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AmberScent 5 days ago
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The flash scent
I tested again this fragrance today.
The overall feeling about the scent remains unchanged. It's citrus fresh in the opening (a load of yuzu), with a fresh, sweet and green spicy development, and the suposed "strong" notes of leather, sandalwood and tobacco. What's not to like? Other remarkable scents followed the same path, namely the more complex Tom Ford for Men and the alluring The One by D&G.
Unfortunately, Vera Wang demonstrates pretending to deliver a perfume with high ambitions but unfortunately with poor performance on the performance side. A couple of hours after spraying you are already experiencing a final faint woody drydown. The inconvenience of respraying is a must if you want to stick with this perfume.
This fragrance lost a possible trendsetter fragrance ambition to become just a nice to wear only for easy short lived situations. An intense version never happened and so far this EDT remains the sole incursion of Vera Wang into the male fragrances territory.

Darkbeat 5 days ago
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An authentic work of art
Review of the 2017 version of this perfume, which was reformulated in January 2018.

This perfume is superb, elegant and of an incredible class, an earthy and tarry fragrance, with woody reflections of unmistakable oud and a heart of amber that falls in love, I have dazzled this aroma so original and out of the lines of the current perfumery.

It is a blunt oil, intense and opulent, that leaves no doubt about its quality, an oil so dense that it looks like honey, and with a smell so natural that tears come to the senses of perceiving such an incredible work. A 10 for Abdul Karim al Faransi.

The output is tremendous, a zas! all over the face of the earth, a rough and hot, tarry earth, with a dirty woody background, which I don't know how to explain, but that leaves me ecstatic, it is incredible with the naturalness that the notes are perceived, without words. Then, little by little, a tad begins to be sweetened by amber, an amber that stays in the background, shading the notes of earth and oud, but making it clear that he is the protagonist, because it is a perfume of amber, but not amber sweet, cloying and excessively sugary, very fashionable today, NO, it is dirty amber, woody, almost mossy, close to the earth and in contact even with the trunk of the tree that saw him born, incredibly natural, dark and with much character. A work of art.

The duration is from another planet, more than 12 hours remaining in the skin, with a very good projection to be an oil, so nothing to object, extraordinary performance.

Because of its intense and dark soul, it is a perfume of cold or fresh climates and exclusively for the night, I do not think it is a good option for the day and even less, if the sun squeezes, but of course, this is subjective, and each one He will use as he pleases.

I love this perfume and I recommend it 100% to those people who like intense, powerful perfumes and with a marked character, the antithesis of the current generic perfumery. The bad thing is that it was reformulated in January 2018, and it is no longer the same, although it is still a great perfume, but I like its first formula, so I keep my small bottle as a treasure.

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Oleo 7 days ago
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Stylish Oud
Hugo Boss released this one as a límited special edition. First as EDT version, and later as EDP. I've got the EDP.

It was sold only in certain stores, although it finally reached some well-known discounters... What is unclear is how long it'll remain available.

Well, this is a very special fragrance. The first question that comes to mind: How oud's note fits into the olfactory universe of Hugo Boss fragrances?

The result responds with extraordinary clarity: "With a lot of class."

This is not a typical "oud fragrance"; this is a Boss fragrance to which the magic of oud's aroma is added, creating something very modern and elegant.

So for those looking for the typical opulent combination of Oud & Rose and Saffron, better look elsewhere....

This is something different. And yes: The fragrance is totally based on 100% Natural Oud's note that is ubiquitous... In a very, very pleasant and stylish "designer" way.

- Longevity: > 8h (skin) , huge in clothes.
- Projection: Moderate, but intense.
- Mood: It is a luxurious and elegant scent, perfect for dressed-up nights.
- Scenario & Occasions: Nights throughout the year, except those that are excessively hot. Perfect for events at dusk. You can also wear it during the day without problem, but it loses part of its mystery.

For me, this perfume is like a Campari: A perfect and sophisticated bitter, and the special ingredient of a luxurious and delicious cocktail...

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Polarrfox 6 days ago
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Beautiful blue aura around...
The first, lets look at this beautiful bottle. Let it to go through our mind and think deeply about color which used to be so rare.
I must mention that I am not spicy-perfumes lover. At least these which cause headaches - and for me its most of these spicy ones.
When I felt it on my arm, I could not stop my nose from feeling this fragnance almost to the bonemarrow. Its so mysterious, masculine (when you are a woman, it will underline your confidence and mysterious look-up. I would say its unisex. These beautiful fragnances are so often called only for men and then there are fragnances like Oud Flora, which are definitely women-only but are called unisex. I think its a pitty. But back to the fragnance.
Ingredients: Cambodian oud, musk, saffron, vanilla, guajak wood, indian oud
As you can see, only beautiful notes are based in there and this is what makes this fragnance so amazing.
Fragnance lasts on my skin even after washing and its nice, because this one is just so good.
My random thoughts from the fragnance: mysterious, elegant, strong scent, excelent for quiet people who dont talk too much, but are strong in their mind and charisma. Anf this is what this blue scent underlines. Your charisma. Try it, you will see. Definity worth it.

