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MasterLi 25 hours ago
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An old classic..
This one is special. It reminds me of the old, masculine style of perfumery. This is almost the quintessential barbershop fragrance. To me it's a leathery fougère . It's also mossy and has the rose, vetiver, lavender and carnation. It's very sophisticated and done in an exceptional style of perfumery, from arguably one of the best decades in perfumery.

This fragrance, like Tsar, which was released over a decade later, is very masculine and refreshing. In fact, I find this has a barbershop quality much like Rive Gauche pour Homme. You get a very masculine blend of dark herbs, spices, oakmoss & vetiver etc. and it's wonderful. I like it very much.

If you are a fan of the old style of masculine classic perfumery, this is one to try out. Good for the price too.

Carlitos01 6 days ago
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Please replay "Young At Heart"!
Some perfumes can be dissected within a couple of paragraphs.
Some others are just hard to explain within several pages.
Stone for Him should not be a complex fragrance. It has not been released by a high end designer with a tradition in "old school" scents. The notes are quite common and their arrangement seems to be a logic one bearing in mind that the target customers are under 25 of age.
Having said that, I inform you that I have more than the double of the Replay target market age, and, judging by his comment in the statement below, so does Elysium.
I love this fragrance (... and so does Elysium).
It's a bit synthetic. It has some metalic harsh accords and it's not really the type of fragrance that I usualy like to wear or review. Nevertheless I love it, and most certainly I will buy another bottle when I finish the current one. Probably it's the sequence of a strong elemi resin top note, followed by a powerful sweet cinnamon, and "finished" by an ethereal musky accord of labdanum, amber and benzoin, that defeated my helpless logic nose. The fragrance has a magnific sweet and balsamic evolution, from head to bottom, and its resulting effect is just very very nice, as far as I am concerned at least.
Performance in my skin is above average.

How do I rate my Stone?
- Scent opening............8.0 ("I am here!" type of opening; People will notice you!)
- Scent Dry Down.........8.0 (very good balsamic and sweet drydown; People will notice you!)
- Longevity....................8.0 ( > 8 hours with 2 initial sprays)
- Sillage..........................8.0 (sillage peak up to 6 feet; projection for 1.5+ hours)
- Versatility....................8.0 (Avoid hot days; This is a Winter/Fall/Spring fragrance and a very good one at it)
- Usability......................8.0 (very good for almost all social situations; very good for clubbing; don't use it in places where you may sweat like the gymn or by the seaside)
- Compliments..............8.0 (it will be a nice compliment grabber, but remember that not everybody will like this type of balsamic sweet scent)
- Uniqueness.................8.0 (some similarities with some younger upscale fragrances like Pure XS and 212 VIP Black; Older Joop pour Homme and its flankers have the same type of vuibe as well; I love all of them)
- Quality.........................6.0 (yes, it's a non natural, synthetic perfume; the low price, the expensive bottle, and the alluring juice has its down effect on quality; But I just can't help to love this juice)
- Presentation...............9.0 (a 10 for creativity and an 8 for not being easy to stand the flask in a vertical position, gives me an average of 9)
- Price...........................10.0 (€14,00 for 100 ml non tester in ShowroomPrivé)

less than 5 = avoid it; Throw it away! You may get skin poisoning!
between 5 and 6 = under average; There are way better fragrances for sure! don't buy it!
between 6 and 7 = average; Do test it! Even if you like it, please ask a second opinion!
between 7 and 8 = above average; But are you sure you want to buy it?
between 8 and 9 = recommended; Certainly many people will like it!
bigger than 9 = don't miss it; Hardly a perfume will pleasure you more than this one!

Opinion on "Stone for Him": It's a "love it or hate it" polarising scent! Other people may have the same extreme reaction with this fragrance!
Blind buy worthy? No, it's better you try it before you buy it!
Music: Sinatra's "Young At Heart"

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sebjar 6 days ago
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My Jovoy Remember Me Review On YouTube
This is my Jovoy Remember Me Fragrance Review on YouTube. A fragrance I sampled at Esxence in April of 2018 which I enjoyed but after I received this fragrance for this review video I even enjoyed much more. Given I was sick with a cold during Esxence so I wasn't smelling much. Remember Me is absolutely a very delicious composition created by Cecile Zarokian for Jovoy. In Remember Me you have big dominant delicious tea note, very beautiful and aromatic, spicy, cardamom note, and an overdose of creamy, decadent milky woody notes. Chai Tea Latte anyone? Make sure you order it Breve! To find out more about Remember Me by Jovoy please watch my review over at YouTube. Thank you so much.

