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IseabailIseabail 7 months ago
Jasmin et Cigarette - Etat Libre d'Orange

Jasmin et Cigarette My kind of jasmine
I don't know if I have the skin of an elf but on me, the jasmine is pleasantly indolic and bright. The scent many people seem to describe is Salome. There is no smoke, mostly unlit tobacco and a tiny wee bit of ash. The apricot brings an interesting...

IseabailIseabail 7 months ago
Cuir Ottoman - Parfum d'Empire

Cuir Ottoman Shape shifter
A gorgeous, resinous and very wearable leather scent. Pure pleasure and a wrist sniffer! I have had it in my collection for a few years and I am loving it more and more. The opening is a full blast of animalic leather but it softens up in less than...


IseabailIseabail 7 months ago
Thanks love!
I am settling in and liking it quite a bit so far.
FannyFanny 7 months ago
Hi, Iseabail! Welcome to Parfumo !!