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Damascena Caron, Or et Noir parfum

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Gtabasso 4 hours ago
Escapade (Toilet Water) by Shulton

Escapade (Toilet Water) lovely sweet and spicy vintage floriental
aldehydes, rose, carnation, ylang, LOTV, oakmoss, sandalwood, musk, patch that is a fantastic vintage fragrance that sits close to the skin as many vintage colognes doMore

Gtabasso 4 hours ago
Caresse by Parfumerie Rose de Rhôdes

Caresse glorious vintage fragrance
carnation and oakmoss with some musk and maybe patch; can't figure out the other notes; so well blended but very spicy like a vintage cologne predating the likes of Calvin Klein and YSLMore

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SmoraSmora 15 days ago

Dear Parfumo colleagues, I am quite happy to find my sanctuary at Parfumo community.I write my own blog for some time, trying to make the impossible - describe something perfect like scent with something so imperfect like words. I also try to give my personal and honest opinion on fragrances, and not to be biased by the price point or expensive flacons. Feel... More

QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 16 days ago

QuercusAlbusCapriciosity of 'Fume
It's my understanding that the purpose of these blog-pages is to serve as a kind of °safe space° in which one may unfold one's ideas in a way that would be too unpeacable in the review pages; however, I thought I had better stress that this article explores the connections between the art of perfume-wearing, mysticism, dæmonology, quantum mechanics,... More

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