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Darafayen 37 hours ago
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„The Name of the Rose”
Ah, La Belle Époque again..

A wonderfully boozy and sweet-metallic apricot and pear compôte opens up for a glorious golden-ambered Rose Otto, magnificent and sultry, decadent, flamboyant and rich, surrounded by dancing musk and underscored by dark, supple and elegant calf skin leather.

Over the top but in a classy way and never messy Cracheuse de Flammes is a scent I'd love to encounter late one night on a balcony over the roofs of Paris, worn by a woman dressed in red sipping liquor who can speak of the things I dearly remember and whose name I won't be told.

Lutens bottles dreams like no other.

Eurochic 29 hours ago
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„Oudh Infini, infinitely boring”
Oudh Infini, infinitely boring

I don't understand what all the hype is about, nor why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist over Oudh Infini because this perfume isn't spectacular at all in my subjective opinion. And maybe this review will be deleted because it isn't praising Queen Pissara to the high heavens. But I know I'm not the only one not impressed with this scent, and that some can't stand it because they feel it smells like horse dung. People who got caught up in and fooled by the hype are already selling their barely used bottles.
Anyhow, my experience with Oudh Infini.
Upon initial spray I was wondering if this was the same scent everyone is oohing and aahing about as being the King of Skank. Really?
From my notes:
after application : where's the skank?
10 min : soft warm creamy oriental. No skank yet.
35 min : baby animal poo-like scent becomes perceptible over the creamy base/heart (I'm not discerning separate notes, everything is blended to a blur)
50 min : no change
1h 15 min : no change
2h 5 min : no change, has turned into a skin scent, need to bring my arm up to my nose to smell it
2h 30 min: no change, scent fading a little more
3h 10 min : still no change
4h : still no change
7h : no change, scent has almost faded
That's no change or scent evolution after the 30 minutes mark.
My verdict: it's a soft furry milk-fed baby animal that has maybe still a little poo stuck to its fur. Nothing repulsive but nothing very attractive either. I can understand that this can be a comforting scent for some, even if I can't share their feeling of wanting to smell like that. It's not exactly appealing to me, and definitely not a crowd pleaser nor safe scent. The scent trace left on clothing the next day smells quite lovely though (the innocent poo note is gone), but it's really not much different from other quality creamy type ouds.
And is it the beast that is being described in the reviews? Not at all. It's a meek cuddly baby animal. MKK or Dior Leather Oud pack more of a punch. Is it worth €400 for 50 ml? LOL. Hell no, what a joke. I think there are far more interesting scents and better ouds out there. Especially at that price.
Dusita is all about the marketing. Make it hard to obtain, stick a ludicrous price tag on it, get rid of all negative writings on the www (*), make sure that everyone is intrigued and wants it. Very clever indeed. It's a fad. It's the perfect business model to generate quick and short term income. Don't forget that miss Umavijani used to work as a PR consultant. She knows what she's doing.

(*)You don't believe me? Try to find one negative review about Dusita! Bloggers who dared to utter the tiniest bit of what could be perceived as negativity were verbally attacked and criticised by her cult followers. Comments on a public site were deleted bc they were not the usual glowing adoring blah blah blah everyone has been writing about Dusita but rather an expression of concern regarding their more than lacking customer service. Her family, friends, and acolytes are all over the social media acting as watchdogs and being sycophantic.

Oriane 3 days ago
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„Lovely Warm Woody Fragrance”
Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Citruses.

Heart Notes: Jasmine.

Base Notes: Virginia Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

This review is for a vintage circa 1960s to possibly 1970s eau de cologne in a splash bottle. Some websites indicate that Woodhue was launched in 1940 whilst others indicate that it was launched in 1944. Even if it were not launched before 1960, though, it still would have been well ahead of its time.

My bottle of EDC seems to have been well preserved. It came as a part of a boxed set of Faberge colognes. After I applied it, I really could not detect anything and concluded that the fragrance must be too old. I was quite disappointed, but after a few minutes, suddenly the fragrance warmed on my skin, and I began to detect light wafts of citruses and what seemed to be amber and woods. I imagine if I could go back in time and purchase a fresh bottle, it would have much better performance.