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Polarrfox 6 days ago
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It´s really black; dark, heavy and oud dream.
Opulent oud has also such an amazing bottle, but this time in black color.
I wonder if creators of these perfumes though about it just like me, or it´s just my fantasy, but this scent is really black. Let me explain.
There are some similarities to blue oud, but the fragnance is also really different. It´s heavy. Very spicy (but not causing headaches), with oud and sweet tones in the background. It reminds me a little bit their collection Oud al Khuloud, but it definitely depends on a nose. Oud al Khuloud is more gourmand and I can feel honey there, which I can´t feel at Opulent Oud.
I personally prefer Blue Oud, it´s more sweety and soft than this one. It´s more masculine scent, elegant, smoky and mysterious. Good to suit or some more elegant clothes.

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Edarggniknis 4 days ago
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A Giant
All JARs have a «decay» signature around. It is an imprint, a kind of shield, the smell of a certain resignation and —I would add— asociability. Shadow is a masterpiece. A tailgate of stern feelings and even tears. This scent gets never noir, but somber, foggy and off-white grey. It is the odor of afternoon in autumn; bold yet serene, magnetic, sad, apocalyptic. I love with all my heart this piece. The chant of condor rumbles in my heart like a tribal drum: This is the type of thing that moves me. Cold, at times metallic, Kyaraesque; heat gusts come and go endlessly like ghosts. What a amazing work this is. We just connected. All of us have one scent of this breed. I could even cry if I think carfelly in all the emotions that float like shadows [yes] around my inner self when i’m in motion with this emotional vampire. The volume is simply perfect. It does never leaves me, it scorts me, it transforms me. One of the most mysterious fragrances I know. Art, art at its glorious greatest.

Edarggniknis 4 days ago
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Inland jungle
Mango. That’s the first thing that comes to mind with Ferme tes Yeux. Then, civet musk and JAR signature’s carnation. It is extremely overripe and animalic; not fluffy per se —which makes some fragrances morbids—, but erotic. And high class. And Alpha. Yes. This work is a naked woman on dazzling heels waiting for her [somehow] clueless man in a Fifth Avenue penthouse while wearing a ruby necklace and an ingravid and bold gaze parapeting her true desires. This JAR smells like thighs, wet and warm thighs. Its aura is dense, bright and alluring: it makes the senses arise! Peach. The foggy sandalwood, my God. The humid compost that brings also some jasmin, violets and a deep rose. Everything seems on the very edge of a precipicie, but all the notes stay, without collapsing: what a masterful treat. Incense, an ocher leather that turns banana-like at times, a sense of fur(ry) blanket; some orange peel and lime dance carelessly right around. A roman feast. A Baccanal.

Oriane 11 hours ago
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Classic French Perfumery in the Best Sense of the Term
I cannot add much more to what other reviewers have said about this fragrance already. Heure Exquise is quite simply a drop dead gorgeous fragrance, and if I did not know better, I would be convinced that it is a legendary Guerlain creation. This is classic French perfumery at its finest as I have only known Guerlain to do it, and this is very high praise indeed coming from a Guerlain worshipper.

HE does remind me somewhat of Chamade as others have noted, but it is not at all the same as Chamade. I like HE even more than Chamade. It is more lush than Chamade and has a darker rose note.

I think HE lends itself more readily to evening wear, and it is a bit formal. I fancy it suits a sophisticated, elegant woman of at least 35 or older. I cannot imagine anyone in her 20s wearing this. HE is to Annick Goutal what Shalimar is to Guerlain and No. 5 is to CHANEL---the houses's iconic fragrances.

This exquisite fragrance is both full bottle worthy and back up bottle worthy in my opinion. I have only smelt a few fragrances from Annick Goutal, but HE is by far the most beautiful, the most impressive of those I have tried.

Few fragrances literally have made me swoon, but HE is definitely one that made me swoon not simply upon first application but throughout its excellent unfolding all the way into the deep dry down. I do not wish to gush, but this is one of those fragrances one could believe was created for a goddess just as Fanny opined in her review.

Fragrance: 10/10
Sillage: 9/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 7/10

Maggy4u 7 days ago
Dance, Derviche, Dance!
Derviche shines deep golden in the bottle. Like sweet, tempting honey. And exactly this picture transfers and unfolds to/on my skin. The bergamot melts into the amber and the animal notes shimmer lustfully behind the curtains. Anyone who knows honey animalics knows what I'm talking about.

This subtle sweetness that is so incredibly sensual.

Light leather and tobacco swing together with saffron on the second level of the fragrance and claim more and more spaces. However, the fragrance does not break out of its subtle eroticism at any moment, but creates further facets that are very harmonious and fascinating.

Derviche barely misses the mark as an animalic gourmand and yet is much more than his ingredients might suggest. It is sensual and playful - at the same time absolutely unisex and really unique.

Polarrfox 6 days ago
Good sweet/oriental for a good price
I like this one. Its a little bit floral in the background, but mainly sweet scent. Its very nice to smell this, I exactly dont know the main reason, maybe it little bit reminds me the type of fragnance like My perfumes - Black oud. Dont know for sure. Try it. Its not annoying definitely, dont need to worry about this. Its warm, sweet, floral and a little bit spicy fragnance in a very practical bottle.