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ROBERTOB Parfum d'Habit Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (1988)

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Bcars10 6 hours ago
Scent 5.0
Josie by Natori

Josie Unisex
I have both this one--Josie--and Josie Exotic Petals. The Exotic Petals is my favorite because of the heady frangipani, but this one is good, too. They are currently on clearance at TJMaxx and Marshall's, so if you find either or both, snap them up! Josie is truly a unisex...More

Anessa 25 hours ago
Place Vendôme (Eau de Toilette) by Boucheron

Place Vendôme (Eau de Toilette) Falling in love and out again...
Yuzu always makes me fall in love at first sniff with a perfume. Osmanthus, on the other hand, as much as I appreciate the natural smell, is a tricky note in perfumes for me, like freesia. So, it wasn't perhaps really surprising that my affair with...More

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ScentFanScentFan 5 days ago

ScentFan11 Silent Days of Scent
I suppose that if a person gets it into her head to go on a 10-day (really 11-day) Meditation Retreat, but can't go, and decides to turn off the cell and do it at home--if same person picks out 11 days of clothes, she certainly needs 11 days of scent. Yes?But which are most apropos for om? Being an addict (i.e., a perfumista), I've got a heck... More

Franfan20Franfan20 8 days ago

Franfan20State of Mind - Experiencing tea and fragrance together
French brand State of Mind combines two aromatic passions together - fragrance and tea. They bring us fragrances inspired by lesser known teas types (at least to me and the European market, I assume) with the accompanying teas to drink.In general I found the concept interesting and after some reports of the Esxence... More

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