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ZoikgreeceZoikgreece adds Marron Chic by Nez à Nez to her "I Have" Collection.
ZoikgreeceZoikgreece adds Rêve d'Or by L.T. Piver to her "I Have" Collection.
ZoikgreeceZoikgreece adds Héliotrope Blanc by L.T. Piver to her "I Have" Collection.
ZoikgreeceZoikgreece adds Iris Rose by E. Coudray to her "I Have" Collection.

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Bcars10 86 minutes ago
Scent 8.5
Lolette by All Good Scents

Lolette An unknown gem
A review written first on my personal blog: Lolette is a scent from "the first contemporary perfume house in India," according to All Good Scents's own promotional materials that came with the perfume. Rajiv Sheth is the perfumer behind the line, but the fragrances themselves...More

Kristenkras 19 hours ago
Marvelous by Al Haramain

Marvelous Marvelous by Al Haramain
This one is a beautiful vanilla/coconut scent on my skin. It is sweet and tropical scented. I had not heard of it before but was given this by a member on another forum who was having a "clean out". So glad she sent me this one! What a beauty. This is for the CPO.More

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AnessaAnessa 30 days ago

I often see people judging a fragrance solely on the criterion whether it possesses "a certain wow-factor" or not. While the definition of such is still somewhat elusive to me, I had accepted it without much thought when I began on my review-reading journey.Some will nonetheless grant a neutral rating after admitting the fragrance is nothing 'unique', whereas... More

Franfan20Franfan20 40 days ago

Franfan20The Canadian Zoo - An Interview with Victor Wong
Animals in their natural habitat - to transform their habits, their smells, their being into fragrances; with this concept Victor Wong launched his brand Zoologist, which is now very popular with fragrance fans worldwide. Various independent perfumers create a fragrance for him that is inspired by a certain animal or can be attributed... More

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