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Efemmeral 4 days ago
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If a traditional eau de cologne might annoint the skin in morning ritual, bracing not just in scent but in bracing the self to greet the day; if it might serve symbolically to gird the skin around what lies within, to reinforce a boundary between self and day and world, and make their impossible *mentality* possible, then this Cologne Pour le Soir is for me a most worthy counterpart for an evening ritual of return and repose.

It fizzes on, disarming and unbinding. Then imagine that this rush of joy gives way to bliss: incense hovers slightly above my skin whilst honey melds with it, the Cologne becoming almost immediately something replete with invitation and intimacy. There's a moment in the late dry down of vintage Chanel 22 where the silvery beauty relents and heaven touches earth. Cologne Pour le Soir lives in that moment. Whatever carnality might ensue is imbued with holiness.

This is a sacrament for the skin.

LavenderSky8 5 days ago
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273 Rodeo Drive
Giorgio Beverly Hills, another one of my favs back in the day and today. Like all 80's perfumes, it's BIG. Giorgio is the original Flower Bomb and earned that right lol. From the very first spray (one or two sprays on the back of neck), the gold juice warms your skin with the most amazing ray of California white florals and sun-kissed syrupy fruits. The aroma is beautiful! It's fresh and as modern today as it was back in the day. It's a masterpiece and a must try for any perfume enthusiast. I will never be without a bottle in my collection. How fantastic is it to see all these personal stories shared about your Giorgio Beverly Hills. After all the scandalous fun this sassy broad has rewarded women of all ages since she made her 90210 debut, gosh knows with a career like hers, she deserves all the praise ;D

Tessa 4 days ago
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A fine jasmine
For a while I tried to find a jasmine which is not shouting and loud like the star-made-famous Kai.
Since I was already in love with Grain de soleil, I decided to try the Soleil and it was a nice, very nice jasmine, blooming non-stop, unencumbered by the roses, wisteria, musk ( let me admit that musk is there, just for the foundation)or lily.
It is the dynasty of jasmine.
Like many fragrances by Fargonard, this one has a good lasting power in the eau de parfum version, a soft sillage and it is a well made jasmine scent.

QuercusAlbus 7 days ago
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Good Heavy Rich Balsamic
This is a good, solid, heavy, ambery, musky composition. Basically, it has all the good rich heavy stuff laid on in copious amounts. It had better at that price! Well, it does.

Flames2 5 days ago
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not a regular beach hut vibe
when i first tried this one in a store it did smell fresh and a touch fougere but having spent more time with it found that it starts off fresh mint and the green of the ivy coming through with a slight fougere aroma as the fragrance moves into the mid and base it changes to a more 80s 90s powerhouse like kouros yes when someone said kouros online i thought no way but yes it really does change to a kinda kouros smell but with a green ivy back ground its really nice prob 30+ aged guys scent and would work most seasons except really cold or really hot temps

ScentFan 5 days ago
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Appealing Gourmand
Think of Norne mixed with Zahd but without the former's ashes or the latter's candy. At first, Brosse seems a gourmand in the style of Serge Lutens' Arabie which conjurs Christmas and plum pudding. Brosse is less plummy. It has more hearth than Arabie, but it too reminds me of Christmas. On skin, however, something fresh and beautiful rises above the general date-fig-clove-wood atmosphere. For me, it makes Brosse more wearable than some of the Slumberhouse wonder scents. Don't get me wrong. I love them, want to own them all. Each is a not-to-be-missed smell event. Brosse, like New Sibet, is one I'll regularly be spraying on. Must find out what that lovely top note is. A citrusy floral?

Elysium 7 days ago
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The scent of forest, wood with leaves, wet rock
Like almost all He Wood cologne collections, Rocky Mountain Wood opens with a pleasant burst of violet leaves soaked in pure alcohol suspension, so pungent yet with a delicate touch. To complete this Mountain accord, floral notes of delicate lily and faint white pepper are well blended together, creating an aroma that really reminds open air and space.

A woody fragrance with smoky vetiver accord as a dominant note, the heart is a kind of like Encrè Noir with that unmistakable pencil sharpener inky note, so dark, so rich of manliness, so damn good.
The Wood accord of the heart is wet, the Canadian moist cedarwood pulses, the whole redolence stings like the smoke from bonfire leftover.

And then it comes the Rocky accord of the base notes: frozen mineral amber, the right touch of musk, and the resinous incense. The three main accords listed in the name are really reminiscent of the scent of forest, wood with leaves, wet rock, and in their drying the notes appear giving a special mineral pinch, making something very realistic in the matter of aroma, is really an olfactory journey, a fragrance that, in my opinion, is on the verge of perfection.

The bottle that encloses He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood is a duplicate of He Wood’s bottle, an elegant shape made from glass and natural wood, this time the wood’s color scheme is much darker, and the inner juice is dark green.

I seem He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood brings the whole concept of the woody perfume to a more sophisticated level, ideal for a man with refined taste. It is a masculine fresh woody scent for daytime use, a complete outdoor perfume for nature lovers, but it can be worn anywhere, anytime, at home as well as at the office. This superbly blended perfume is a continuous delight, that has a unique aroma that captivates you and your colleagues and companions, it is a real compliment getter. Made for grown men, very long lasting with moderate sillage. I have classified this jewel as a fall and winter scent, although it might work well in early spring. Rather, for summer I prefer its siblings and the original of course!

sebjar 7 days ago
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Is Pour Femme As Good as Pour Homme? Watch My Review
I was very excited to learn of this Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme launch and to learn it was created by the same team of Alessandro Michele and Alberto Morillas for Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme. Sure enough, it doesn't disappoint. Is it as good as Gucci Guilty Pour Homme? Please watch my youtube review to find out. Thank you in advance.

Philea 6 days ago
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Mark cross eau de Cologne
Mark cross eau de Cologne,
Notes de tête :bergamote, citron,lavande, estragon, romarin
Notes de coeur:jasmin, patchouli, cèdre, vétiver, géranium
Notes de fond:cuir ,Moss,ambre, vanille,tonka
Tout ces ingrédients en font un parfum terriblement chaleureux,et réconfortant

Flames2 5 days ago
muddy puddle
deffinately not a fragrance for everyone it as a earthy muddy damp soil note which as a ozonic like after a rain storm freshness to it with some woods in the dry down , good sillage and longevity more suited for autumn or spring seasons