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Smora 6 days ago
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Introverted Extraterrestrial
I was really excited to see that Mugler finally launched a masculine version of legendary Alien. I was convinced it would be some crazy masculine jasmine composition. Extroverted and intoxicating. I must confess I was a little bit disappointed after finally checking Alien Man on my skin. Just to clarify, masculine Alien is a solid release, but somehow also a victim of feminine version’s success. It has some interesting aspects, and some courage compared to other designer releases. However, I always expect more from Mugler.
Alien Man starts with some dark, and to my nose syrupy herbal dill/thyme bouquet accompanied by lavender touch. These herbal aspects are smooth and polished, but clearly present. Personally, I am not a fan of dill, but I can tolerate it in this composition. From the very start of the fragrance strong is the unidentified woods with some pale powdery aspects probably due to cashmere wood. As time goes by, vegetal leather and amber become the main players. These accords have some leather and amber aspects, but they are somehow not full blooded and artificial. The whole composition is dusky, sedate and introverted. It is interesting, but not on the first sniff. For “normal” consumers I consider it too peculiar, and for fragheads too timid, shy and safe. Still, I believe it could grow on me during winter. Definitely try this Alien by yourself and hope it will bring you more intergalactic wonders.

Rating: 6.5 / 10

Sofijasan 4 days ago
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Scent of my memories
After several wearings of this fragrance, it's time to leave a comment on this one, I will be free to state - beautiful complexed perfume.
The first impression: the scent of a forest after a huge rain, enhanced by various flowers. The scent that returns me to the mountain of my country of origin, Fruska Gora, in early spring, teleporting me to very first flowers growing in this forest in the springtime. This is all that the perfume is connecting to the earth, everything else is close to the sky.
For the citruses, there is somewhat difficult to penetrate through the curtain of a flower bouquet that Ume carries within itself. They are not strong enough to fully absorb the rainy-mossy texture of the fragrance but they definitely give the all-rounder of joy after a heavy rain. There is no ozone in it, it does not have it all, but it all leads to the feeling of the ozone to it, even though the perfume is not light and aerial.
I would not recommend it for summer, there are also cheaper and more summery perfumes. Its time comes in Spring and Fall. Because of the plum yam in it that is set to be its most noticeable note which comes after the flowery/rainy opening ... It's a relaxed, really cool, excellent blended fragrance that is worth to have in the collection.
Warm recommendation to lovers of plum and osmanthus, a recommendation to those who want to smell marvellous, long, primordial and not offensive to others.

Damascena 35 hours ago
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“Colour and I are one. I am a painter."
At the heart of Paul Klee’s work one finds comedy via satirical grotesquery and a willingness to distort as he turned his creative style into a vehicle to bring art to life from ever changing perspectives. Painting, music, teaching, writing - Paul Klee’s interests were dotted across many art forms and genres and incorporated many different ways of expressing themselves. However, with every creative push for expansion and application, however searching, somehow a small aspect of his signature remained present - a kind of spiritually informed abstract expressionism of the possibilities of the human subconscious.

Hommage à Paul Klee | Lights and Shadows is a wonderfully beguiling and playfully contrasting scent that feels both expressionistic and reflective. With the fragrance cleverly progressing as a chronological reversal of high points throughout Klee’s diverse career the colourfully brushed fruity notes of his latter day early modernist orientalism create mouthwateringly tart, bitter, sweet and sour flavours. However, upon night fall, moondust would sprinkle mild powderiness over this still life by the window. Vincent Micotti once again overtures a composition with the rhubarb note familiar from eap 16; if sensitive intellectualism had a scent there’d be no better note to characterise it.

The heart and drydown of Lights and Shadows turn deeper and darker owing to an ink note drying over subtle parchment in a nod to Klee’s years as a persuasive writer, teacher and painter - with many of his nights spent in front of easels or hunched over writing desks by the fireplace.

The curious case of Paul Klee comes to life beautifully through this scent, intelligently composed with an extremely satisfying artistic pretension. But in spite of its abstraction it never loses track of the inspirations that have informed it and remains a celebration of spiritual humanism.

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Bruhman8000 2 days ago
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Classy Wearable Oud
This scent piece takes an elegant spin on modern oud fragrances. It's rosey with a champagne vibe(bitter and sweet on the backwash). I think it's the ambergris in the background that gives it that type of aquatic and bitter vibe to it. Still the florals are the key to this one. Rose and patchouli make this slightly green and floral but totally sexy on any woman or man who wears it. It projects about 4-5 feet for a good 6 hours on my skin and is a sweet skin scent after that like most rose-oud combinations. It's important to note that hardcore perfume people might complain if they don't get the medicinal oud smell( I love that skanky smell) on the first pump but you get a natural oud smell in the cloud that will linger for the few hours you have it on your skin.

If this were a designer it would be a Dior. It's not the first house to mix rose and oud but they made it out to be a floral oud and this fragrance would definitely fit amongst the more prominent houses that feature ouds like Tom Ford or MFK which I consider the top of the line when it comes to Oud. I think the Panah Company in London reached back to their roots in India to make a pleasant scent for the casual user whether the the user is a fan of oud or not. Both the simple and sexy design of the bottle make this collection worthy. This doesn't kick the same way some way an MFK scent would but that's part of what makes this a daily reach and viable in any weather/occasion. This perfume checks the major blocks on wearability and compliment factor(if you even care about that type of thing.)

MasterLi 6 days ago
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Sweet & Sour Bergamot... the best there is?
Well, I haven't tried a fragrance that focused unashamedly on the Bergamot note before. Bergamot is such a workhorse note which helps so many fragrances (for example every chypre has to have bergamot). In fact, some of the most classic fragrances out there would not exist without Bergmot, so it is a seminal note in perfumery.

