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Anessa 25 hours ago
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Falling in love and out again...
Yuzu always makes me fall in love at first sniff with a perfume. Osmanthus, on the other hand, as much as I appreciate the natural smell, is a tricky note in perfumes for me, like freesia. So, it wasn't perhaps really surprising that my affair with Boucheron Place Vendome EDT remained a short one: Fell in love with the slightly sugar-coated yuzu opening, the floral bouquet très chic and very French, so dreamily romantic and delicate--not only peony and rose, but jasmine and osmanthus altogether seem to have been gently dusted with a rose-coloured powder. A more eloquent person would paint the imagery this perfume evokes in richer words than myself, so I will not attempt further.
For a while, I was floating on the luminous, rosy cloud of sweet powder--and fell down when the musk began to grow larger and larger, covering the light and taking out the air, heavily laden with the powdery sweetness now threatening to cause headaches. And of course, osmanthus had emerged, adding a high-pitched tone to the overall fizziness in the base which I suspect to be Iso E Super, judging from its nose-tickling quality. It is categorised as "a woody citrus floral" on the Boucheron website, and I seem not to be the only one being reminded of Light Blue, also because of the basenote.

It remains a very chic and feminine fragrance, like a pair of delicate silver studs with rose quartz, requiring a certain fashion and occasion to be worn with; whatever the base components are, they lend this perfume a very bright 'fizz' and effervescence despite its warm and earthy powderiness, making this an adequate choice for young ladies who wish to smell mature and elegant and yet, remain a 'mademoiselle' before turning into a full-blown 'madame'.

Anessa 6 days ago
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Cooling in the white shades of the swimming pool...
I couldn't get past the citrusy-minty opening of the original Green Tea, but this flanker made me curious about the "camellia" note. While I can't recall its natural smell, Camellia's protagonist resembles the scent of the hair treatment oil--a little bitter, green, smoky, leaning on the masculine side.
GT Camellia opens with a mix of non-sweet fruit (with a tiny hint of juicy citrus without any sourness) and spices, followed soon by watery white florals which only lend a clean but not soapy touch and remain in the background. The spices provide a very nice cooling sensation, more subtle and gentle in their refreshing effect than mint which, as in the opening of the original, could often appear menthol-like and too harsh for my liking. Once the initial spicy edges had subdued, Camellia became skin-close and stayed for more than 12 hours on my rather dry skin, with its optimistic remnants.

Although my expectation based on the ads and description ("inspired by the Asian feeling of peace and tranquility") was not met, this is nonetheless very enjoyable in a more sportive, extroverted way with the sensation of relaxing in the open air, in the cooling white shades at the poolside under the clear blue sky. Overall, I find this a nostalgic scent, like an homage to the 90s--a mix of Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo pour Homme and Eau Belle d'Azzaro which I both used to wear and enjoy.

The tea note was non-existent to me--but then, I am accustomed to really strong green tea scents, so my nose is probably insensitive to smaller amounts (same with the non-existent "coffee" note in Black Opium); hence, I wouldn't have recognised this as a Green Tea flanker at all (but then again, I don't really smell "green tea" in the original neither...). Camellia is less citric than the original, more aquatic, fruity, spicy, just a little flowery, and (on my skin) even more unisex. It has been discontinued, but for the low price, well worth a try if you are looking for a non-sweet, aquatic, pleasantly cooling floral fragrance suitable for summer and humid heat.

Bigsly 3 days ago
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Too many masculines from this company with similar names!
This is a review for Les Copains Homme, which was released in 1990. The Estonia fragrance site has the notes for that one as:

Basil, thyme, artemisia, bergamot.

Laurel, carnation, coriander, peru balsam, geranium, jasmine, rose.

Amber, castoreum, leather, moss, patchouli, incense.

It's very similar to my "semi-vintage" Yatagan, and my guess is that vintage Yatagan was like this, as it comes across as deeper and richer than the Yatagan bottle I have now. It's not exactly the same but it's so close I wonder how many would care; some may prefer this one to any formulation of Yatagan! This is really strong stuff, so don't let the floral notes fool you, as these are rather mild compared to the other notes.

DorothyGrace 2 days ago
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Sherberty green jasmine and hyacinth.
I have been using this perfume for around 4 weeks and find it versatile.

In its own right it is a bright hyacinth and sherberty green jasmine, just a touch of lemon juice. Musky and cedarwood, occasionally I pick up on a definite ylang ylang. I don't pick up on any of the fruit notes. A very tiny touch earthy. It doesn't turn powdery on me, doesn't develop any vanilla like or balsamic notes. Quite linear and straightforward it has garnered me quite a few approving comments.

It comes with a metal rollarball insert which doesn't dollop gushings of perfume. The bottle is a lovely green glass, the gold bits are plastic so I think this is from one of the cheaper Rasasi lines.

It layers beautifully under Aromatics Elixir, boosting the green notes of that scent which I like as I find the latest formula of Aromatics to have a little too much of some sort of artificail sweet rose.

