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3 days ago
Scent 10.0
Encens Mythique d'Orient by Guerlain

Encens Mythique d'Orient„Journey with Encens Mythique”
I finally tested the enigmatic Encens Mystique last evening. Never before in my life have I experienced a perfume like this. It was not quite what I expected it would be. It was quite light and wore very close to the skin with only faint projection and sillage...

5 days ago
Scent 4.0
Forest Lily by Avon

Forest Lily„Lily of the Valley Soliflore”
Notes: Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Ylang-Ylang, Wisteria, Sandalwood, Clementine. Firstly, I must say that this fragrance comes in one of the cutest bottles I have ever seen. It really has personality plus. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the fragrance...

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Koublai Khan is an extremely animalic and masculine fragrance.+2
Bottle 5.0
Sillage 5.0
Longevity 5.0
Scent 4.5


ScentFanScentFan 11 months ago
Enjoyed your review of Truth or Dare and comparison to Fracas. Ordered it. I see you've just arrived last month, so here's a welcome.