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GewoonBBGewoonBB 6 minutes ago
Strawanza - Wiener Schurken

Strawanza Renewed trust in eau de colognes (NKNN)
Do you wear eau de colognes? To be completely honest, since I've started my fragrance journey, eau de colognes haven't been on my radar much. There's still an association to cheap and outdated for this style, because those...

SmellavisionSmellavision 7 minutes ago
Hommage à l'Homme Voyageur - Lalique

Hommage à l'Homme Voyageur Michel Almairac of Rochas Lui, Joop Homme, Gucci PH, Escada Magnetism and Davidoff Zino strikes again!
Great freakin' scent and a great bang for your buck! The fresh bergamot opening with cardamom is actually moving at great haste and within 15-20 minutes you're...

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DalilaB 9 days ago

DalilaBScent memories
When I started my fragrance journey, I came across lots of fragrances that captured my senses. There was the gourmand, the oriental, the floral.. too many of them that smelled divine and unique. Well, that was my first dive into niche perfumery. I had a perfect mentor who came prepared with 5 or 6 bottles of fragrances he thought would be a good start for a perfume...

CnF 13 days ago

CnFPlease use the right perfume.
I'm tired of smelling people using the wrong perfume on many occasions. It's not unusual to find young people using their sexiest perfume to go to the office. Or older people using their most intense perfume to go to the office. Then it is common to find people working in front of the public (shop assistants, waiters...) with very invasive...

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