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ROBERTOB Vintage Rocabar by Hermès

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Chizza 35 seconds ago
Green Irish Tweed - Creed

Green Irish Tweed Translated automatically
After me only the Atlantic Ocean
It's a thing with Green Irish Tweed; the scent takes time. I was a bit old-fashioned at first, but something always attracted me. Was it the connection to my Irish patron saint, the appreciation of somewhat older scents? I don't...

Cesar123 11 minutes ago
Viking - Creed

Viking Translated automatically
Not convincing
Had thought about buying this fragrance, because I liked Creed Aventus from the scent very much. Because of the price I did not dare to buy blind. The scent has nothing special in my opinion. When spraying it on or in the course of the day it did not cause...

In search for a a perfect signature scent

In search for a a perfect signature scent
Way before I learnt about this huge community that is fragheads, or perfumistas I was in the habit of going to the few perfume shops rather regularly in an attempt to find my signature scent. More

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woody spicy semioriental with sage notes

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Carlitos01Carlitos01 20 days ago

Carlitos01About perfumes, their clones and their mirrors...
I am almost always against the existence of a perfume copy market. However, the name "look alike" and / or "clone" can have a very broad sense in perfumery. Exceptions to the concept, which I consider derogatory, of copying or cloning can occur in several ways, namely when:1) Perfumes dubbed "copies" after all are not even... More

LexaLexa 32 days ago

LexaThe Next One
There are days when my mind tries to reconstruct all the steps i took until realising how big my love for perfumes turned out to be. As it happens,i do recall those days,right in the very beginning.The day i met the most wonderful rose i had ever smelled in my life.(not that i knew it was a rose back then,notes were not my friends yet).It was a maddening half... More

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