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Avoirdupois 2 days ago
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A fragrance devoutly to be desired !
Chanel's Bleu de Chanel is one of the finest fragrances ever created: truly an inspired scent. It's refreshing, exciting, invigorating, and assuring ~ I say assuring because you know that what you're wearing has earned its right to be at the top of the perfume mountain. Indeed, I cannot praise Bleu de Chanel too highly. Every time I wear it, it gifts me with such a great sensation: a feeling that this is the first time I've worn it.
The experience of the initial impact, the dry-down and the final long-lasting settling comprise a sensuous delight. Very very few of my more than two-hundred fragrances can come close to BdC. Highly recommended for the confident man.

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Elysium 7 days ago
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The kind of Vanilla you never expected
Zara Vanilla French Elegance is part of The Naturals, and it is my second cologne from that collection, the first one was Vetiver. The scent reveals notes of tangerine, heliotrope, and vanilla. Perhaps many of you are biased and think that ZARA only makes ordinary perfumes, yet this one is an exception with its creamy, floral, and smoky accords. If you are anything like me, you will be astonished about the smell of this fragrance. Of course, the name is probably misleading. For those looking for a vanilla dominating fragrance or something that immediately calls it to mind this probably isn't it.

Vanilla initially takes you by wonder because it's not the classic vanilla you may expect. It's tender and delicious just like vanilla scents always are, but not so feminine and luscious. I would describe Vanilla being a dusty, smokey, and milky vanilla, very subtle and natural smelling on the skin. It's the perfect vanilla for those that don't want to end up smelling like a sponge cupcake or something that belongs in an ice cream cone.

I was attracted to this fragrance due to its incense note, and while this fragrance is smokey to a certain extent, it's not particularly exotic or mysterious. The vanilla is the main note here, however like I mentioned before, the sweetness is absent. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Vanilla settled on the skin very much like a natural, musky skin scent. It's rather pretty and oddly sensual.

Since the opening, I can feel somewhat the incense and some aldehydes, making some light green and citrus distractions. But this initial part fades away so quickly. After those aldehydes moved on a bit the smokiness of the wood and incense come in, brightened by the mandarin orange. The result is a glorious soft pure Bourbon vanilla fragrance. Thankfully, the citrus notes do not dominate but blend perfectly. The output is slightly citrus and its effect is ephemeral.

As announced, the vanilla appears smoothly, soft, not being sweet at all, lasting for some time since on the skin. The heart of the fragrance is the true pillar of this construction. Bourbon vanilla is known for its liqueur and more natural facets, while other vanilla types look more gourmand and sweet. In addition, the perfumer used the heliotrope and its almond-like aroma, which reminds of vanilla candies being baked.

From the base, what is most noticeable is the creamy side of the sandalwood, tinged with a few smoky notes. This is the most beautifully sweet but not foody vanilla base, with a bit of incense and a bit of wood and a bit of amber. Everything blended to perfection so that none of the notes are dominant but it's a luminous composition, but its got a definite dark edge to it. After that, the perfume shows a little powdery side until it reaches the drydown, where we found it amber and musky. This is a vanilla fragrance that is smokey and sexy without being sweet or foody at all. It swirls around you like the finest incense with the vanilla coming into play in the heart and even then it never overwhelms the entire fragrance.

The vanilla provides a softness, a supporting role as opposed to the main star and it works well. The only fault I can find with this beauty is that it doesn't last very long. A few hours into my trial all I had left was skin scent but it did last on my skin a while longer, it just lost its sillage pretty quickly. I had been looking for the perfect vanilla. I think this is it! It's certainly worth a try if sweet vanillas give you a headache or generally make you fill sick. I think this will be nice for daytime once the cooler months roll around for 'something different'..and still might make a nice layering frag. The perfect fragrance if you want to smell good during sprint and fall months.


