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Edarggniknis Vintage Insensé by Givenchy

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MikeMike 1 minutes ago
M7 Oud Absolu by Yves Saint Laurent

M7 Oud Absolu Dry companion for winter
I love the opening, it is really great, fresh not too sweet notes of Bergamot and Citruses for me it is the best phase of this fragrance. Its dries down not long after that, and you get dry, dry woody notes with a bit of smoke. But where is oud? I think only... More

pudelbonzo 2 minutes ago
Scent 6.5
Sparkling White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Sparkling White Diamonds Translated automatically
You can`t start a fire...

without a spark - even when we are dancing in the dark. This Springsteen song went right through my ears when I discovered Sparkling white Diamont. I was looking forward to a dance in the dark. But already the frosted glass of the flacon speaks another... More

In search for a a perfect signature scent

In search for a a perfect signature scent
Way before I learnt about this huge community that is fragheads, or perfumistas I was in the habit of going to the few perfume shops rather regularly in an attempt to find my signature scent. More

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DalilaBDalilaB 6 hours ago

DalilaBI may have found my rose or roses
Over the past few months, I have developed the habit of going to the mall every Thursday night. I would rush to the hospital for my oncology appointment and as if I were rinsing an unpleasant after taste from my mouth I would take an Uber to the mall and walk through the pastry shops, the cafes and parfumeries. It was as predictable as can be, I would... More

DalilaBDalilaB 8 days ago

DalilaBWhat to wear when nothing seems to go right?
I never leave the house without wearing a fragrance and if I go without it’s usually a sign that something isn’t right. I have the odd day where I go without especially if I have a cold or feel generally under the weather.However, if the odd day stretches to a week, a month or even a year then I am at a loss. I obviously... More

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