Woodhue is definitely a very nice fragrance, and I have nothing else in my collection that is quite like it. It is neither sweet nor gourmand, and it is not really floral (at least not on my skin). It is more of a warm, and surprisingly enough, clean fragrance. It is really quite lovely, and I can certainly see why it is such a beloved vintage.

My only complaint is its weak performance. It does not project much, and sillage seems to be minimal. Longevity is very poor at perhaps two hours. I only applied a few dabs, though, so perhaps if I applied more generously it would linger on my skin a bit longer.

Woodhue does not strike me as particularly feminine, but I do not find it masculine despite the woody base which would make some people suspect it would lean toward the masculine end of the spectrum. I think a man could easily wear it, though. I would say it is quite unisex. I am very pleased to have it in my collection as in all likelihood, it contains real Mysore Sandalwood and is simply a very nice fragrance.

Fragrance: 7.5/10 (high marks from me for an EdC)

Projection: 3/10

Sillage: 3/10

Longevity: 2/10

Karenin 6 days ago
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„Terre d'Hermes”
Terre d'Hermes is a true revelation to me. Paradoxically, this wasn't love at first sniff. A few years back I was toying with the idea of buying it for my dad, so I tested it on paper. Although it came across as an interesting fragrance, citrusy in the initial stage and a tad bit sweet, in the drydown, I found its strong cedar note rather off-putting.

I've recently revisited Terre to give it a second chance - and I'm pleased I have. This stuff is nothing short of exceptional, especially when tested directly on the skin. I'm a sucker for well-blended citrus notes in my frags, and Terre features a particularly delightful (over)ripe orange and grapefruit combo, which, to my surprise, has a pretty decent lasting power. Then a pepper accord becomes more obvious, followed by the cedar, which dominates the fragrance, but which I've come to like.

All in all, Terre d'Hermes is a well-balanced, smooth, modern and surprisingly versatile scent for men. It's no powerhouse as I find its sillage moderate, yet its longevity impressive. My guess is its fan club includes predominantly 30+ folks or younger men intelligent beyond their years. Thank you, Mr Ellena!

Karenin 6 days ago
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„Terre d'Hermes Parfum”
Right off the bat let me state that Terre d'Hermes Parfum is one of the most unique fragrances I've ever sniffed.
In Terre Parfum, the vegetal and mineral facets of the fragrance are prominent and make a noticeable statement. I find its citrus accord less pronounced than in the Eau de Toilette. To my nose, the grapefruit note is virtually non-existent. However, what my inexperienced nose does identify successfully is the orange peel accord, which smells incredibly natural. In fact, the other day, after peeling a few oranges, the smell lingering on my fingers was comparable to the one contained in Terre Parfum. The fragrance then moves on to its woody-spicy heart, dominated mostly by cedar and benzoin. It finishes off with an earthy note which is also accentuated in the Parfum version.

What astounds me about Terre d'Hermes Parfum is that despite its concentration, it's by no means overwhelming, attention-stealing or headache-inducing. On the contrary, its sillage is rather moderate, yet its lifespan pretty impressive. Just when you think it's vanished, sniff your wrist and you'll find its earthy base is still alive and kicking. I'd recommend wearing Terre Parfum in the colder months of the year, but I suspect it can work well in the spring, too. I shall definitely put it to the test. As far as the potential fan base for Terre Parfum is concerned, I believe what's true of the Eau de Toilette is doubly so of the Parfum version. There's every likelihood it will mostly appeal to the 30+ crowd since it totally lacks the lightweight ozonic aquatic character so widespread in so many (or rather TOO many!) modern-day fragrances for (young) men these days.

DorothyGrace 5 days ago
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„Intense Floral Musk”
A soft sweet opening of pinks and rose. Thick with musks, powder, lightly caramelised. The floral notes burn off quickly from my skin leaving an intense sweet animalic musk. It reminds me quite a bit of French Flowers by Fields of Bond Street (which I can't find to do a side by side comparison). I think it is the sweet powdery musks.

