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Carlitos01 3 days ago
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By the conceiving will of Shiva
Jaisukh was strolling along the dusty road.
Rajasthan is a large country with twisty yellow roads going in every direction, through valleys and mountains, jungles and prairies.
Jaisukh was pretty confident with the directions he had choosen. Nevertheless a yellowish colour was starting to make the blue of the sky disappear bit by bit. Within less than one our it would be night.
-"Jaisukh"! an old voice called!
-"Who's there?" asked the young man! -"Stupid road that never seems to end. And I am imagining voices now.The night is approaching and I am still far from...."
-"Jaisukh!" The old voice called again!
-"Show yourself! Is that you, Krishna? Stop playing tricks on me..." screamed Jaisukh thinking that his brother Krishna was trying to scare him. Jaisukh was well known for its respect of spirits and wizardries. Quite often other boys played creepy tricks on him. On the other hand, having Krishna around only meant that his almost one day long journey was probably about to finish.
The grinchy old voice said slowly and mockingly - "Oh come on little brother, you can't seriously believe in stories of rogue gypsy spirits roaming this dusty roads?"
That wasn't Krishna for sure. Jaisukh started trembling, thinking at one hundred different possibilities, all of them fantastic and frightning, with huge mouths and claws, leaving nothing behind but blood stained clothes. - "Sahib... Sahib, what are you?"
-"Stop thinking about ghosts and death... You still have a long way to go... Give me that brown cinnamon, those flowers, leaves and beans, and I will make something meant for you..."
Jaisukh rethought about his fears. Is it Krishna or not? - "I am a big man and I don't believe in ghosts and evil beings. I am leaving now..."
-"Take this golden bottle with you containing the scent of a heavenly creation power. It will keep you strong instead of fearful, while me and the other good willing companions of Shiva will pray and care for your safe journey and labours. Cleanse and soothe yourself with this essence every morning for in it is concealed the needed strength of Shiva for you to build his resting place of Jaipur. Glory to the ‘Shahar Kotwal’ of Jaipur."
So Jaipur was buit upon Jaisukh cinammon sticks, sweet beans, fragrant leaves and flowers, dried fruits and juicy citrus, scented woods and holy incenses, used to blend the shiny oinment coloured of the same yellow of the Rajasthan sooty roads. Jaisuckh was forever to be remembered as the "joy of winning"* over the long winding dusty trails and the jungle deadly creatures of Rajasthan with the lakes, palaces and heavenly essencial oils of Jaipur.

And the creative secret behind this oily perfume is:
- Scent opening...........10.0 (heavenly pleasant with splendorous citrus, spicy cardamom and flowers)
- Scent Dry Down........10.0 (unforgettable with sweet tonka and cinnamon, balsamic benzoin, hearthy patchouli and woods)
- Longevity....................9.0 (up to 8~9 hours on my skin, with 2 sprays)
- Sillage..........................8.0 (sillage peeking up to 6 feet, projecting for more than 2 hours)
- Versatility....................9.0 (quite versatile, expressing itself better in Spring and Fall, at ease in Winter days and in Summer nights)
- Usability......................8.5 (it's really a "use it almost anywhere" fragrance, but avoid the gym, the seaside or any kind of sweating activities)
- Compliments..............9.0 (This scent pleases both genders. You will smell mysterious, elegant, clean, fresh and maybe sexy for some ladies)
- Uniqueness.................9.0 (just its flankers and some vibes shared with a couple of more recent Amouage perfumes)
- Quality.........................9.5 (high quality ingredients; beautiful sturdy glass bottle; very good spray)
- Presentation...............9.0 (Beautiful flask inspired by the famous astronomical garden conceived by Maharaja Jaï Singh II)
- Price.............................9.0 (€ 29 for a 100 ml non tester flask)

- Average:......................9.09/10.00
between 7 and 8 => above average;
between 8 and 9 => recommended;
equal or bigger than 9 => don't miss it;

Opinion on "Jaipur EDP":
One of the most alluring oriental scents available for a very competitive price. A real masterpiece!
Recommended? Absolutely! I have both the EDP and the EDT. Both are recommended.
Blind buy worthy? Yes - Be bold!

