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101 days ago
Scent 8.0
Essenze - Florentine Iris by Ermenegildo Zegna

Essenze - Florentine Iris„Wait for the BERGAMOT ”
This is odd, not really impressed with the first few hours of this on my skin. The notes seem muddled, bland and uninteresting, well, at least to my nose. After a while though, look out! Really beautiful BERGAMOT with a nice background of iris. Definitely...

105 days ago
Scent 8.5
Portraits - Much Ado About the Duke by Penhaligon's

Portraits - Much Ado About the Duke„Rose Alcool”
This is a beaut, if you really enjoyed Ungaro's L'Homme III, then this is for you! Not until I wore this Penhaligon's scent was I reminded of Ungaro's III, Much Ado gives me an idea what L'Homme III would smell like if they amped the strength and quality of ingredients....

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Definitely different,spicy,gourmandish and a good cold weather companion. This scent for the extrovert that is not afraid to smell great!
Great! First hour is Pure Havane, just not as sweet, then patchouli, vanilla & cedar take center stage. After an hr. most sweetness leaves.+2
Not so lite, it's an edp so go easy on first try. Pepper and black tea notes dominate, quality stuff and a year round frag, not a wallflower+2
I think it's easy to overspray and then be overwhelmed. If you do the sweetness hits you hard but otherwise this is nice ginger, little oud+1
Green/Powdery, on the feminine side. Cashmere wood, papyrus and lavender give this vetiver scent a very soft and sweet leaning. No nuance.+3
So many vetivers out there but somehow the great house of Dior manages to set itself apart with a 3 note scent. At the least, buy a sample
This is for serious fragheads, not the usual citrus. Dry, bitter and can be worn in cooler temps. More ambery and earthy than sparkling.+1
A fresher take on a more mature scent. Definitely a fresh, warmer weather type of scent for professional settings
There is depth to this!+4
I actually like this, gives off a slight citric/alcohol vibe, sorta like a tart gose or shandy! Not much projection, will have 2 try more+2
If you see this scents' body wash for sale, give it a try! So simple but effective, definitely a great summer evening sidekick.+4


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