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2 years ago
Power Collection - Invigorating by Boadicea the Victorious

Power Collection - Invigorating„Sophisticated but dark, not for blindbuy”
My first impression is as follows: Feel citrus, but certainly not sour, somewhat resinous, with the fullness of a demanding gourmet omnivores. I must admit that I can not take another note, it is simply so beautiful perfume United that goes...

3 years ago
Lucia by Oriflame

Lucia„Lucia by Oriflame”
Based on your recommendations of what to put in fragrances summer morning, after a long time, this morning I again put this jewel on my skin. It surrounded me with flowers from the garden of my childhood, huge aura for such a small word which can describe it. I really...


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  • 1 Comment


ApiciusApicius 3 years ago
Hello Sofijasan, welcome to our community! I wish you a lot of fun at Parfumo!