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PapiShampoo Nio by Xerjoff

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Darkbeat 12 hours ago
Scent 6.0
Eau d'Ikar by Sisley

Eau d'Ikar Much ado about nothing
To begin, I will say that eau d'Ikar does not fit within my personal tastes, nor is it my style, nor does it go with my person, but even so, I do not fail to recognize the value of this type of aromas so classic and manly, when they are well made. The output...More

Vmaster 12 hours ago
Scent 8.0
Giorgio for Men (Eau de Toilette) by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Giorgio for Men (Eau de Toilette) Powerhouse
Being a child of the 80's, this brings back good memories. An unapologetic lightly sweetened non-hippy patchouli powerhouse of a fragrance that will not only beat you over the head, but will kick you for good measure as you're laying on the ground. Two sprays are enough,...More

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ElysiumElysium 21 hours ago

ElysiumHerb's ​Like Nothing You've Ever Smelled Before
Born with a heightened sense of smell, I should conceivably have pursued a path to become a perfumer or just a fragrance connoisseur. I used to sniff anything that I could reach from when I was a child. Wistfully, however, it was a road not taken and with a tender sigh, a tear in my eye and the required sniff, I have come... More

ElysiumElysium 10 days ago

ElysiumAn Amazing Trip along the way of Weeds and Strains
Do you ever wonder why certain aromas affect us the way that they do? Freshly cut grass, coffee grounds, gasoline, baby powder? Maybe these are the ones that seem to affect me – spark memories, produce emotions, get under my skin. Have you wondered why these smells impact us the way that they do?Well, let’s talk about... More

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