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3 years ago
Tag-Her pour Femme by Armaf

Tag-Her pour Femme„Sweaty Flowers”
Wow! I had this perfume for a week and had to return it. It has the strength of a nuclear bomb and lasts all day and into the night until the next morning's shower. And even then I could still smell it on my skin Oh for the love of all that is good, don't even spray...

4 years ago
Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) by Tom Ford

Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum)„Unearthly”
I adore this fragrance! I notice the opening notes of course of woody spices, incense, patchouli and bitter dark chocolate, but then I just don't care anymore. I loose myself in the fragrance and it overwhelms my senses. The scent reminds me of a dark primeval forest full...


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PipettePipette 4 years ago
Hi, nice to see you here sometimes. Stick around.

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GreysolonGreysolon 5 years ago
I’m letting everyone who has played the “Guess that Scent Game” know that the game has been moved to a more appropriate place in the Forum. You’ll now find “Guess that Scent” in the Miscellaneous section. Look forward to seeing our scent sleuthing friends in our new location.
Franfan20Franfan20 5 years ago
I'd appreciate a review to Be Enchanted & Butterfly Flower
SeatonicaSeatonica 5 years ago
Hi Beachgirl nice to see you here! So that spiffy little car is your baby, right?
LittleredLittlered 5 years ago
Hi Beachgirl2, nice to see you here!