly dirty and somehow suggestive in a not-so-appealing way, like a guy who leers at every woman who walks by, making eye contact as though there were some deeper meaning behind the gesture beyond the fact that he's looking for casual sex.

Not for me.
Helpful Review - 01/05/2012
Longevity: Bad
Sillage: Average
Bottle: Average
2 Review Awards
Pink musk
I loved the bottle, but not the scent. It wasn't an offensive fragrance, but it was too predictable and common for my liking. It was also one of those fragrances where you have to push your nose onto your wrist in order to smell the scent. I think I expected a little more from SJP's first perfume, hence the reason why I was so disappointed.

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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
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