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Always start your new thread in the correct forum. Anything not related to perfume belongs to the "Off-Topic" forum. Any issue may only be posted once in one forum. Multiple postings will be deleted.

Title of the thread

Use a significant title for new threads. These should already make clear what the topic is. Bad: "I have a question" - Good: "Am I too young for Chanel No. 5?"

Answering threads

Please only answer if you really have something to contribute to the issue. Smalltalk and Chat belongs to the "Off-Topic" forum.

Keep to the point

All discussions should always relate to the original topic. If new topics occur, they should be started in separate threads.

Clarity and comprehensibility

Please take care that the threads stay comprehensible. Please use quotes sparingly. Avoid unneccessary blank lines and do not post too big pictures.


Please use smileys sparingly in order not to annoy other users. Use the smileys provided by parfumo. Smileys from other sites are not accepted and will be deleted.


Any form of advertising in the forum is forbidden. Posted links that fit the discussion do not count as advertisement. However, the mods reserve to delete any advertising links. In case of repeated attempts to post ads, the user may get banned from parfumo.


Trade is only allowed for private purposes within the "Samples Market Place". It is not allowed to offer perfume tester bottles. Our mods reserve the right to delete single offers not according to these regulations. Any trade in the forum is at your own risk.

Email addresses / Postal addresses

The publication of e-mail addresses or postal addresses is not allowed.

We wish all users a lot of fun in the forum!