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Hitchslap 6 hours ago
Scent 8.0
Ungaro pour L'Homme III (Eau de Toilette) by Emanuel Ungaro

Ungaro pour L'Homme III (Eau de Toilette) All season scent
UNGARO III, it's listed as an AROMATIC, I guess what puts it in this category is the vodka. I'm surprised that some people think of it as a cooler weather scent. It's airy, light, vodka-esque with a light rose in the background. I can see why some might think of "bug...More

2cents 8 hours ago
Millésime 1849 by Creed

Millésime 1849 Agreed
What more can I say? Drseid's review sums things up well. Super powdery, very potent ylang-ylang, etc., etc. Just read Dresid's review and heed the "avoid this one" recommendation. Especially given the price point.More

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Exciter76Exciter76 5 days ago

Exciter76And I'm Never Going Back to My Old School Said Steely Dan
Oh goodness. Why didn't the photographer pull me aside and ask me to fix my hair!? No matter. That was decades ago, right?Once again I felt compelled to write an entry based on an online forum discussion. The question: If you were a teen during the 1980s, what perfume(s) did you wear? Hmm, I barely qualified... More

ScentFanScentFan 17 days ago

This is a comparison of three perfumes I recently tried that smelled similar to me. First I'll list them and their notes which are often not complete because perfumers don't like to show all their cards.RAINFLOWER by Neil MorrisFreesia, Night-blooming jasmine, Lilac, Gardenia, Pink hyacinth, Tulip, MuskJAPANESE... More

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