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Jazzy76 7 days ago
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Carpe diem (a short moment of pleasure)
Life is like some scents: you must enjoy the moment and smell immediatley the better notes before they pass by.
I don't want to make philosophical speeches, but this reflexion went to my mind smelling this perfume, as good as evanescent.
I usually love all the fragrances by Tesori d'Oriente, an Italian brand making very good products at very affordable prices and with selected ingredients. I am a "serial collector" of all the fragrance of the range.
Although they could seem a little synthetic, the sillage is usually good , expecially for the warmer and spicier scentes. But Hmmam is an exception: it's a "carpe diem" and a wonderful but too short trip to the middle eastern atmospheres.
The opening neroli note is involving, round and very pleasant and feminine, if you close your eyes you can recognize almost the same bouquet you can find in the famous and expensive "Cinema" by Yves Saint Laurent.
The citrusy accents too are very fizzy and give a lively touch to this bouquet. Unfortuantely the base is almost non-existent. the light vanilla- musky notes I perceived the moment I sprayed the scent stepped evaporated after a few seconds leaving only a pale memory on my skin. I must confess that I was a little disappointed. However,I bought anyway this perfumed because the 100ml one size was on sale at 2,99€!
Last but not least, the nw bottle is nicier than the old: it's black with copper-couloured oriental decorations and , as all the fragrance of the line, is very easy and perfect to be kept in your bag for a refreshing moment whenever you want. I recommend this little pleasure mainly in the good season, by day as well as in the hottest nights for its light sillage.

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Elysium 6 days ago
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Musk - Shaka

A mossy floral not of the current style
Shaka Uomo Musk is one of my recent explorations. The Shaka's single-note collection was released in 2016, with merely 4 or 5 essences, and grew up year after year up to now, with a total of 11 elements: herbals, spices, woods, animals, and aquatics. Nonetheless, all the colognes are not real single-note or solifleur, instead, they get the name from the ruling note in the composition that is magically blended with other notes. Musk is a mossy floral in which no one note dominates, masterfully crafted and of excellent quality.

Be warned, however, that it is not of the current style. More, do not expect a sort of Narciso Rodriguez for Him, cause Musk is everything but that kind. The only other fragrance of this style and quality I can think of is Cerruti's criminally discontinued Nino Cerruti pour Homme. Well, my first EDT ever was Cacharel pour Homme and the second was Nino Cerruti. I used to wear Nino Cerruti when I was in my 12th grade or the end of secondary school. Since then, I never ever met a cologne with the same vibe, except for Calvin Klein Man that in the heart shares some aspects reminiscent of Nino Cerruti.

Back to Musk, it`s a floral fragrance, beautifully made for men. It means that all flowers are muted and interwoven with woody notes. To my nose, I get the special accent on amber, frankincense, and benzoin, all those notes give to this Italian cologne some classic Eastern powdery, incensed, lush, chic, and mystery. It starts with what it smells like a walk through the Reggia di Venaria Reale gardens here in Torino for the first 10 minutes, with all of those hundreds of thousands of beautiful and freshly picked flowers.

Musk quickly dies down to a fairly linear scent that consists of an incredibly smoky and resinous jasmine flower that's just a bit dirty but, this scent is all about resins and jasmine and incense accord that'll blow that mind. It's really difficult to describe the heart, but it's by far the most masculine jasmine perfume I've ever had the pleasure of smelling and wearing, this is a full-on dopamine experience.

The drydown shows more clearly the woody and ambery sides, always floral and balsamic and slightly powdery too, an unusual juxtaposition between airy floral white notes, herbs, and musky-dusty hints. The development becomes ambery and musky in a very smooth way while keeping the woodsy feel of the initial part. In this phase, it retains its floral soul and a certain level of dryness but goes smoothing towards a mossy-ambery very masculine final outcome.

It's a perfume with close sillage that's within your personal space, intimate, sexy and the best part, professional. There's this waxy texture to this that just smells so damn good. The jasmine in this is muted quite a bit so it's not a penetrating jasmine flower. It's being smothered to death in all of these incense resins and oakmoss which in my opinion is the best part by far. Musk is a really peculiar scent, modern and cozy, with a zesty-green herbal opening, invigorating and aromatic, fresh but dense and rich, floral, sweetened by spices, carnation, rounded with aldehydes and a slight musky creaminess typical of white musks, almost powdery, with also sandalwood, amber, balmy notes and a subtle benzoin note providing a darker dusty-resinous base, almost animalic too.

This is an absolutely wearable perfume to the fullest extent that's way beyond its time. Advisable for spring and fall seasons on a drizzly day, it could shine even on a cold winter day, but definitely not for a summer night. It rides close to the skin with minimal sillage which is a huge plus here so spraying a few sprays onto the neck area, chest, and wrists are acceptable. The longevity is fantastic at 6 hours. A great, great fragrance is very hard to find nowadays.


