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16 days ago
Cedar Essence by Ferrari

Cedar Essence„Above average fresh”
The notes seem sincere, not synthetic, great marine/fresh/fruity upon application. They, at times, seem to meld and give an aroma reminiscent of magnolia. Really like.

24 days ago
Scent 7.0
Unplugged for Him by Jon Bon Jovi by Avon

Unplugged for Him by Jon Bon Jovi„Dark Floral”
Well, it's an Avon fragrance. If you've been into collecting or wearing scents for a while you probably know that they tend to be short lived and on the synthetic side. This has an average life on my skin and it is definitely a darker floral leaning masculine aroma. The...

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Sprayed some on the back of my hand before sleep. Six hours later I couldn't smell anything at all. High quality but anemic performance.+3
This is definitely for the more mature crowd, really nice classic scent. Thirty years old and above maybe, rather rare here in the USA+1
just got this, another odd one; yes clove but to me it brings to mind a medicinal environment; awkward, will try again+3
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This is an oddity, I do not see the Spice Bomb comparison, definitely a sample/ decant/vial trial before full bottle purchase. Fruity to me+1
This stuff is strong, if sampling for the first time spray once and from a distance, remember to give it some time to mellow on your skin.+2


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