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Gianluca 5 days ago
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„How about a Manhattan cocktail for happy hour?”
To begin with, Burberry Brit Rhythm Intense opens with a blast of awesome wormwood-absinthe, which reminds me Vermouth, a fortified Italian wine that has had a distilled spirit like brandy added to it. Imagine you are drinking a Manhattan cocktail for aperitif, which smells spicy, sweet, and robust, and tastes...heavenly.
Like the Vermouth, there are some herbal notes that get more prominent, and I smell cumin, mint, marjoram, and quinine. This powerful, aromatic and earthy introduction is completed by spicy pepper that reveals as soon as the boozy note calms down.

After nearly half an hour, the heart announces as a more masculine and reinforced leather accents compared to Brit Rhythm. There are intense notes of patchouli and sensual amber fused with leather, a more modern mild and soft leather similar to Armani Code, neither dark nor rude. To put it very clearly, it is not the kind of raw leather you can smell in most of Ferrari's fragrances, which I like of course.

Ultimately, after the boozy and leathery phase, BBRI turns into a work and comforting scent, siting on the skin with lasting undertones of blonde woods and guaiac wood, with the sweetness touch of the tonka beans-

Recommended for cool and cold weather, from late fall till early spring, it is safe for office, intense but not overpowering, during the evening and for your nights out, it is still going strong for the after-party.
Please, be informed that sillage stays around your arms, but longevity is enormous. If you smell your shirt or sweater the day after you can feel it, so smokey and sensuous.

I look forward to giving you a new review.


Dusk 6 days ago
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„Versatile, complex, slightly herbal aquatic”
Antares is an elegant yet youthful fragrance that seems to develop quite differently from person to person. On me, the water musk is very prominent, and gives the scent a melon-y aquatic feel from start to finish. There is some mandarin at first, and a complex herbal aspect with juniper, fir, and sage that persists throughout. I smell some woodiness and labdanum after a few hours, and a hint of floral, but overall it is very well-blended and difficult to identify individual notes. The overall impression is of a light, ethereal herbal-aquatic scent, fresh but not at all sharp or harsh.

As someone who isn't fond of aquatics, this isn't for me, but I can still appreciate that it is nicely composed, complex, and versatile. It doesn't bash you over the head with calone and call it a day, unlike many similar scents. It seems to be one of Alkemia's more popular perfumes, even enjoyed by people who don't like Alkemia overall, and it definitely has mainstream appeal. It is very unisex, but I think the ethereal quality makes it especially nice for less masculine types. Sillage and longevity are both decent for this kind of light scent, especially as a perfume oil.

Dusk 6 days ago
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„Awkward rose with incense”
Unfortunately, the rose here does not behave on my skin at all. It is extremely sweet, tart, and powdery all at once, resulting in something that veers between crushed Sweetarts candy and soap in a way that just feels awkward. It is accompanied with something like patchouli, even though that isn't a listed note. It becomes increasingly smoky and incensey past an hour, which doesn't quite mesh well with this rose note, but after a few hours it is mostly labdanum and mildly smoky frankincense with barely a hint of rose. There is something spicy throughout that I can't quite place.

I gave my sample to a friend and unfortunately it was even worse on her, extremely soapy with a strange spiciness.

I do actually like this after a few hours, the sweet labdanum with the slight smokiness is very nice, but the first few hours are just jumbled. However, this isn't the first time rose has turned into Sweetarts on me and soap on my friend, so it might be a good unisex rose on someone else whose skin chemistry is more cooperative.

Dusk 6 days ago
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„A dark decadent delight”
Caveau des Innocents is a multilayered hedonistic dream. The opening is all spiced, sugared, rum-soaked pear with a hint of sweet citrus. Anise, clove, and coffee rise up alongside golden resin, and over the next hour the boozy pear sinks into caramel, vanilla incense, and labdanum. While I don't love anise (and it is very strong here), it adds just enough astringency to stop the whole thing from becoming too sickly sweet, and it's actually a very nice accent. As it develops further, the tobacco joins in, rich and spiced, and then polished wood. Finally, several hours into wearing, opoponax rises up and envelops everything in its thick, dark, rich, resinous cloak until that's all I can smell.

