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Carlitos01Carlitos01 7 days ago

Carlitos01About perfumes, their clones and their mirrors...
I am almost always against the existence of a perfume copy market. However, the name "look alike" and / or "clone" can have a very broad sense in perfumery. Exceptions to the concept, which I consider derogatory, of copying or cloning can occur in several ways, namely when:1) Perfumes dubbed "copies" after all are not even... More

LexaLexa 19 days ago

LexaThe Next One
There are days when my mind tries to reconstruct all the steps i took until realising how big my love for perfumes turned out to be. As it happens,i do recall those days,right in the very beginning.The day i met the most wonderful rose i had ever smelled in my life.(not that i knew it was a rose back then,notes were not my friends yet).It was a maddening half... More

LexaLexa 21 days ago

LexaThe Road so far
There are times when i cannot stop wondering what brought me to this exact moment.How many years have passed without me having this passion ?For the life of me i cannot remember how i survived until the day i found my happiness in a bottle of Black Afgano by Nasomatto.Cloudy cold spring day , greyish rainy chilly afternoon ,trembling with the excitement... More

DalilaBDalilaB 41 days ago

DalilaBGiving up on rose?
Following the advice of a parfumista friend, I started to explore other fragrance notes and accords to widen my olfactory horizon and not get more of the same thing. I started liking balsamic resinous fragrances with very little floral character, maybe inspired by my surroundings, I started gravitating towards loud fragrances. I still love my rose, but now I make... More

DalilaBDalilaB 64 days ago

DalilaBI may have found my rose or roses
Over the past few months, I have developed the habit of going to the mall every Thursday night. I would rush to the hospital for my oncology appointment and as if I were rinsing an unpleasant after taste from my mouth I would take an Uber to the mall and walk through the pastry shops, the cafes and parfumeries. It was as predictable as can be, I would... More

DalilaBDalilaB 72 days ago

DalilaBWhat to wear when nothing seems to go right?
I never leave the house without wearing a fragrance and if I go without it’s usually a sign that something isn’t right. I have the odd day where I go without especially if I have a cold or feel generally under the weather.However, if the odd day stretches to a week, a month or even a year then I am at a loss. I obviously... More

DalilaBDalilaB 74 days ago

DalilaBCompliment seeker vs avant garde perfumista
Most of us buy perfumes based on our own tastes, we spray on a blotter then test on our wrists or clothes and sniff and repeat before we decide to buy something. In some cases we ask a friend or a partner their opinion but mostly it is our own likes and dislikes that steer our purchases. Having said that if we choose something... More

DalilaBDalilaB 83 days ago

DalilaBIn search for a a perfect signature scent
Way before I learnt about this huge community that is fragheads, or perfumistas I was in the habit of going to the few perfume shops rather regularly in an attempt to find my signature scent. For years I wore l’eau d’issey, it Had everything I wanted in a perfume. It was light and ethereal or so I thought but it garnered compliments... More

1 - 8 of 683