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Elysium 4 days ago
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A Hybrid between Invictus Sweetness and The One Fruitiness
Ouch! I really do not understand all the hate behind this cologne. There are quite a few controversial opinions that range from "Really Disgusting!" to "Goodness Gracious!". How could it be? I mean, everyone is free to express itself, yet I believe this cologne is everything but disgusting....

I came across Ferré's colognes approximately thirty years ago, Gianfranco Ferré for Man was in vogue in the '80, though, that scent was too brave and powerful to me as a youthful guy in his 20 something, a very good leathery scent I was not in love with. Notwithstanding, I have grown up now, and I think I could cope with Ferré fragrances, so I blind bought L’Uomo, a recent delivery of the same house. Well, with my surprise, this is a well-bred and fresh fragrance, semi-sweet, fresh aromatic woody fragrance with oriental qualities that keep it on a refined blend and allows for ultimate elegance.
The best way to describe this would be, a crossbreed between Paco Rabanne Invictus and D&G The One, as if they were layered together. When you first spray The One, that first fruity balsamic mildness is in here, either, just without the tobacco but the same smooth and sweet balsamic smell.

Despite the presence of many spices in the opening, the note I get most out of the other is the sparkling sweet apple, an alleged heart note that kicks in from the very beginning. An accord of warm spicy cardamom and black pepper is present, together with a copious touch of freshly cut ginger root and bright bergamot peel oil. The resulting mix creates a fun and elegant introduction.

In the heart the cologne mutes a little, the middle notes add a bit of softness and these include violet, the leaves are green and ozonic, sage blossom, more delicate than the leaves, artemisia, which calms down the sweetness of the green apple. It is in this phase that L'Uomo has a bit of similarity with Invictus, it has a hint of that Invictus sweetness but not too much.

The bottom notes make the scent warmer and more mysterious, and these include creamy sandalwood, sweet amber, woody cedar, clean moss, and gourmand vanilla. Ultimately, L'Uomo is a woody fragrance, and the entire structure is built around its sandalwood backbone, a robust accord that is extremely smooth and substantial given its synthetic roots.

Overall it's smooth and pleasant, with robust notes and accords that perform more than competently. It is very linear, from the first spray to the dry down. The same sweet, not offensive, not in your face fragrance that projects and lasts. Could work in cool and cold seasons, winter is what I prefer, daily wear for leisure as well as office time, it is not offensive. If you are fond of The One, Invictus, and any other colognes like that, you will enjoy this. Hence, if you're looking for something like those fragrances I just mentioned, and have access to sampling L'Uomo as well, don't leave it out, as it could just as easily be your favorite among them as any other.


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PMRP12 7 days ago
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And the story continues...
Truly the next chapter in the story of LADDM. However, missing are the arid spices and vastness of the former, which to me are what made it magical. Many will prefer this for its sweeter, denser character that makes it slightly more wearable, albeit more similar to other ambers. I put this along the same lines as HdP’s Ambre 114, though not quite as smooth and sweet. If the spicy opening put you off of LADDM, then ACDD may be for you.

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Itchynose 5 days ago
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Ringo and rings
I picture pineapple rings grilling on a smoky barbecue. Very nice.

Wearing Aventus reminds me of that story about John Lennon being asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world. "He wasn't even the best drummer in the Beatles" Lennon replied. Aventus, anointed by many as the ruling monarch of men's scents is undoubtedly a great fragrance –versatile, masculine, modern– but to me it's not even Creed's best.

They say there's no accounting for taste and both fans (I confess I am one) and non-fans of Aventus should be thankful for that: delicious as they are who wants to live in a world where every man smells of smoky pineapple rings?

