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3 years ago
Scent 8.0
Essenza di un'Isola - Altrove by Acqua dell'Elba

Essenza di un'Isola - Altrove„Antaeus by Amouage”
I've been wearing this for six hours and it's softened into a creamy incense. It opens with a blast of cypress and juniper that hangs around for a little longer than you'd like. Behind them lies a peculiar animalic note (must be the leather) that gives the whole...

4 years ago
Scent 8.0
Collezione Privata - Cuoio by Pal Zileri

Collezione Privata - Cuoio„Tuscan leather lite thyme”
Considering it's a fraction of the price this essentially does what Tuscan Leather does. They are not identical by any margin but their rudiments are. Where TL is smoky and, let's be honest, is of better quality, especially that sublime saffron note, Cuoio...

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Mostly oakmoss and green grass. This is besutifully herbal and floral. Grapefruit, like the Dude's rug, ties the whole thing together. Nice.+1
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Imagine the spice of Interlude with the sweetness of Vanilla Flash and the dry minimalism of Noir Anthracite and you get this. It's sublime.
A sharp citrus tang at first gives way to a light, refined tea scent that catches you off guard all day into thinking damn that's good.
Nice herbaceous lavender, but that's it. No complexity and nothing extreme, apart from the price.+1
A decent offering. The cinnamon and patchouli creates a tobacco vibe that's quite rich and pleasant. A safe, if uninspired crowd pleaser.+1
Basil and amber soften the medicinal lavender, but pretty soon this becomes almost identical to Fougere D'argent. A little lazy Mr. Ford ...+3
A little better than the 'classy' evening colognes like Armani Code or D&G The One, but it's no YSL L'H De La Nuit. Enjoyable but ordinary.+2
Not quite GIT, leans more to CW but without the unpleasant aquatic note. I was surprised at how fresh, green and enjoyable to wear this is.+5
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A straight up old school fougère. Quite refined and atypical of Bond No. 9. Bright citrus with some green spice on musky oakmoss. Decent.+2
Very green to begin with but after that it's a blend of light musk and white flowers. Generically pleasant but nothing more.+2


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