Alex1984 5 days ago
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Forrest Queen
It took me almost a year to be able to grasp the beauty of N°19. While my vintage, early 70’s bottle was a wonderful discovery, and a wonderful experience every time it hit my skin, the golden liquid never unveiled its secrets to me. Yes, I could see the beauty of it, I could smell the marvel inside, but it didn’t resonate.
I decided to give it some time. After all, galbanum galore!
And all of a sudden, a month ago, I could finally understand. This is N°19 in all of its glorious beauty.

In the beginning, I could smell the green splendor inside, the leather wrapping the iris..but now there’s a revelation.
The star of the show, shines fiercely. There’s an intense verdancy that grabs me by the head and spins me around. The galbanum is simply stunning; piquant, spicy, herbal. Mesmerizing on its own, and stellar when surrounded by the hyacinth, the lilly of the valley and the warm narcissus. It’s a green bouquet with the flowers doing second act. The vetiver and the oakmoss serve as the forest canopy, the leather provides, along with the musk (nitromusks?), the animalic growl that warms this fantasy dreamland.
There’s also a freshness all along; the neroli/bergamot duo feel as if a gentle mist, hovering above the skin until the late drydown, when a beautifully rich sandalwood engulfs my skin in creamy softness. It’s an edt, rich like an extrait, and made at a time when quality meant something. Unveiling its beauty, I’m transported back to the early 70’s with all of its dreams, big ideas and hazy beauty, ready to grab the world by the balls.

N°19 has always been considered a ‘cold’ fragrance. I find it to be quite the opposite. Warm, radiant, pulsating from the skin, all while keeping a distance. It’s strong willed, stubborn, and yet serene. Perhaps the association with Coco influences our perception, and while I could never picture her wearing something like N°5, the image I have of her persona is absolutely N°19. And while I can’t comment on her as a person, this and the latter Coco give me an idea of what her personality might have been.

N°19 belongs in the pantheon of lost beauties. My vintage bottle with all of its glorious Iranian galbanum, animal musks and rich absolutes, comes alive on skin like very few. The current, even in extrait, is a diluted watercolor painting that can only dream of such vivid green tapestry.
Sillage is moderate, but longevity is from morning to evening.
Absolutely and resolutely for every man and woman that loves green and chypre fragrances.

Montexx 4 days ago
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Sexy flying horse.
I’m just enjoying this great one from PdeM.
This smels so sexy for a man so powdery and sweet.
It strats with almond and slowly turns info vanilla and almond mix and if you smell good you will get the lavender out of it.
So those 3 great notes become one and thay make Pegasus a BEAST.
In my opinion this smels a little like Amouage reflection man (olso one of my best parfumes).
The longevity is very good (on my skin) around 6/7 hours.
Silage is also very good.
So I would say, if you are going on a date and you want to smell sexy just take this one, ;-).

Pepdal 3 days ago
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Etruscan Water
In what appears to be a change in direction for this house, Francesca Bianchi brings us something with a distinctly fresh, bracing character. Please enjoy

Darkbeat 3 days ago
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A powdered and vintage rose from another time
A rose of another time, fresh, delicate, sober and elegant.

The output of this perfume is deadly, very medicinal, but luckily it lasts a second, and instantly transforms into a delicate fresh fragrance with delicate shades of rose and saffron. Then, the rose goes up in intensity, recreating, with a pristine clarity, the smell of talcum powder Ausonia, that of the pink bottle with the smell of roses and that was in any bathroom of the 80's in Spain, because that reminds me this part of the perfume. From here the perfume has little evolution, remaining in a almost powdered aroma, with the rose as protagonist on a musky sandalwood and patchouli background.

I do not know why, but the fragrance has reminded me of those wonderful 80's, where in any lady's dresser you could find talcum powder scented for the hygiene of both children and adults. I've seen with brutal clarity, my grandmother's bathroom, with its talcum powder, my grandfather's after shave and the soap with Lux soap bars, which, by the way, this soap also smelled like roses, although today day can be found with a wide variety of smells, at that time, the smell of roses was the hallmark of many of the cosmetic products of the time.

For my taste it is a little feminine, but not for that reason I am going to stop using it, I have not loved it, but I have liked it enough to keep it in my collection.

Its use I see it appropriate for any weather and climate, it does not have a marked accent for a specific use, so you can get along both day and night. In this aspect it is a very versatile aroma.

In terms of performance, we can say that it is very good, exceeding 7 hours in skin, with a moderate projection from the beginning. It is not a beast, but if you look at what it costs, to many that I know, you should face with shame.

This perfume is highly recommended for those women who enjoy flavored aromas and roses, men only recommend it, if they are open-minded and enjoy the roses without complexes.

