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ScentFanScentFan 4 days ago

ScentFan11 Silent Days of Scent
I suppose that if a person gets it into her head to go on a 10-day (really 11-day) Meditation Retreat, but can't go, and decides to turn off the cell and do it at home--if same person picks out 11 days of clothes, she certainly needs 11 days of scent. Yes?But which are most apropos for om? Being an addict (i.e., a perfumista), I've got a heck... More

Franfan20Franfan20 7 days ago

Franfan20State of Mind - Experiencing tea and fragrance together
French brand State of Mind combines two aromatic passions together - fragrance and tea. They bring us fragrances inspired by lesser known teas types (at least to me and the European market, I assume) with the accompanying teas to drink.In general I found the concept interesting and after some reports of the Esxence... More

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