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ElmifraElmifra 40 days ago
Great sharing with you!Great taste in fact of parfume!Greetings from Italy.
TagazeuTagazeu 105 days ago
Love your reviews ! I am also from Greece and I am happy to read your insightful reviews.
Great taste and surprised to know that you know and own perfumes from Perfumer H, the new line from Lyn Harris. I am an admirer of her work.
ThanosKonThanosKon 114 days ago
Thank you DonVanVliet!
I am so happy to join Parfumo.
The site is super user friendly and its expanding database is exquisite. I love it !
Every time I enter the site, I feel like entering a perfume library/museum and exchange perfume insights that broaden my perception of perfumery.
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 116 days ago
Hi ThanosKon, welcome to Parfum! Great reviews!