In this fantastic example from Atelier Cologne, the note is given it's full space to breathe, it is at the centre of the party... the star attraction. I personally find this one very tart. Tart and sour in fact. It is sour and tangy and you can almost taste it, the high quality bergamot oil used here. It is bold and green and oily and sour, with hints of both bitterness and sweetness around the edges. Really good quality. In terms of performance I have to say it's not as strong as I thought it would be, but it does last a while.

Ultimately, I think that because of it's sheer simplicity, it's not something that attracts me. What I mean to say by that is, I'm not a fan of a purely bergamot note. I like bergamot in all my favourite fragrances, but this is like pure, high quality, zesty bergamot oil. It's quality is undeniable, but purely for my own tastes, I go for other citrus fragrances. If you are a fan of green, zesty citrus, then by all means do try this one out, as it is highly recommended. For myself, I own other fragrances from this house which I prefer, and I will continue to try more fragrances from this house as well.

Jazzy76 3 days ago
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Only for the eyes
Although I was attracted by the precious and refined Crystal bottle and the turquoise liquid which made me think to something very fresh, I must write my disappointment for the bad quality of the fragrance (dispect the pyramid apparently well combined): very synthetic and quite similar to a glass cleaner.
The sillage too is very weak . It is only a nice object to show on the bathroom shelf.

Bruhman8000 2 days ago
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A chocolate Dream
This fragrance is one of the best chocolate fragrances I have ever smelled. The notes marry perfectly together to form a fragrance that reminds you of a devil cake. That's the best I can do to describe it. It opens up with a fresh chocolate smell that dries down to a bitter chocolate which is the same taste you get from coffee after taste or a cooking chocolate if you've ever eaten that. It's nutty and creamy but the chocolate base remains throughout. This fragrance starts of sweet and finishes bitter. This Gourmand from the house of Panah London is like a desert liquer that can be paired with a nice meal( if people were food lol). This is a top notch chocolate frag worth checking out. I give this a 8/10 only because the longevity and sillage do not blow me away. This is a formal gourmand and more towards chocolate lovers. Not a daily fragrance but a damn good one though.

Bruhman8000 34 hours ago
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Clean Shower Feel
This is a refreshing burst of energy out of the shower in a bottle. It's bright and inoffensive. If I could compare it to anything I would say it's like lemon-mint bubblegum. There's nothing special that pops out from the notes aside from the mint and cardamom which probably give it that strong projection. Yes its a projection bomb(on my skin at least) that cast its cloud for no less than 6 hours on my skin and is a decent minty skin scent for a few hours after that. Whatever they did to concoct this lovely fragrance and give it this much depth should be echoed in my other favorites in this same vein. This is sure to please the the veterans or casual users alike. The only reason it doesn't get a higher mark from me is that it's not unique in the slightest but with price point, performance, and likability- I give this one the green light in my book.


Darkbeat 15 hours ago
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A beautiful vintage powdered rose
Roses des Sables is a beautiful rose, elegant and refined, exultantly feminine, although as it dries up, it becomes more unisex, but always maintaining a very feminine tone, which, in my opinion, is difficult for a traditional man, but You are broad-minded, you can dress them perfectly.

From start to finish, you will see an elegant and splendid rose, feminine and delicate. A rose beautifully set in a game of nuances, which, although its fragrance is monotonous, the scent is multifaceted, with beautifully nuanced games, ranging from green tones to sweet, from glazed, to fresh, from woody, to spicy, and make the set a vintage floral aroma and refined.

The output is a powdered rose, elegant, graceful and vintage, at no time I have felt the fruity notes declared, only a slight sweet undertone that reminds me more of cinnamon than the fruits themselves, but I say, mild, mild. Little by little this initial powdering diminishes and you start to feel a more fresh and velvety rose, with a slightly more woody and musky background, an earthy tinge, but always a floral aroma, super distinguished. The final drying is similar to this middle part, but with the background nuances something more prominent, in conclusion, an impeccable, refined and select rose, for an elegant woman with clear ideas.

The performance is very good, reaching in my skin between 8 and 9 hours, with a very good and noticeable projection the first hours, to then go down progressively until flush with skin, which with the price it has is a remarkable performance.

The perfume is ideal for cold and temperate climates and to dress it indifferently, both day and night, although, yes, it feels a special aroma, perfect for special occasions, romantic appointments and formal events, it would be a waste of daily use .

To me, personally, I liked the perfume a lot, but not for my use and enjoyment, as it seems very feminine, but if you are a woman who loves roses with a classic touch, go for it, because you do not you will regret, a beautiful rose with a great price.

Sorry for my bad english.

Oriane 5 days ago
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Fresh Floral
La Fleur is one of those clean, fresh, green, realistic floral fragrances that draws one in as effortlessly as does a freshly bloomed flower beckons one to push one's nose into its bloom and inhale deeply. Every time I smell it, I feel as though I have just walked into a florist's shop and am surrounded by cold, silver floral urns brimming over with freshly picked tulips, waterlilies, and freesias.

La Fleur is a very pleasant pick me up in hot weather. It is nice to wear either during the day or at night after one's bath. It is not a ground breaking scent by any means, but it perfectly achieves what it sets out to achieve, and that is all it needs to do in my opinion. La Fleur makes me think of soft, cotton, flowery sundresses, straw hats, white strappy sandals, and light, cool refreshments served in a well tended, shady garden. This is a quite nice addition to your collection for a very reasonable price.

Fragrance: 6/10

Projection: 5/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 5.5/10