There is no stage of this that I don't love. It is definitely a fall/winter evening kind of scent. It is not versatile, it is not conventional, and I once had someone tell me that I smell like weird root beer. But for someone of any gender who wants something dark, bold, and decadent, this is it. Sillage is fantastic for an oil, and longevity is very good (though I attribute some of that to the fact that opoponax never wants to leave my skin, ever).

One note: I do prefer this one fresh. That boozy sugared pear top note is one of my favorite aspects of this, and with aging (over a year) it becomes weaker, and the opoponax becomes much more aggressive than I would like. It is because of this that I am rating it an 9, and not a 10. But, as I noted above - opoponax really, really likes my skin, so this might not be as much of an issue for someone else.

ALG 5 days ago
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„Cambios en la fragancia ”
Tuve una muestra en 2015 y me gustó, olía a patchouli de calidad y la vainilla lo endulzaba un poco, compre la botella y no me decepcionó, aunque no era el mismo aroma que la muestra, nota de salida patchouli muy fuerte para luego "endulzarse" aunque ese aroma a bourbon en el secado posterior, no lo tenía, duración buena aunque no extrema como sería sello distintivo de Montale, me imagino que en un principio sí. Compre otro frasco a finales de 2016 sin acabarse el primero y... oh, sorpresa! Este olía a patchouli más mohoso el aroma a "vainilla" "chocolate" no lo detecto por ningún sitio y una duración pésima, ha perdido el encanto que tenía por lo menos en mi caso particular, es curioso siempre que se cambia es a peor, excepto el precio, ese si cambia, es a mayor, decir también que tengo Patchouly de Profumum Roma, y se nota que los ingredientes son de mucha mejor calidad, son 200 € pero prefiero pagar más y estar satistecho, bye bye Montale...

Taghi 5 days ago
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„very classy but moderate performance”
I smell leather, patchouli, bergamot and amber
very nice, classy and masculine, suitable for formal occasions, but I have to say that performance is not top
I had 3 to 4 hours longevity on my skin (about 12-20 hours on fabric) and average sillage.
don't blind buy, I think this is kind of smell that would be intolerable for some people.
in conclusion, even though I like the scent a lot, but despite the price, I'll pass.

Muotarek 4 days ago
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„Elite Oriental Scent”
This is so good, intoxicating notes, well blended, it performs like a beast and super long lasting, you cannot get enough of it, sweet ambery base will get you many compliments.

KianJafari 3 days ago
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„The Aston Martin leather ”
To me Roja Dove is a genius perfumer and artist who creates his masterpieces in a very extremist pleasant way. "M" from Pure distance is an absolute luxurious leathery fragrance opens with very nice citrus notes.

The bitter facet of bergamot is a great prelude, preparing the audience for smelling a spicy-leathery scent. Although Roja created this titan using so much spice, the indispensable role of the rose in the heart could not be denied, where it gives a great and pleasant softness to the whole body of the fragrance. This is the stage you may imagine your self in a luxurious suit driving an Aston Martin, smoking a cigarette which has got vanilla as its flavor with a bouquet of roses bought for you lover on the seat.

In the dry down stage you may smell the clue of a lovely note that has been keeping you busy all through different stages from the very beginning of the perfume. Yes, that is the cinnamon which is used so artistically in this perfume in order to present a concept of a rich gentleman. Like most of Roja's creations, this is one of the best ever, benefiting a very long range of longevity and very chick sillage.

Muotarek 3 days ago
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„Not a typical summer fragrance”
Tho this is one of my fav summer fragrances, not like those aquatic salty boring repetitive perfumes, it's smoky fruity one and i'm in love with it, it performs like a beast indeed, it projects very well, silage is enormous too, this is a hit from Mancera, also it's a very high quality Creed Aventus clone, but try before you buy, it's not a safe blind buy at all

Scent: 8.5/10
Longevity: 10/10
Silage: 10/10

Muotarek 3 days ago
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„Black Orchid's Clone”
Well, the packaging and the bottle look exactly like Tom Ford private blend bottles, which is lovely, the scent itself is well blended, unisex, medium performance, not beastly at all, and it smells like Black Orchid a lot, also it's sort of cheap scent with high quality ingredients, Cardamom in the opening, floral fruity notes in the middle, and when it comes to the dry-down it has oud-vanilla-tonka bean- ambery base, worth a shot guys.