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Taskphorce Royal Service by Creed

How should James Bond smell? Interview with the publisher of the CHAP-magazine Gustav Temple

How should James Bond smell? Interview with the publisher of the CHAP-magazine Gustav Temple
As the publisher of the CHAP, the hip men's magazine for a classic British lifestyle, he seemed to us to be a competent partner in terms of "scent enjoyment". More

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PureNeugier 3 hours ago
Scent 7.5
Naïviris by Pierre Guillaume

Naïviris Translated automatically
The speedster

Ladies and gentlemen, we haven't had anything like this before. That went like lightning! Have you seen it, pardon me, smelled it? I'm convinced many of you didn't even notice it so quickly. Here again for all those who missed this memorable moment, in slow motion: There... More

GoodSmeller 3 hours ago
Scent 9.0
Erolfa by Creed

Erolfa Translated automatically
Sunken with the Titanic, resurrected with David Beckham

i'm not surprised that the new Creed edition of the classic, named after ER-win, OL-ivier, FA-bienne, which sank with the Titanic a good 100 years ago, is so badly off here. Smells like Millesime Imperial with Green Irish Tweed... More

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DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 22 days ago

DonVanVlietWe turn of the lights – The Parfumo Dark Mode
It‘s now possible to activate the new "Dark Mode ". If you turn it on we use a darker color pallete for all controls that's easy on your eyes.To activate "Dark Mode", simply click on "Dark": More

Exciter76Exciter76 34 days ago

Exciter76Perfume Lovers Unite on Instagram
I was bored one September afternoon back in 2017, so I decided to open an Instagram account. I’d shared pictures of my precious bottles here on Parfumo and other perfume communities prior to making this leap. However, I wanted to turn my boredom into something “artful” and find other like-minded folks in the process. My photography... More

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