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Marie69Marie69 5 years ago
Bavardage - Charrier / Parfums de Charières

Bavardage Bavardage - Old World Charm
Meaning idle banter, chit chat and/or gossip, Bavardage hits the spot for Old World Charm. Testing a mico mini vintage, from the 60´s perhaps. This is NICE perfume. I am surprized. I smell a mixture between Ma Griffe and Chanel...

Marie69Marie69 5 years ago
Khus Khus / Khus-Khus - Benjamin Mfg Co.

Khus Khus / Khus-Khus Khus Khus
Lived in Jamaica for 11 years and actually met Dr. Benjamin and his lovely wife. Today, I test a vintage mini, from the 70´s maybe. The vintage Khus Khus was very nice and quite heavy on the vetiver. It is a nice powdery scent, a little tiny bit spicy,...


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