Music: Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why"

note* - "Jaisukh" literally means "joy of winning"

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Franfan20 30 hours ago
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Pastel tuberose
This year I have more or less deliberately renounced wearing explicit tuberose fragrances. I just needed a break because, although it is still one of my favorite flowers, I also have to be careful that I don't smell it too often. In the last few weeks, I decided to test some fragrances with a prominent tuberose note again.
I was positively impressed by Tubéreuse Hédonie. While the scent of tuberose itself reveals no new facets, it is mainly the prelude with a light citrus note which contributes an innovation to me. In this combination, I have not smelled that in my test catalog of tuberose fragrances yet. Otherwise, it is a usually pleasant and floral tuberose, which is slightly fresh, but not overly sweet. It is delicate, bright and simple. All pastel colors in line with the design of packaging, flacon and advertising film. I find the fragrance therefore quite consistent and pleasant. A relatively cheap alternative in comparison to other brands that Roger & Gallet presents to us. A tendentially rather light scent for spring and summer, but with the usual radiance of tuberose that lasts just as long.

Franfan20 29 hours ago
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Gentle, warming and with momentum
Black Tulip, in my eyes, is a very nice spring fragrance. The fragrance expresses itself in a pleasant, floral aura with dark fruit influences. Finally, a scent with plum note which is not obtrusively penetrating. A well-balanced mix of fruit and flowers that I like. It has a certain elegance, something ladyish and ends in a cozy powder base. The beautifully staged still lifes usually transport the atmosphere of the fragrances quite well. For the tulip bouquet, I think of an arrangement in a simple, transparent glass vase. Julie Massé even offers a nice chocolate accent here which I have missed for a long time in a fragrance and have missed in the past in many scents listing the fragrance note "white chocolate". It's just a touch, but it fits in well with the overall picture, which is already very discreet and cuddly. I had Shay & Blue already filed to the files, but Julie Massé succeeded again in developing a very nice scent. The second one which I find completely neat in addition to Blood Oranges.

Jazzy76 6 days ago
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A magic potion vintage style
"Loulou? ""Oui, c'est moi!" These were the famous words of the legendary advertisement of this cult perfume born in 1987 but having a special vintage allure. But who was Loulou?
Loulou was the nickname of the famous actress, dancer and showgirl of the "roaring Twenties" Louise Brooks, famous for her particular black bob cut .The symbol of a charming and indipendent woman, classy with character, feminine but with some masculine sexy details .
This perfume is a tribute to that age and it keeps something "rétro" in its style and in its rich but discrete bouquet, inspired to the old fragrances but equally son of the rich Eighties.
The particular bottle, totally opaque with the contrast red cap-turquoise bottle, seems an old container for a magic potion and Loulou IS a magic potion indeed! it's so particular that you love it or you hate it.
First of all, you smell a very complex flowery bouquet with an aniseed touch an a little bit of spices, not too noticeable but intruiguing.
Then, the tuberose-ylang heart reveals its power: vibrant, feminine, intoxicating but made more powdery by the orris root. At the base, the fragrance's atout: the incensed note, accompained by a warm benzoin and a sweet but not sweetish vanilla touch.
A very rich composition well orchestrated giving that sense of "old powder" and having a very good longevity and sillage. I think that this fragrance gives its best in the mid season or in winter, by day (for its not too heavy result) as well as by night for its Smoky touch,
I was a little girl when loulou came out and I never smelled it, but when I recently tried this curious scent which seemed taken from an old "petineuse", I immediately fell in love with it for its rétro charm and its very particulkar bouquet. Unfortunately I don't find the big size but only the 30ml bottle (on sale at about 20€ at the perfumery where I usually go). Maybe one day I'll finally buy it! The official price quite affordable, although I remarked that many drugstore don't have anymore this product and it begins to appear in the vintage perfumes list.Anyway, this magical fragrance remains a contemporary perfumery milestone and a " must have" in a perfumes wardrobe.

AromaX 5 days ago
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A gloomy look of an unbarbered face
Je suis un homme, what's in the name? A statement, an expostulation or an entreaty? A tough call for a daily SOTD. A bit aggressive.

A daunting mix of citrus bitterness with a chilling sharpness of metallic edge. Like a sullen look of an unbarbered face. But later on, after a sip of cognac, there is a wam and spicy woody base. It's almost furry. A great prove that there is a cuddly Teddy bear hidden in every man.

