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4 years ago
Scent 6.0
Lôtree by Santi Burgas

Lôtree„Oud Incognito”
I was really looking forward to this particular offering out of the entire Loant collection. The German reviews likened Lotree to a foundry in the middle of a dense forest and mentioned "singing woods." Could it be something along the lines of OJ Woman or Chene,...

4 years ago
Scent 5.0
Lôjazz by Santi Burgas

Lôjazz„Ant Music”
Are you in the mood for a kooky perfume experience? If so, the Loant Collection might be just the thing to rattle your sabre. This new line consists of seven scents, each of which is meant to represent a different segment of an ant's body: Top notes for the head, heart...

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Proof that packaging matters: gorgeous, bombshell fragrance is cursed with a drab, frumpy bottle and ends up swiftly discontinued.+4
Sillage 10.0
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16 months ago

Cryptic„Monsieur Guerlain is silenced by LVMH”
Apparently Monsieur Guerlain's lovely tribute site has been summarily shut down at the behest of LVMH over alleged trademark infringement. To all appearances this represents cold-blooded and inexplicable treatment of an individual who had been the brand's biggest cheerleader. Although the house is legally entitled to protect the Guerlain name, one wonders what possessed prudent businesspersons to quash a source of history of the brand, information about new releases and exquisite photographs of their...




HitchslapHitchslap 116 days ago
About my avatar, thank you! Hope you're having a great day/evening.
NugegeoNugegeo 141 days ago
Zomg sorry only getting to reply to this now. Here in the old country we always get excited at the prospect of 'Mericans dancing true Irish jigs. And over something as *Irish* as Welsh lavender, well that is a true cause for a diddly-aye indeed :-)
Exciter76Exciter76 150 days ago
Merry Christmas my dear friend! **Hugs!!**
GreysolonGreysolon 178 days ago
Just noticed that when you look up "members" in the search window we're referred to like crackheads: "users". Anyway, thought I'd stop by and say howdy, see how you're doing. Hope you're doing fab. This the first time I've poked my head above ground for many weeks... without going there I'm sure you know why... and it's not mom stuff.
Just in case life pulls me under again, Happy, Merry Advent-Hannakah-Christmas-Holidays!

Sorry the turkey is late.
NugegeoNugegeo 8 months ago
ZOMG I have no idea how I missed the City Ballet dog video, I must have been mid-flight. How cute! I can totally see why having their dogs with them in NYCB is a major boost, especially considering how hard they work. I wish I could bring Boo with me everywhere with me. Every day is better when it comes with added dog!
NugegeoNugegeo 10 months ago
Woo! L'heure Folle! Nice scent of the day! Also thank you for introducing me to my newest signature scent! I am having a little too much fun sourcing out these babies. And yes Filthy Scumbag sounded kinda nice didn't it? :-D
FluxitFluxit 11 months ago
It was Oscar Wilde who said that consistency is the last escape of those without phantasy, hehe. Being a software designer, I have to disagree here: Consistency is a treasure with a value that usually is not appreciated unless it's gone. So if that's part of the OCD, I can still say I appreciate it ;)
GreysolonGreysolon 15 months ago
Just back from doing more family stuff. It was a lot of work but the outcome was positive and my mom is safe and well cared for. I hope you've been doing well and, even though it's now March, you had fantastic holidays, birthday, Presidents Day, National Dress Up Your Pet Day...
DulcemioDulcemio 16 months ago
Holy shizz! Your perfume photos are blowin' my mind, girl! Gorgeous, interesting, creative, and done with obvious passion for perfume and for beauty! Wow! What a treat for my eyes!
Exciter76Exciter76 19 months ago
Greetings gorgeous friend! I just wanted to stop by and say HI!