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HannahHochHannahHoch 7 days ago
Patchouli - Réminiscence

Patchouli Eureka! the very best patchouli!
There are many patchoulis, but value for money, I have not smelled any as good as Patchouli from Reminiscences. It is a perfume that has been produced since the 70s and has not lost an iota of charm. Psycodelique de Jovoy reminds...

JackHunter33JackHunter33 3 days ago
Imperial - Boadicea the Victorious

Imperial Fresh Spicy Rosy Woody Oud
On the opening I get fresh spicy lavender and Oud. The Oud reminds me of the Oud in Sahraa Oud by Fragrance Du Bois but much lighter and aromatic. From the Oud I can smell a slight rose and sweetness and this is the heart of the scent....

Kenny404Kenny404 3 days ago
Cuirs Nomades - African Leather - Memo Paris

Cuirs Nomades - African Leather Very great leather
I love leather fragrance, and it took me a long time to try this out simply because I have variants of leather fragrances. I met someone that wore this and asked what the hell are you wearing, and he said African Leather. I was thrilled because...

KuraiKurai 3 days ago
Yatagan (Eau de Toilette) - Caron

Yatagan (Eau de Toilette) Pine is fine
“Hmm pine” “yes very aromatic, a bit smoky too” “I don’t care, I hate pine” “Lots of herbs” “Pine blehh” “Leather, you love leather” “Well yeah, but..” “Just smell that herbal leather” “I don’t want to” “slightly...

ScentwitchScentwitch 2 days ago
Salt Caramel - Shay & Blue

Salt Caramel No popcorn here
I’ve read the other reviews about this perfume smelling like popcorn or a movie theater. I don’t get this sense at all. I smell a big salty piece of fresh caramel from Kilwin’s. (You know, the ice cream shop that smells like fudge, ice cream,...

HannahHochHannahHoch 2 days ago
Neandertal Dark - Neandertal

Neandertal Dark Primitive memories
It is a perfume whose objective is to bring an image to our spirit, working out a primitive evocation. Intense and strange from the first second on my skin generates controversial opinions. I can understand people who find it very synthetic. In my opinion,...

Wolfgang1987Wolfgang1987 7 days ago
Luna Rossa Carbon - Prada

Luna Rossa Carbon Prada Luna Rossa Carbon EDT
I absolutely love this scent. It always has a soothing and settling effect on me. I get regular appreciation from others when wearing this beautiful aroma. It's the blend of lavender and ambroxan that is so lovely and has a softness to the blend...

MrHonestMrHonest 6 days ago
Club de Nuit Intense Woman - Armaf

Club de Nuit Intense Woman The chocolate temptress...
The curtains part as a wave of applause spurs the young woman forward. She's dressed in black - sleek, simple, opulent, with glittering accents of chocolatey copper and crimson. And although it's her third show this evening, she's still...

MrHonestMrHonest 1 day ago
Yes I am the King - Le Parfum - Geparlys

Yes I am the King - Le Parfum Honestly......impressed.
Yet another blind buy gamble, yet another blind buy win. Short 'n' sweet, it's a very good clone of Bleu de Chanel parfum. Quite a few Indonesian videos online, but since I don't speak the language, it was always going to be a toss up, especially...

DrseidDrseid 4 days ago
Mātangi - Parfums Karmic Hues

Mātangi A Whole Better Than The Sum of Its Parts...
Matangi opens with a very brief blast of relatively sharp orange blossom with an underlying soapy ylang-ylang before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart a green tinged jasmine...