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ROBERTOB Vetiver (Eau de Toilette) by Guerlain

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INTP 2 hours ago
Colonia Club (Eau de Cologne) by Acqua di Parma

Colonia Club (Eau de Cologne) An Ode to Yesteryear and a Nod to the Gentlemen of Today
-Acqua di Parma Colonia Club- Disclaimer: my notes are based on a Scent Bird sample and the impressions it gave me. I do not consider this a full review. • Classic barbershop frag that focuses on mint. • Yes, you’ve been...More

Gtabasso 4 hours ago
Yanky Clover by Richard Hudnut

Yanky Clover unique oriental cologne from the early 1900s
This is nothing like Dana Ambush. This fragrance reminds me of Lentherics, especially Miracle. It is that kind of unique, odd, interesting scent that is a powdery, grassy sweet floral like a clover field with blooms of iris and a little...More

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A cheap fragrance which recalls very much
Saharienne by YSL. Obviously, very evanescent and synthetic+1

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ElysiumElysium 8 days ago

ElysiumAn Amazing Trip along the way of Weeds and Strains
Do you ever wonder why certain aromas affect us the way that they do? Freshly cut grass, coffee grounds, gasoline, baby powder? Maybe these are the ones that seem to affect me – spark memories, produce emotions, get under my skin. Have you wondered why these smells impact us the way that they do?Well, let’s talk about... More

ElysiumElysium 16 days ago

ElysiumLa Ville Lumière versus The Big Apple: A Tally of Two Cities
I've been privileged to do business and tour both New York City and Paris many times -- perhaps quite a few miles of walking through their storied streets. Mandarina Duck "Let's Travel to..." scents are a lovely reminder of the beauties of both cities, charming on the coffee table or in the bathroom. A friendly... More

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