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Itchynose now wearing Philosykos (Eau de Parfum) by Diptyque

Young, creative and successful: a next generation perfumer - An interview with Mathieu Nardin

Young, creative and successful: a next generation perfumer - An interview with Mathieu Nardin
Mathieu Nardin is one of the - meanwhile numerous - young, creative spirits in the world of perfumery. Already at the age of 23, after his studies, he started working at the company Robertet in Grasse and has since created a broad variety of fragrances... More

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Madnetic 76 minutes ago
Scent 6.0
Paris - Venise by Chanel

Paris - Venise Translated automatically
Raised wallflower

If there is a suitable scent for a wallflower of the upper class, then it is probably this one. Warm, creamy, unobtrusive. For inconspicuous secretaries with security well suitably. Fragrance barely perceptible after a short time. Not worth his money at all More

Moritz1988 3 hours ago
Scent 7.0
Cactus Garden by Louis Vuitton

Cactus Garden Translated automatically
Querido mate, sos vos?!

First of all, I have to say in front of my comment that years ago and in the course of two monkey stays lasting several months, I fell all the more, immortally in love with the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Along with this unbroken love for the Argentine capital,... More

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AromaXAromaX 23 hours ago

AromaXImpression of "The Dark Side" by Francesca Bianchi
"The Dark side" by Francesca Bianchi reminds me of those guided meditations where you have to enter the cellar of your subconsciousness to meet less known parts of yourself. Spraying it is like entering a basement to follow the smell of wax from the burning candles and a trail of an incense smoke. A place that never has seen... More

GolcherGolcher 14 days ago

GolcherShall I buy a tester?
A friend of mine works at a dept store and got access to some testers. They are brand new and I'm interested in one of them, she's giving me a good price and I know it's legit. I've never bought testers before. Does it make sense to buy a tester, is it worthwhile? What is the difference between the tester and the actual retail fragrance?Any suggestions? More

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