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Carlitos01 39 hours ago
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Those were the days...
Patchouli Homme by Reminescense is a true surprise. It recalls me an art of composing fragrances similar to what is best done by Caron.
This perfume reminds us completely, but in a positive way, the cheap patchouli oils of the 80's and 90's, that spread in a typically loose, socially carefree and uninformed environment, but politically active and with a near anarchist behaviour. It is the perfume of the "old" University campus where religion, love, irreverence and convictions were often mixed and confused.
Everything happened more than thirty years ago, but I still can feel my girlfriend clothes loaded with this patchouli essence before entering the morning class, or going to the road in our ten year old but almost new R4L or 2CV to stop only in Madrid or in Paris. It was natural, mysterious and quite libertine as it was the fashionable teen behaviour at that time.

There is a lot of that vintage patchouli essence in this Reminiscence's patchouli fragrance. Of course it is a more serious, very well composed, and much more appealing perfume than the oil spouts that were used in the pseudo-revolutionary student circles of late twentieth-century Europe. But in this fragrance remains a certain pungency, weight and also some sweetness typical of those days.
The opening, light and brief, offers us a choice of citrus notes. Soon the patchouli party begins demanding a fresh morning weather warmed with the inevitable cappuccino or espresso, but which can now be replaced by an early evening Irish Coffee by the fireplace.
The earthy nature of the patchouli is totally safeguarded - fortunately - by the woods, balms and amber of the heart and the bottom phases.
The drydown is a complete nostalgic delight.

How do I rate this campus anarchist leaflet?
Scent Opening............9.25
Scent Dry Down.........8.75
Longevity (h) ..............8.0 (Up to 7~8 hours with 2 sprays)
Sillage (ft)....................7.0 (average with up to 5 ft sillage and 1.5 h projection with 2 sprays)
Versatility....................8.0 (above average; not for very hot Summer days or very cold Winter nights)
Usability......................8.0 (almost everywhere but carefully; some people hate nostalgic scents; Avoid seaside and workout )
Compliments..............7.5 (better than just Ok! It is very nice choice for intimacy and kissing provided your partner likes patchouli)
Uniqueness.................9.0 (I could name a douzain of similar fragrances, but none I am aware of gives me such a pleasant patchouli note)
Quality.........................8.5 (above average)
Presentation...............8.0 (simple but very effective)
Price.............................8.5 (€26.00 for a 100ml non tester in ShowroomPrivé)
- Average:.........8.23/10.0
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

Opinion about Patchouli pour Homme by Réminiscence:
I just love it. The raw earthy patchouli aroma is something to value in our scent world.
Recommended? Yes if you are into Patchouli. Not trendy enough if you love modern light sweet and spicy fragrances - but that's just my opinion. As an example, my wife loves it and my daughter just does not care about it.
Blind buy worthy? Why not? But if you are under 35~40, you'd better try it first.

Music: Queen - "These Are The Days Of Our Lives"

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Akinnen 18 hours ago
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Summer Jaguar
So I have it for a year now and to be honest never used it too much, but that doesn't mean I do not like it. I just had other favorites at the time. Thing is it seems people are avoiding Jaguar fragrances for some reason unknown to me except they stay away from cheapies or to say more affordable fragrances thinking there's a reason they are affordable and that reason is they're bad. Well some are, some are not. This one isn't.

Scent is really pleasant and has that summer vibe to it, so it's actually different from my experience with this house. For me best thing about it is the bottle, it's really heavy and has that feel you could drop it and nothing would break, the cap looks like metal and it clicks in a way you can pick up the bottle by just holding the cap. Cap also reflects everything from itself and leaves fingerprints.

That being said I mostly feel the apple in this, it's trademark of this fragrance and my mind image of it is sun on a green apple. Very fresh and light, that seems comes from it's aquatic note. Even simple at first you can feel something is going on in the background of it they you can recognize it's woody notes. It also isn't offensive and I gave compliments for it few times on other people - that I usually don't do.

Longevity and sillage are not the best one out there, but when you come to understanding this is a summer and very affordable fragrance then it should not be that of a problem. I know lot's of way more expensive fragrances that have same or even worse longevity and sillage then Vision II.

If you are on a budget looking for pleasant summer scent and like fruity fragrances, apple notes you should try this. This is my longest post here and mind you I am no professional frag head that can pick out notes and stuff. I'm just on beginners level in all of this so don't hold it against me.

Cheers to all.

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