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24 days ago
Scent 10.0
Knowing by Estēe Lauder

Knowing„Knowing...for knowing what's sophisticated”
"I've always ? perfumes. Perfumes of yesteryear are oakmoss-heavy. Therefore, I've always ? oakmoss." Suffice it to say that when an oakmoss comes along and is friendly towards me I am delighted. It is a rare occurrence but one which...

30 days ago
Scent 10.0
Angélique Noire by Guerlain

Angélique Noire„Who's up for cake in the forest?”
For the past four years I have obsessed over and lauded Angélique Noire. I received it as a sample and saved up for a bottle to call my own. It was the first bottle for which I ever needed to save up; prior to that I was okay with capping my perfume...

Perfume Blog

24 days ago

Exciter76„"Knowing" when a review turns into a blog post”
It rained all day today in the Los Angeles area. Rain was long overdue but it didn't make the mood any less drab or quell my listlessness. As always I turned to perfume to change my headspace. After so many years of forgetting my decant of vintage Knowing I decided it was the salve needed for a gloomy day. I forgot how powerful she was. I also forgot how oakmoss and I used to be such good friends. Body chemistry is such a fickle thing, isn't it? Anywho, my day with Knowing inspired me to write...


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CrypticCryptic 23 days ago
O hai! Loved your coming of age story/blog article. :) Have a great Christmas!
CrypticCryptic 15 months ago
Somehow I missed your sweet photo comment earlier. My bad! Thanks for being so supportive. :) Have you had a chance to test La fille de Berlin? As a fan of Incense Rose, I think you'd be smitten.
CrypticCryptic 15 months ago
Hello perfume princess. Have a happy Halloween... Boo! http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbseg/1140/1140342-bigthumbnail.jpg
CrypticCryptic 21 months ago
Thanks for being so nice about my kooky photo. :) Did you spot the dust bunny at about 2 o'clock? I think it adds a certain something. o.O Speaking of photos, your Eau de Shalimar picture is just gorgeous.
GoldGold 22 months ago
Thank you so much for your friendly comment... I adore cats AND perfume. :)
CrypticCryptic 23 months ago
Congratulations on making your perfume dream come true. :)
CybernoirCybernoir 3 years ago
greetings back at you exciter! thanks so much for the nice message, it looks like it will take me some time to find my way around and get my profile up, but I am glad to be here!
DigindirtDigindirt 3 years ago
Hi Exciter76, so nice to see you here. Have fun!
valandriavalandria 3 years ago
Hi Exciter76! Glad to see you here...!!
(smile4thecamera on the other site.)