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ScentSlaveScentSlave 6 minutes ago
Le Mâle Aviator - Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle Aviator I’m LOVING this one
The way it develops and evolves has me SMILING. It’s as if they removed all of the “old school minty barbershop” notes and left everything else behind... hard to describe the notes... familiar, but I can’t quite remember where I’ve...

LuFragsLuFrags 5 hours ago
3 Coins in the Fountain - Vivian

3 Coins in the Fountain A Caron Narcisse Noir vibe ...
Recieved this 1oz boxed perfume in brand new, condition, still sealed in cellophane! The box is nothing fancy, a run-of-the-mill cardboard box imprinted w/black & white houndstooth pattern - EXACT SAME PATTERN as the Vintage Christian...

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AromaPath 10 days ago

AromaPathRefined spirit of Spring
Who missed the scent of spring bloom? Finally my order came with «Mimosa Tanneron» by Perris Monte Carlo. Just 24 km from Cannes, in France, there is a lovely place called Tanneron, where every year the inhabitants of the city organize a festival, in the month of February, dedicated to mimosa. Yes, the very fluffy beauty that we are used...

DonVanVliet 16 days ago

DonVanVlietForum Update - Part 2 (Show new posts)
Thank you for your feedback on the major update of the forum. We have now tackled the issue of the "posts since the last visit" and technically improved it. A few notes on this:In general, all new / unread posts of the last 30 days are taken into account - unread and older posts "expire" and are considered as readThe system now works...

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