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AnthologyAnthology 19 days ago

AnthologyPerfume smelling – a short preview
Smelling a perfume is like transporting yourself into the world of senses. And what a wonderful world it is! Full of flavors and ingredients, some so familiar, some absolutely new, expecting to be discovered. The world around us is a fragrant world, full of scents and brightly colored flowers. How not to try to find out what story is hidden... More

AnthologyAnthology 26 days ago

AnthologyBest Violets Perfumes
Violets are spring flowers in the family Violaceae. There are 400-500 species. They are native to Northern Hemisphere and can be found in Hawaii, Australia and South America. Violets have heart shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers. Flower colors vary and they can be violet, yellow, blue, white, cream. The Ancient Greeks considered violets symbol... More

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