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MRothMRoth is now wearing   Mitsouko (Eau de Parfum) by Guerlain.
NoxaNoxa adds Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire to her "I Had" Collection.
NoxaNoxa adds Intense Cafe by Montale to her "I Have" Collection.
NoxaNoxa adds Casamorati - Dolce Amalfi by XerJoff to her "I Have" Collection.

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StellaDiverF 2 hours ago
Scent 8.0
Olim by Trudon

Olim Smooth Spicy Myrrh
Olim opens with the cool mineral touch of myrrh, earthy, dust-like patchouli and bright bergamot. A bit powdery, even prickly, but still polished and well-mannered like all the other Trudon debut perfumes. The spices soon join in, and the fragrance turns warmer...More

Bcars10 6 hours ago
Scent 8.5
Reem Acra by Reem Acra

Reem Acra Blind-buy Gem!
I saw this in my local Marshall's in a gift set (full-sized perfume, body wash, and lotion) for only $15. I returned it to the shelf and left the store, but I kept thinking about it. Marshall's usually doesn't have scents that I've never heard of!!! I went on to read...More

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ScentFanScentFan 7 days ago

ScentFanSoap Homecoming Redux
At last I made soap. Here's an updated version of this blog.The HistoryYears ago. No, years and year ago, I now and then paused and made soap. Was I a factory worker? No. Normally my life involved travel, meetings, negotiations and such. I noticed that almost anywhere I went if I used the hotel soap to bathe, it dried my skin. Trust me when I tell... More

GianlucaGianluca 8 days ago

GianlucaMy last bargain...
... Last Friday I happened to finish work early, so I though to step by the perfume's outlet nearby my office before going back home. You know what? There were plenty of testers, nearly all full bottles, and I got three of those for less that 15€ each. Hence, now I've got in my wardrobe three newbies, namely Fresco Absolute by Victor, Sun Men by Jil Sander... More

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