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82 days ago
Scent 7.0
Cry Baby Perfume Milk by Melanie Martinez

Cry Baby Perfume Milk„Certainly also for crybabies”
Cry Baby Perfume Milk is a concept fragrance for the eponymous album by Melanie Martinez. The music tells the story of a girl who doesn't have a good life. A disturbed family, no success in love, no true friends. In addition, a certain tragedy caused by abuse,...

82 days ago
Scent 6.0
Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors

Every Storm A Serenade„Drowned Passion Part 2”
Every Storm A Serenade feels like a sister novel to Falling Into The Sea. Probably due to the similar themes and love stories of the respective protagonists. But this novel has a dark mood and plays at a different time of the year and in a different place. The fragrance...

Perfume Blog

10 months ago

Franfan20„The Canadian Zoo - An Interview with Victor Wong”
Animals in their natural habitat - to transform their habits, their smells, their being into fragrances; with this concept Victor Wong launched his brand Zoologist, which is now very popular with fragrance fans worldwide. Various independent perfumers create a fragrance for him that is inspired by a certain animal or can be attributed to one. For me as a biologist and animal lover a wonderful theme, which I pursue with pleasure from the beginning.What is your favorite animal (besides your cat)?This...


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