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WayofscentWayofscent 13 minutes ago
B-612 - Nishane

B-612 Nice experience!
Wearing this fragrance was absolutely great experience! The "nose" behind this one is Chris Maurice, guy well known for his brilliant creations for houses like Xerjoff/Sospiro/Kemi, Jazeel and many more, then of course house of Nishane. I personaly...

Medianus76Medianus76 27 minutes ago
Aventus (Eau de Parfum) - Creed

Aventus (Eau de Parfum) Translated
What am I? The cheerful perfume guess
The hall waits eagerly for the beginning of the show. When the protagonist enters the stage, he is greeted with applause. Pausing briefly at the blackboard, the guest takes a piece of chalk and writes his name on it: "Mr. Creed",...

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Wayofscent 8 days ago

WayofscentHistoires de Parfums-Fidelis
From darkness into the light! One of my favorite cold weather scents, pure magic from the house of @histoiresdeparfums "Fidelis"If you like rose-oud combinations, this one will leave you begging for more.Beautiful opening with bit of a raspberry tartness and saffron with jammy rose and hint of woody smoke and not so cuminy intensive cumin while...

Pitc 11 days ago

PitcWhere is the limit?
I've had this hobby of perfumery for a few years now. The smells remind us of moments, feelings, makes us lift our spirits and sometimes also makes us be melancholic.In my journey within the perfume industry and thanks to the boom that we have experienced in recent years with many people commenting on Youtube, pages like this one we have, Facebook groups...

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