Poised to hit that 'gimmie, gimmie' button my son completely broke my bubble of happiness by asking if I could smell drains, and was the sink blocked again. With that sinking feeling that comes from knowing what the answer will be I asked, 'Do you think it might be this?' Of course it was.

Some people just don't like sweet animalic musk.

But I do.


RhythmnHues 4 days ago
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„Major Letdown!”
To be very honest, I haven't been enjoying most of this niche trip I'm on for a while now. Very disappointed, for most part. So many of them are just so vague and/or un-inspired and always trying to follow trends even within their 'niche' community. Anyways, meh...

Now, being a big fan of Sandalwood I had big expectations with this one. And dang! was I disappointed. If you have smelt real Sandalwood, the stuff that comes from Mysore, you'll definitely know this is super-fake stuff. Just a typical boring modern "blend" of synthetics. Extremely boring. It's just there - doesn't do anything. Like that stranger who walks into a party and awkwardly smiles and stares at everybody because he doesn't know anyone and that's all he can presumably do. Very annoying.

As for the scent, it's all there. A very generous helping of synthetic ISO E Super-wood. Woody, dusty and slightly creamy supported by a touch of myrrh, cinnamon, and probably saffron on a very bland ambery base. Just a well-rounded portion of serious boredom. It'll probably work for someone. Probably when life is too interesting and all you want is some boredom to balance things out. This could be one for those days.

I personally feel to charge this kind of money from people who really want to buy good stuff and giving them something that is probably decent "student experiment" at best is just plain criminal. I don't think I'd recommend this to anyone. If you want something with similar accords done way better and at a sane price try Egoiste by Chanel. It's phenomenal. This, on the other hand, is a major letdown!


Scentemental 3 days ago
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Kool - Kanøn

„Sweet Aquatic?”
This reminds me somewhat of Wings by Giorgio of Beverly Hills. It has quite a potent start with citrus, mint and flowers slugging it out for dominance. It has an underlying sweetness, which makes this quite jarring at times.

Eurochic 3 days ago
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„A Rich Rose Oudh”
Tiziana Terenzi Gold Rose Oudh
A rich rose Oudh

I wore GRO for a third time, trying to decide what to do with this blind buy.
They say the third time's a charm, and I guess it is because wow, it finally hit me what a beauty she is.
The first two times I tested GRO I applied it shyly, one tiny spray, and the result was an animalic opening with dark bitter sour roses and it just didn't work for me (I struggle with rose notes in perfumes and cosmetics).
Today I sprayed a little more generously, 3 sprays, and this brought out her true beauty. Yes, sometimes more is better ;)
GRO opens strong. The top is deep dark bitter. Imagine a rose dark as blood, dried blood, almost black, with a thick stem and the darkest green leaves you've seen, standing in rich wet soil, that's the image that comes to my mind. That rich earth is probably the patchouli and oud. I remember smelling some high quality Oud oil a few years ago and it transported me to winter walks in the forest I used to make as a kid. We'd play hide and seek, making yourself tiny, crouching behind trees and shrubbery. That smell of rotting leaves and wet soil, sometimes still covered with patches of snow here and there, mixed with the dark green pine smell, there's something very comforting about it. In this fertile setting stands a lush dark rose with a powerful deep and rich aroma, on the bitter side, not sweet.
I didn't pay attention to the evolution, but suddenly I was thinking gosh, I love this. In the dry down the play between the rose and the Oud (soil note) is perfectly balanced out, it has softened, become more dusty or powdery, more smoky, whilst hiding some sweetness under that smoky cover, and it's captivating. I can't keep my nose off my arm, and boy am I glad I held on to my bottle and didn't swap it away as soon as I got it.
This may have just joined the ranks in my personal best and most loved rose and Oud combo fragrances.

Scentemental 2 days ago
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K.O. - Kanøn

„MEH Meh Meh”
This is the most generic of the Kanøn fragrances I have tried. K O perhaps stands for 'King of the Ordinary'. The herbal and citric notes give this a crisp overall feel, but it has little character beyond that. I find it hard to identify any particular notes as standing out.