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Taskphorce Jebel by Xerjoff

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MonsieurZolo 23 hours ago
Scent 6.0
Nouvelle Collection - Casbah by Robert Piguet

Nouvelle Collection - Casbah Not a perfume
This fragrance immediately transports you to an Orthodox church. The incense is 100% realistic! A few minutes later, the scent becomes a bit warmer and slightly sweet. There is also a vegetal nuance and soft spices. None of these stands out, instead, they create well-balanced...More

Pepdal 30 hours ago
1740 - Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

1740 - Marquis de Sade My current favourite
I love Histoires de Parfums as a house and this is the jewel for me. This gorgeous, hedonistic leather and immortelle combination and all the complexity surrounding it is mischievious and mysterious. Pleas e see my video reviewMore

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ParfumoParfumo 10 days ago

ParfumoWe did it! 100,000 fragrances in our data repository makes Parfumo the most comprehensive encyclopedia of perfumes around
With the inclusion of the 100,000th fragrance, Parfumo ushers in the new year on a high note. "Obsessed for Women" by Calvin Klein is our jubilee entry and was researched by OPomone. This remarkable milestone marks Parfumo's dedication to serving the online... More

ElysiumElysium 12 days ago

ElysiumThe Old God and the New
Have you ever found yourself obsessed with something? So consumed with something that you can hardly even think of anything else? A relationship, a new phone, a perfect body, your reputation, good grades, a magnificent cologne, a unique style—anything can leave you obsessed.Obsession is a vintage CK male cologne that belongs to the past century... More

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