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ScentSlave 4 days ago
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I’d happily wear this one, BUT
The rest of the planet is already wearing it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic scent, with WICKED sillage, it’s just that I smell it everywhere, and therefore it loses that “signature” that I look for in fragrances. Maybe in a year the hype dies down I’ll grab it, but for now, it’s too “mainstream” for me

Fabirss 31 hours ago
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Have you watched Blade Runner 2049? Joi/y is there
I received a sample of Dior Joy during a purchase and considering the nice package and the lovely pink color of the juice, I jumped to it in order to check what Dior had been up to.
Now, in order for you to have a picture of what I’m trying to describe, I must ask: have you watched Blade Runner 2049? If the answer is yes, then you know that Joi/y is depicted there. If the answer was no and you want to save time, let me put my feelings into words: both Joy (the fragrance) and Joi (the pretty girlfriend of the main character) are HOLOGRAMS. In the movie, Joi is a program developed through artificial intelligence and she is “put into life” as a hologram. She is the pretty and passionate girlfriend of Blade Runner “K” and they live a very comfortable and happy life except for that fact that Joi is not real. You can see her, you can interact with her, but once you touch her, you know she is not really there. She is the idea, the representation of something – a human being, in this case. Dior Joy is exactly like Joi: an idea, an interpretation, a chemical vision of something – a real fragrance. I do know that most fragrances nowadays are composed of synthetic ingredients, but some are so well put together that if you close your eyes you can really believe you smell the real thing. But not with Joi/y. Yes, she’s pretty, yes, she’s adorable, but even closing your eyes you know that she is a mere representation of the real thing. You can surely have her by your side and feel comfortable and happy, but I’m still up for the real thing.

Horses434 6 hours ago
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Opening smells like soft leather with cinnamon, but I believe I am really sniffing some musk and spices.

After the initial opening it turns to powder, leather and violets on me. The rose or pepper notes are hidden, but I suspect they are just well blended into the fragrance.

Four hours into this scent and I smell like dusty violets. It is nice, pleasant and safe, but I do not think I will replace my 2 ml sample. This is my second wearing.

The sillage is soft to moderate. The longevity is just okay at six hours or so then it is a skin scent. It did last longer, but close to skin and there 10 hours and still going strong.

Horses434 6 hours ago
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White Floral Jasmine
Opus VIII has a lovely white floral opening. The top notes lead with jasmine but the ylang ylang is in there. The floral notes do not totally blend together. Instead, they are detectable in a way that has them dancing around playing nicely together versus becoming one. Sometimes this one opens with the woody notes in the opening. No idea why it changes each time I wear it, but that is just fine by me.

The middle notes are softer, add vetiver and smell a bit minty in a good way. This is the part of the perfume that I enjoy the most.

The sillage is medium to heavy, and the longevity is more than 10 hours.

I have worn this four times now. I like it even more each time I wear it.

Carlitos01 7 days ago
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A sample of an Oriental divine scent
This Oriental Woody fragrance is polarized by a trio of spices, making way for a multifaceted complex masculine scent.
On one side we have a strong cinnamon, hot, sensuous and bitter-sweet. On the other side we have a noticeable cardamom note, intensely sweet and resinous, evoking a smell of almonds and vanilla.
A third spice, a warm & sweet cloves, seems to rule the dispute held by the stronger spices.
Blended to this spicy antithesis we have a strong lemon note, sweet & sour, but also quite zesty with a cheerful & vibrant behaviour, most certainly deriving from citral A essential oil.
The fragrance manly strength resides in the different woody notes, A smoky bitter chocolate vetiver and an austere cedarwood, reveal themselves progressively alongside the tarmac smoky facets of guaïac wood.
Behind this dance of notes there is a back frame of amber and musk, and some light florals, namely woody carnation and smoky rose.
The fragrance is almost linear, although you do scent the zesty lemon earlier than the woods

Another finding that strikes me is that the ingredients seem to be of upper quality as the annoyance of a synthetic smell almost does not exist. Performance is above average and not only if you compare this perfume with other UDV fragrances. It really outshines many spicy woody fragrances that cost five or six times more.
If I was not aware of the brand, I could easily place this fragrance in the niche line of Armaf, or even as another bold launching of Gucci following the marketing steps and quality of Gucci Guilty Absolute, but without being its flanker.

Varens d'Orient Elixir is quite alluring and will certainly attract a lot of compliments. I find it very pleasant to use it at leisure as well. As any very aromatic spicy woody fragrance, it's not advisable for hot weather or sporty events.
I am writing this lines seated in a couch near the fireplace with flutters of the fragrance dry down dancing around me. It's just very, very pleasant.