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Darkbeat 3 days ago
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A spectacular incense wood
This perfume is amazing, of incredible quality, an intense arabesque aroma, very durable and with an extraordinary projection, the only bad thing, because, we can only find 50ml bottles of this exotic concoction, a pity, because of a perfume like that, I would buy liter jars, although we can not complain much, since its price is unbeatable and really ridiculous for everything it offers.

The bottle in the hands is a preciousness, offering us visual clues of the elixir that contains its interior. An elixir that starts with a resinous and sweet incense, with a slight woody bottom of oud. This beginning, soon acquires a very spicy effervescent sensation, where the saffron and the caraway, make of theirs, with a little leather, feeling the aroma very spicy and dirty, but nothing unpleasant. Then, it begins to sweeten a tad, but it is not a sugary or cloying sweetness, it is a balmy and resinous sweetness, contributed by the labdanum, which perfectly balances a mixture of leather and oud with slight spicy nuances, spectacular. From here you start to feel the tobacco in the mix, but in principle it is tenuous and slight, highlighting in this part the leather, very well mixed with a little bit of oud, a tad of tobacco and the right touch of spicy sweetness, I do not know how to describe it, I'm flattered, but it's a wonder. In the drying, the leather lowers in intensity, although it does not disappear, and tobacco is more clearly visible, but very well feted by the leather and the oud, and this time, seasoned by a mysterious halo of somewhat spicy incense, and the fair point of sweet labdanum, amazing and without anything to envy to perfumes niche, or designer, or the mother who pario. If you know Azza Silver of this same house, you can have an orientation of how the final drying of this perfume, smell similar, not exactly the same, but it is true that they share a similar vibration at the end of their lives.

I do not know if I have described well its development, because it is a very complex and changing aroma, every time I smelled it on my wrist, I noticed different perceptions and it was very difficult to establish a pattern in its development, sometimes there were nuances, which then , when I thought they were lost, I noticed them again, as I say, a very changeable and interesting perfume, especially in its first hour on the skin, then it calms down and stays for a longer time unchanged.

The performance of this beast is deadly, has been radiating on my skin for more than 10 hours, and I do not know if more, because I went to sleep and could not specify more, but even in the morning you could feel a light halo of this nectar hanging around my wrist. The projection is very good too, at least 2 hours is very intense, then it calms down a bit, but it still feels good. Exceptional performance

As it is appreciated in its description, it is not a perfume for anybody, nor for any occasion, it has a very marked character and I only see it use in particular occasions, specials and formal events. And how could it be otherwise, it is the perfume of cold or temperate climates and generally for night use, although in a morning event of a cool day, it is an exceptional weapon, surely you do not go unnoticed, but forget about this in summer if You do not want to go killing people in your path.

The perfume I did not like, I LOVED IT !!, has everything I can ask for a perfume, a precious fragrance, intense, lasting and projects like a jealous rook, and above with a ridiculous price, is Can you ask for more? Yes, the bottle is of a bestial quality, it is like a resin with a metallic sensation and super hard, at first I thought it would be metal, because it weighs a lot and is cold with balls, but I do not think it is, even so, only for the bottle is worth the disbursement, which, by the way, is minimal, not like other houses that leak water at the price of gold.

If you like woody aromas, intense, incensed, rough hides, spicy, and all with just the right sweetness, you can not stop trying it, now, forget the westernized woods and leathers and open your mind, because start your journey to Orient…

Sorry for my bad english.