I can't smell leather there. At least not convincing enough to recreate its image. But I can easily picture a leather jacket to be the only piece of clothe in the wardrobe of this guy.

A nice illustration of this scent for me is "Je suis un homme" song performed by Maximilien Philippe (originally by Zazie).

AmberScent 5 days ago
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There is a rich "Bourjois" in town
Great intense EDT and at an inexpensive price.
It opens quite fruity (apple? blackcurrant?).
Sweet spices and wood are detectable, probably tonka, honey, cinnamon and sandalwood. It's a bit dark and animalic, making me suspect of an heavy dose of musk as well.
The scent is quite pleasant all through its evolution, the longevity is above average, the sillage and projection are average.
scent: 9.0/10.0
performance: 8.0/10.0
presentation: 5.0/10.0
value for money: 10.0/10.0
In whar concerns the scent and the value for money this fragrance is a winner.

Just visit Notino and grab yourself a bottle of Bourjois Masculin 2 Gold Fever!

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Franfan20 2 days ago
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Summer Feeling
A bittersweet citrus dips into a sea of ​​nectar and stimulates olfactory cells and papillae with its appetizing scent. Sundrunk, with its refreshing, thirst-quenching character, draws the image of a 1960s America, the Beach Boys era, Good Vibrations and Surfin' USA blast from the radio. It is midsummer and there is only one destination. The sea with wide, white sand beaches. Ice cream as much as you can eat. Fairs on the coast. Everything seems possible. A positive, sunny mood permeates the fragrance, which is both fresh-fruity and bitter-sour. Candied orange peel as far as the nose smells. Live for the moment, best advertising for Lagnese and Co. A spray on the skin and off to vacation. The fragrance interprets the "Summer Feeling" theme completely carefree with an almost overflowing lightness.

Sundrunk is: summer, sun, beach, surfing, fun, refreshment, festivals, good mood and everything else you can think of when it comes to holidays.

Franfan20 2 days ago
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A meadow after the spring rain
Chat Perché is a pleasant fragrance with slightly playful charm, just as the character of its target audience should be. "For big and small children from 3 years", says Goutal. Well, you don't have to be a child for this scent, not even a child inside. It is also suitable for adults to wear this fragrance. It starts with a pleasing freshness and a lush green reminiscent of the scent after the spring rain. The smell is very pleasant and also suitable for midsummer weather. I inevitably associate nature, spring and sunshine with it. At first, the last raindrops fall down from the sky. After the shower has passed and the sunrays slowly dry the blades of grass, the meadow flowers release a subliminally sweetish odor which fits into the course of the fragrance. Cuddly and soft as the contact of warm cat fur with the skin, the fragrance leads the wearer into a calm spring idyll. Pause, think, absorb bird chirping and insects hum, spread your blanket, get a drink from the cool box, grab a book or doze in the sun. Chat Perché may be comparatively inconspicuous and restrained, but even shy scents know how to please and find their lovers.

Jazzy76 30 hours ago
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Snow White's apple
Sweet, juicy, delightful and irresistible just like the Snow White's poisonned apple: Poison Girl unexpected could be described with these words.
The most recent and fruity Poison's flanker is a true delight for girls of all ages .Let's discover why.
First of all, your nose is tickled by the ginger opening note, accompained by a light bitter orange note, vibrant and fizzy. The, the scent reveals its very feminine flowery heart made of Jasmine, rose and peony.
Finally, the warmer and sweeter notes of vanilla, tonka bean and musk, masterfully measured, not too heavy or sweetish. In comparison with the gourmand "Poison girl" , which is sweeter and warmer, this new release is a little bit fresher and perfect mainly in springtime. Maybe is this particularly juicy character which justifies the adjective "unexpected" because all the previous "poisonned creations"by Dior are warmer and heavier.
Anyway, the sillage is good although different because lighter and fizzier , but the main notes last on the skin for hours. Always very nice and refined the transparent bottle , in the style of the Poison collection.
The price is high, but the scent is really delightful and longlasting. Will you resist to this temptation?

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Pepdal 7 days ago
Xerjoff 1861 Naxos
Here is my review of Xerjoff 1861 Naxos. This one is quite popular in fragcomm as one of the more hyped Xerjoff fragrances out there. If you like sweet scents with a bright opening, this might be for you.