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28 days ago
Scent 9.0
Le Vestiaire - Tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent

Le Vestiaire - Tuxedo„It seems well tailored ”
This is some classy stuff! Somehow it manages to maintain a balance of both lite/fresh and spices. It has body, yet not heavy, not feminine which I was afraid of even though it's name says otherwise. I was afraid of finding patchouli and vanilla making...

34 days ago
Scent 8.0
Ultimate by Baldessarini

Ultimate„Bitter, spice and lite leather.”
Definitely over 30 years of age type of scent, for some reason I'm thinking more bitter orange than Mandarin. It starts off rather rough around the edges, bitter/spicey so that might throw off some new wearers of this scent. It projects and lasts...

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I walked into a local Emporio Armani, sprayed, initially smells like cardamom bomb, 2 hrs. later, on paper it, smells like root beer.+2
Just too floral and feminine for the first few hours till the late dry down, at least for me.+1
Sprayed some on the back of my hand before sleep. Six hours later I couldn't smell anything at all. High quality but anemic performance.+4
This is definitely for the more mature crowd, really nice classic scent. Thirty years old and above maybe, rather rare here in the USA+1
just got this, another odd one; yes clove but to me it brings to mind a medicinal environment; awkward, will try again+3
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This is an oddity, I do not see the Spice Bomb comparison, definitely a sample/ decant/vial trial before full bottle purchase. Fruity to me+1
This stuff is strong, if sampling for the first time spray once and from a distance, remember to give it some time to mellow on your skin.+2


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