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Carlitos01 3 days ago
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Driving a Bentley in Scentland
After my hearty analysis of a not so intense YSL Intense EDP, it was particularly enjoyable to spend some time reviewing a true Intense EDP fragrance, in this case the intense flanker of Bentley for Men.
This oriental wonder is woody, spicy, balsamic, smoky, boozy and with a strong performance, meaning everything I love in a fragrance.
Bentley for Men Intense EDP just screams classiness and elegance. It opens with a citrusy fresh black pepper note and a hint of Bay Rhum cologne.
The scent quickly evolves by adding a fougére touch with leathery and amber nuances, strong sweet cinnamon and a glorious boozy rum note. This swirl of senses is framed by a woody accord with strong wafts of a balsamic incense aroma. All the notes are so well blended that you become inebriated by the constant fragrance evolution. Overall this fragrance now remembers me Guerlain pour Homme EDP - another fragrance I own with a nice rum note, but blended with lime and mint to suggest a mojito flavour.
Then the balsamic note gets more intense with a dominant and exciting soft leather note, as well more complex woody notes together with a dash of earthy patchouli.
The overall scent becomes now a bit more like a boozy "Dolce & Gabbana the One EDP" with the prevailing balsamic accords of rum, benzoin, woods, leather and cinnamon being the anchors for the elaborated long drydown.
In spite of the very positive reviews, I never expected this perfume to be that good before trying it for the first time.

How do I rate this well tunned Bentley ?
- Scent opening...........10.0 (elegant, classy and surprisingly hiper pleasant)
- Scent Dry Down.........9.0 (you already got the surprise factor with the opening; it's still a marvelous scent during the long drydown but a bit more calm now)
- Longevity....................9.0 (9+ hours with 2 initial sprays)
- Sillage..........................8.5 (sillage peak up 6 feet; projection for 2.5 hours)
- Versatility....................8.5 (Just avoid using it during the Summer or in Spring and Fall hot days)
- Usability......................9.0 (very manly perfume; good for almost all social situations, office, general use, dating and intimacy; very good for socializing during the evening, night out or clubbing; don't use it in the gym or by the seaside)
- Compliments..............9.0 (It's not the compliments champion but plays in the major league)
- Uniqueness.................9.0 (there is a noticeable similarity with the original Bentley for Men. In some stages this fragrance remembers me The One EDP, Guerlain Homme EDP and Loubin Idole Parfum)
- Quality.........................9.5 (almost faultless; some people say it's a bit synthetic. Well I could not detect a breath of any synthetic component, but I confess I was hypnotized by the fragrance)
- Presentation...............9.0 (gorgoeus flask, heavy glass bottle, inofensive preety cap)
- Price.............................9.0 (€29,00 for a 100 ml flask; you hardly can do better with this amount of money)

less than 5 = avoid it; throw it away!
between 5 and 6 = under average; don't buy it!
between 6 and 7 = average; meeeh!
between 7 and 8 = above average; Are you sure you want to buy it?
between 8 and 9 = recommended;
bigger than 9 = don't miss it;

Opinion on "Bentley for Men Intense":
Extreamly good! Don´t miss it!

Blind buy worthy? Yes indeed!

Music: Edward Elgar - "Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1" (Land of Hope and Glory) played during the last night of the proms.

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AmberScent 45 hours ago
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The potion for you to feel like a real gentleman
I always liked this perfume. I use it on a regular basis since 20 years ago. It has a precious set of notes and it is very well blended. It smells like a typical perfume from the 80's but I like it that way. It also has enough longevity for an entire day or a night out and with a significative projection.
It has got a sweet balsamic vibe of amber, woods, cinnamon and tobacco, that just keep calling me to use it again and again.
I tried to find similar fragrances but without success. Hugo Boss does not have similar scents, at least nowadays, and by chance I ended up discovering another faintly related scent in Givenchy Gentleman, another masterpiece that I use on a regular basis now.
I defy young people to try it. It's really alluring and it is easy to buy it on line under 30 Euros for a 125ml bottle. My girls at home (wife and daughter) both love it when I use it.
As far as I am concerned, besides the magnific scent, this fragrance makes me feel very distinguished and full of confidence, a real number one boss of the world.

Elysium 6 days ago
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A Rare and Unknown Summer Pearl
Think Pink for man was a big surprise to me. I was shopping downtown Maratea, a small village in the south of Italy, and I came across a shop that was selling a few scents at half the price. This one was the most intriguing one and yet missing in my collection. For those of you who don't know, Think Pink was a famous clothing brand in the eighty.

The cologne opens up with a lively wave of freshness, a blast of creamy and freshly smashed lemon leaves, with a touch of aromatic herbs and floral blooms such as galbanum and geranium mixed with green tarragon, basil, and wondrous lavender I surmise it is from the south of France. Creamy and sour like a lemon curd is the association that best matches the opening.

