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PapiShampoo Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford

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Bcars10 20 minutes ago
Scent 4.0
Fire & Ice (Cologne) by Revlon / Charles Revson

Fire & Ice (Cologne) Too peachy
The reviews for this drugstore cheapie are mesmerizing! I was determined to try it after reading how it's "hot, yet cool" and "citrusy with incense and spices". Wow! Sounds right up my alley--very alluring! I tested it at Walmart today and was...underwhelmed....More

Bigsly 3 hours ago
Souvenirs de Malles - Oud et Rose by S.T. Dupont

Souvenirs de Malles - Oud et Rose I like this one, but there are so many!
The thing I like about this rose/oud "Western oud" scent is that the sandalwood dries it out and prevents it from getting too floral, too "chemical," too sweet, etc. If you have a few of these, though, you might not see the point...More

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AnessaAnessa 33 hours ago

AnessaThe cats ran away...
A non-rating comment from 2001 on "Coco Mademoiselle (Eau de Toilette)" featured on a review site made me chuckle. The nuances of the original got lost in my clumsy translation."Received the blotter and when I came homeboth our cats ran away :-DThe scent is sweet but also spicyappears to be generic and yet, it's not.Sorry, I'm not good with words, so my explanation... More

ScentFanScentFan 8 days ago

ScentFan11 Silent Days of Scent
I suppose that if a person gets it into her head to go on a 10-day (really 11-day) Meditation Retreat, but can't go, and decides to turn off the cell and do it at home--if same person picks out 11 days of clothes, she certainly needs 11 days of scent. Yes?But which are most apropos for om? Being an addict (i.e., a perfumista), I've got a heck... More

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