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Jeanjeannie Parfums De Marly Oajan

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PBullFriend 12 hours ago
Scent 3.0
Illicit by Jimmy Choo

Illicit very much legal
I know the perfume companies have decided that the Bad Girl is "in" nowadays. She's Guilty, she's Poison Girl, she's Good Girl Gone Bad! But really, Jimmy Choo - this girl isn't Illicit. She's drinking a cup of tea her grandmother made, trying to get over...More

Cumulnimbus 17 hours ago
Scent 8.5
She Wood Velvet Forest Wood by Dsquared²

She Wood Velvet Forest Wood Green violet perfection
Thanks to a beautiful lady and her generosity, I'm now a proud owner of this beautiful contemporary take on violets, cedar and musk. I can also detect vetiver in the drydown. To me it falls into the green floral woody musk group. True the cedar and vetiver notes...More

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Bcars10Bcars10 24 hours ago

Bcars10I finally bought it...
Apparently around Christmas, Paco Rabanne put out a gift set of Olympea with a large spray perfume, a small mini splash, and a body lotion. In Marshall's, somehow the large spray went missing or got broken, so they marked down the rest of the set to clearance in January at $40. I thought that was nuts--forty bucks for a mini and a small body lotion?!... More

Bcars10Bcars10 47 hours ago

Bcars10My first blog post
This is pretty cool--my own place to write a blog! I can pretend that I am someone important, and that what I say matters! I'm pretty sure no one will read this, but I am glad I can write down my thoughts anyway! LOLI'm just an ordinary stay-at-home-mom who enjoys perfume. I am the only one amongst my friends and acquaintances who really has an affinity... More

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