Lasts at a reasonable strength for around 4 hours with a very soft dry down that lasts overnight. Not noticeably Arabian in design (compared with others I have tried and bearing in mind I wear these oils on more than half my perfume applications and almost exclusively in the summer).

Bigsly 44 hours ago
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I found the notes on a discounter site!
The notes might not be correct, of course, but this is what they listed: Sandalwood, grapefruit, orange, nutmeg, cedar, lemon and mandarin orange.

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Muotarek 28 hours ago
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Very confusing about it!
Good scent but overhyped, maybe the new batches lack performance or something i just get 3-5 hours maximum and i've to apply it again, the opening is not that good but the dry down is really nice.

MasterLi 4 days ago
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Cologne with a twist...
So this Eau de Cologne by D. R. Harris is a great take on an old formula. What I love about it is that it has the note of lemongrass, which is always unusual, and one which, in this case lends a very refreshing and unique feel to the whole fragrance.

The classic citrus and herbs combination is there, but you can tell (as with all products from this company) that they use really high quality ingredients. I think the way this is made is exquisite. A really good fragrance in my opinion.

NaughtyKitty 4 days ago
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The Best Amouage Money Can Buy
Before dabbling in Fate (no pun intended), my two favorite Amouage perfumes were the women's versions of Memoir and Sunshine. Fate is uniquely different from both of these fragrances.

Amouage Fate starts off with a sweet spicy note, bergamot, a tinge of powder. While many powdery perfumes exude a strong bitter scent, this note is different. It is a sweet vanillin powder, nothing overwhelming and no hints of violet or iris. This powder note is often present in perfumes that contain a combination of labdanum and vanilla. It stays persistently throughout the life of the scent, on my skin at least.

Next, we have the incense notes which skillfully adorn the aforementioned spice and vanilla. This prevents the perfume from being a traditional gourmand while still maintaining the sweet aspects of the fragrance. Although I don't get the same obvious leather here that I detect in leather-dominant scents, it appears at the base of Amouage and gives it a very slight animalistic nature. Do not fear my use of the word animalistic here, for Fate is very far from being overwhelming or off-putting. I was actually afraid to blind buy Fate because the notes suggest a style of traditional fragrance I wouldn't normally be able to pull off, but alas Fate has found me and I couldn't be happier.

Amouage Fate is a very different experience for everyone, and like with most perfumes you cannot truly know whether or not it will suit your tastes until you test it. I am partial to woody, spicy, and sweet perfumes myself, and for me it is one of my favorite scents to date. I can wear it in any weather without feeling suffocated or overwhelmed. Fate manages to find the balance between presence of scent and projection without sacrificing one aspect for the other. The quality of this perfume is superb, and the scent lasts all day albeit going through variations and changes in notes (I.e. Fading of the bergamot and dominance of incense). I don't find this perfume to be very floral, but this might be because of how floral perfumes interact on my skin.

Lastly, I find Fate to be what Amouage does best: Incense and complexity. While the fragrance maintains the individuality of notes, the blending is so refined that it takes you some time to figure out exactly what you are smelling. Some people fear that Fate may be too old-fashioned for them. I think that Fate is more of a modern take on classic fragrances than anything else.

Luxifer 46 hours ago
The dark goddess
The development of Afrodisiaco must have been like dancing on the devil's strings. Something radical and impetuous was created, something that shakes and threatens...a black and green monster.

Let us forget about the fragrance pyramid here and now. This isn't helping us any further, not one bit.

All of the used fragrances are ruthlessly dirty!

It requires a distinctive will to embrace something new, for Afrodisiaco is gently bosom and cold grave, passionate dance and unbearable torture, all trapped as a inseparable unity.

This scent is neither unsustainable nor repulsive. Actually everything here has been designed to the very last and tiniest detail in order to work perfectly, like an wine of immortal happiness. This wine has the power of destroying your own ego.

Afrodisiaco comes up again and again with something new, only to be different.

In my opinion this Sacky-Creation is marvellously seductive like unadulterated reality without any Illusions and possess strong energy beyond control. This radiant energy is moving towards vanishing point of shapelessness just to capture you forever.

At the end this scent tenses in his own feverglow. You have to allow the termination of all your intentions and expectations...until they become eternal emptiness.

Redemption is following with the moment of acceptance:

He is like he is....pure ecstasy...though with the anger stigma on his brow...

Hitchslap 42 hours ago
Sweet & Tart
I notice review sites and YouTubers mentioning a similarity to CH Men by C. Herrera.

I get the sweetness but this, to me, is sweet fruit and not sugar itself.

Not too fruity though, I am really liking it.

There's a tartness that does not die down after an hour or so like others where base notes like musk, woods or resins take over and finish off the lifespan of a scent.

It is still going after 8 hrs. on me.
Definetly warm weather scent and i dont feel awkward wearing it even though I am not a teen or early twenty-something.