How may I rate this Spicy Woody Oriental gem?
Scent opening............9.0
Scent Dry Down.........9.5
Longevity (h) ..............8.5 (Up to 8~9 hours with 3 sprays)
Sillage (ft)....................8.0 (up to 6 ft sillage and 2.0 h projection with 3 sprays)
Versatility....................8.5 (above average but not really for the Summer)
Usability......................8.0 (Everywhere except hot indoors & outdoors)
Compliments..............9.0 (Attracts a lot of compliments)
Uniqueness.................9.0 (This fragrance is almost unique but there is a Zara vibe in it: a mixture of Wood Noir mixed with Ambre Noble, but more intense and pleasant than both)
Quality.........................8.0 (quite high for such an inexpensive fragrance)
Presentation...............5.0 (a matter of opinion, but very tacky in my opinion)
Price............................10.0 (€9 for 100 ml non tester)
- Average:.........8.43/10.0 ( 8.75 without the presentation mark)
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

Opinion about Varens d'Orient Elixir:
We have a saying that can be translated into English as "When the alms are great, even the poor man suspects". I suspected this fragrance for a couple of days and finally had to be honest with myself and wrote this review. I tried to be as honest as possible, neither over enthusiastic about an inexpensive hidden gem, nor contemptuously over a cheapie. In summary, it's a remarkable fragrance using a sleazy bottle and with wrong price tag.
Recommended? Yes, due to its features and not only the low price.
Blind buy worthy? Yes, as certainly you don't have any other way to try it, unless a friend of yours purchased it before you..

Music: AC/DC - "Back In Black"

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JSpines 7 days ago
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Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
The store that I work at sells a good amount of perfume and cologne at discounted prices. During the holiday rush, we get an influx of stock due to increased demand during that busy shopping period. I noticed some perfume on the shelf that I'd never heard of before, Elizabeth and James.
I went about my daily rountine during my shifts and just ignored their existance. We had two, 50 ml. bottles, Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. The later had eventually sold but other sat there on the shelf day after day. I admit that the "violet, sandalwood, vanilla" description on the box intrigued me, especially the vanilla because I love it so. However, in the past I haven't had much luck finding a pleasing fragrance that is heavy on the vanilla.
I decided to research this enigma and discovered that this was actually a celebrity perfume by the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley. In my mind, I wrote it off but as I started to read different reviews, my interest was peaked.
This lone bottle never did sell and was marked down on clearance. So for 44 dollars plus my 10 percent off, I decided to give it a go so I bit the bullet and did a blind buy (even though I was nervous!) I've been burnt on blind buys many times in the past! (Havent we all?!)
The following day I showered, spritzed it on, got dressed and left for work.
At first I panicked because I was indifferent about the initial violet note (a little sharp) but it fades quickly and leaves behind a soft sandalwood/vanilla scent that I found myself really enjoying as the day unfolded. Low and behold, I was impressed!
This perfume is nothing like your typical celebrity scent offering. I find it to be a step-up. If I hadn't have known before smelling it that it was a celebrity fragrance, I wouldn't have believed it. It smells "expensive" and the bottle itself is modern and streamlined, making it lovely and classy looking.
Most vanilla scents I've tried have been suffucating and choking but this is quieter and more understated. Unfortunately, I find that it sits extremely close to the skin and doesn't project very well. It's lasting power is also below average. I, however, don't care because I enjoy wearing it anyway, even if it's just for my own pleasure. A vanilla scent that I can finally call successful on my skin.
Overall, it puts me in mind of some other scents I've tried over the years. "Boyfriend" (Kate Walsh), "Success is a Job in New York" (Bond No. 9), "Addict" (Dior), "Ambre" (L'Occitane) and "Organza Indecence" (Givenchy.) By no means am I saying that these perfumes smell like Nirvana Black but something about wearing them puts me in the same mind set. I find Nirvana Black much more wearable for me though. The others I mentioned were too overpowering on me.
If only it lasted and projected more. It would be near perfection for me. I am still going to wear it, regardless and will enjoy the intimacy of it.

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PMRP12 7 days ago
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Creative and unique rose gourmand
This one surprised me with its creative take on a rose gourmand. And not the usual rose and chocolate combo, but rather, an apricot, almond, and vanilla rose. It’s sweet and alluring with bright stone fruit and gentle cinnamon at the opening, and dries down to include an addictive nutty tobacco tonka combo that has me sniffing my wrist all day. This is my favorite rose to date, and a scent I can’t stop thinking about. Highly considering a bottle...

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