The heart is spicy and tart. Pungent black pepper corns are crunched on top of sour coriander leaves creating a warm spicy flavor, yet keeping the creaminess found in the top notes.

The body blends harmoniously in a sensual dry-out made of noble woods such as a tad of dirty patchouli, resinous cedarwood, and musky oakmoss, perhaps from oaktree and not synthetic, which give elegance and long lasting personality to this summer cologne.

I figure it suitable for the office and leisure time, young as well as mature men not too formal, on a warm and humid hot day or evening of summer.
Great rare bargain almost unknown to the crown.


Elysium 5 days ago
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A Wedding Wreath with Barbershop Soapiness
Agua Fresca is based upon marjoram, whose botanical name means "joy of the mountain" in Greek, and was actually first used to make wreaths for use as wedding flowers. This was because Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was believed to wear wreaths made from Marjoram.

That being said, Agua Fresca is a natural fragrance inspired by the dense and humid forests of Galicia. The fresh scent of rainfall on green leaves and moss combine the soothing and aromatic notes of lavender, marjoram, rosemary and sage, for a modern and elegant man. Agua Fresca feels like a morning walk from the woods to the beach, and its truly calming.

I wore this for the first time in months this morning and I'm reminded just how good it actually is. A very dry, nearly austere citrus with a dash of herbs, it almost feels like it's been made in an apothecary's shop in a little Tuscany interior village. There is something a touch bitter in the composition, which I assume is the artemisia, and the juniper is present but subtle. The drydown is quite strong on the pine with a little sandalwood and musk.

It opens up with a dry blast of citrus leaves and aromatic lavander and bitter artemisia. The bergamot and mandarin stay quite in the background, not ruling the opening. It's kind of like the humid airs of the forests, which exudes the essence of rainfall on grass.

The heart is dominated by the soothing and aromatic herbs, with marjoram, sage, and rosemary in foreground, so classic for refined gentleman. Balsamic and resinous notes of juniper berries are blended in this masculine brave heart.

The dry down is all about mossy, woody, and smoky accord. Burnt pine needle tree, rooty vetiver, and clean musk release the fresh trail of this scent.

Reserved, moderate sillage and longevity and old-fashioned in a good way. If you want something that has the echo of a fragrance like Acqua di Gio but has went in a completely different direction, try Agua Fresca, dry and fresh yet not aquatic or marine. It's not really the sort of fragrance to get one noticed or complimented, but every time I smell it I get a little smile.
Recommend for a calescent summer day, so elegant, airy, and light.


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Jazzy76 5 days ago
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Amo Ferragamo (I love Ferragamo): a cocktail made perfume
Tested when it came out and re-tested a few days ago, this new scent by Salvatore Ferragamo is quite interesting; I had the time to appreciate it and now I like how it smells on my skin: at the opening, I smell mainly the blackcurrant note, fresh and juicy, sweet but not sweetish. I don't smell so much the Campari, but rather the fresh mate at the heart , less the rhubarb, which is usually bitter, because the Whole acchord remains sweet on my skin. The base notes give warmth to this "cocktail" who seems to be created by a bartender. I like spraying this scent, whenever I find the tester at the drugstore, in the hottest days because is very refreshing with gourmand accents. The longevity and the sillage are average to good and the multifaceted bottle is very nice and refined. The price is quite high but right in comparison to the product quality. So, may I offer you a drink?

Jazzy76 5 days ago
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You never told me
When I saw this perfume on the srugstore shelf and on the magazines , with its bowler hat shaped cap , I immediately thought to the famous movie with Alberto Sordi "Fumo di londra" and to the soundrack "you never told me". It's the spirit of London in a bottle : " swinging" but always traditional, modern and ironic, but classic too.
The maison Hermes usally made me dream of the Paris avenues , but this story is different.
At the firts spray I smelled a cloud of fizzy ginger , then I perceived a very light tuberose note, not at all heavy, intoxicating or too ladylike, but very feminin, anyway. Unfortunately, there's no base in this scent and , at least on my skin, I didn't smell the sandalwood and it's a pity.
Simple and basic with its traid of notes, this fragrance could seem a little poor, but it's quite pleasant. Funny the bottle, although I was expecting something more from a prestigious Maison like Hermes. But obviously times change...