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ROBERTOB Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Boy

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AnessaAnessa adds Bronze Sweet Sun by Dior to her "Tested" Collection.
AnessaAnessa adds Bronze Sweet Sun by Dior to her "I Had" Collection.
ROBERTOBROBERTOB is now wearing   Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Boy by Chanel.
PapiShampooPapiShampoo rates the sillage of N°10 Myrrhe by Prada with 7.0 (Average).

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Perfumemagic 67 minutes ago
Al-Lolo Al-Maknoon Gold / Silver by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Al-Lolo Al-Maknoon Gold / Silver Al-Lolo Al-Maknoon
An amazing intoxicating scent - has a sweet oudh beginning and a flowery fruity afternotes. It settles into a woody sweet and very beautiful aroma.More

Perfumemagic 3 hours ago
Arzet Lebanon (Cedar Of Lebanon) by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Arzet Lebanon (Cedar Of Lebanon) ASAQ Lebanon Cedar
The perfume initially delivers with a sweet fruity and musky with a sharp top. It then mellows to a more musky and woody (due to the cedar). Great for daily wear and a different unique scent.More

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Bcars10Bcars10 24 hours ago

Bcars10I need a scientist for this dilemma!
My body is weird regarding the applications of fragrances. It has become a scientific issue with me.I used to spray my left wrist once, and then lightly rub my arms together and then over the top of my hair. I began noticing that when I did that, the scent on my right arm died faster than on my left (first-sprayed) arm. So, I now spritz... More

Bcars10Bcars10 42 hours ago

Bcars10Tea Rose
So, I was in TJMaxx yesterday evening, skulking around in the jewelry and perfume sections. They had Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose EDT for $10, so I bought it after catching up on some reviews of it. I sprayed it before driving home, and let me just say that the reviews are spot-on. It smells like a true rose with the stems and roots still attached! It got a bit musty... More

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