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Wolfgang1987Wolfgang1987 2 days ago
Infusion de Tubéreuse - Prada

Infusion de Tubéreuse Infusion de Hairspray
It opens really bright and sparkling with the Blood Orange and Petitgrain. Very much like Fleur D'Oranger with it's Neroli and Orange Flower which I love. Then it has a brief spell of sticky sweet Labdanum in the centre of the transformation...

AltinislAltinisl 7 days ago
Paco Rabanne pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) - Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) Alt Classics
The fragrance that makes me feel like I am driving a BMW while wearing a dark shirt with black chelsea boots and black chinos,sporting a silver necklace matching my silver rings and watch, slicked hairstyle while my girl is doing her makeup in the car using...

ScentGrailScentGrail 3 days ago
Vibrant Leather (Eau de Parfum) - Zara

Vibrant Leather (Eau de Parfum) Aventus Cousin
Vibrant Leather Eau de Parfum was created by Jerome Epinette and was launched in 2018 by Zara. This release was the turning point for the brand, often ignored in the fragrance community until then. Normally, I’m done with all the clone perfumes,...

Landshark321Landshark321 1 day ago
Moments - Motif Olfactif

Moments Beautiful resinous blend with hints of spices, booze, and elderflower
Moments is one of the two newest releases from Motif Olfactif (along with Serenade), a sweet, spicy, herbal resinous blend that seems to mix a gourmand with resins and some curious floral/herbal...

StinkypennyStinkypenny 7 days ago
Elephant - Zoologist

Elephant As a perfume, this is unbearable; as art, it’s marvellous
While I do not like the scent, it can’t help but marvel at the composition and how it embodies the animal of the same name. On the first spray over is hit by a trumpeting mushy green vegetation, with...

Landshark321Landshark321 6 days ago
Signature Rosé - Zaharoff

Signature Rosé Beautifully blended, robust, rose/rosé resinous fragrance
This is my first try of the most recent release from Zaharoff, Signature Rosé (and pardon me if I leave off the accent subsequently), the fourth incarnation of the Zaharoff Signature DNA, with the original...

Gerben79Gerben79 6 days ago
Shooting Stars - Nio - XerJoff

Shooting Stars - Nio Nio, natural Neroli
After testing a few times, I decided to buy a "bottiglia di Nio". I have some citrus scents for the warmer days, but Nio stands out anyway. Where Acqua Viva (Profumum) is a nuclear "straight on" citrus, Nio comes across as more sophisticated....

WayofscentWayofscent 5 days ago
Jubilation XXV Man - Amouage

Jubilation XXV Man Bright at start, dark towards the end!
For me this is the fragrance that I am reaching quite often for ever since I got it. Strike of black berries, frankincense and orange in the opening is marvelous. Honeyed woods with cinnamon, patchouli, myrrh and oud towards...

Wolfgang1987Wolfgang1987 4 days ago
Infusion d'Oeillet - Prada

Infusion d'Oeillet Infusion d'Clove oil
The opening has a pungent blast of medicinal freshness. Comprised of Orange and Carnation. Which has a strong Clovey, Basil like aroma which is very herbal and eugenol heavy. Underneath is a creamy mix of Sandalwood and earthy sweet Patchouli,...

WildGardenerWildGardener 4 days ago
Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014 - Caron

Pour Un Homme de Caron Millésime 2014 Pour un Jeune Homme
If Pour un Homme is vinyl, this is a digital remix. It’s the same lavender / amber riff but here the lavender is sparkly and sour, and the amber is sweeter and lighter. The centre of gravity is near the top, which makes 2014 more vibrant and modern,...