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AlbertooLAlbertooL 11 hours ago
Rive Gauche pour Homme (Eau de Toilette Intense) - Yves Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche pour Homme (Eau de Toilette Intense) Same river
very similar to the original version, if anything , somewhat greener and sharper the first five minute, but once the initial stampede has passed the sweet breath of the river turn its way.It doesn´t worth owning the original. Neutral rating because hardly...

AlbertooLAlbertooL 11 hours ago
Cuir mauresque - Serge Lutens

Cuir mauresque honeyed cuir
I´m not a big fan of the leather genre but this one, even being very loyal to a real moorish (and kinda crude) leather, I find it lovely. The leather has the exact density and roughness that I need. The leather here is very well blended with spices,...


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