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Bcars10Bcars10 24 days ago

Bcars10Sick today
I am in bed today, ill. It totally "stinks" (haha) because my sinuses are so congested that I can't even smell my perfume! ARGH! I wasn't going to put any on, but I decided to just choose something light and juicy; so I chose SJP NYC. I can get a bit of the strawberry and florals, but not as good as normal.AHHHHH!!! How can I be sick?! It's the beginning of May,... More

AnessaAnessa 29 days ago

AnessaThe cats ran away...
A non-rating comment from 2001 on "Coco Mademoiselle (Eau de Toilette)" featured on a review site made me chuckle. The nuances of the original got lost in my clumsy translation."Received the blotter and when I came homeboth our cats ran away :-DThe scent is sweet but also spicyappears to be generic and yet, it's not.Sorry, I'm not good with words, so my explanation... More

ScentFanScentFan 36 days ago

ScentFan11 Silent Days of Scent
I suppose that if a person gets it into her head to go on a 10-day (really 11-day) Meditation Retreat, but can't go, and decides to turn off the cell and do it at home--if same person picks out 11 days of clothes, she certainly needs 11 days of scent. Yes?But which are most apropos for om? Being an addict (i.e., a perfumista), I've got a heck... More

Franfan20Franfan20 38 days ago

Franfan20State of Mind - Experiencing tea and fragrance together
French brand State of Mind combines two aromatic passions together - fragrance and tea. They bring us fragrances inspired by lesser known teas types (at least to me and the European market, I assume) with the accompanying teas to drink.In general I found the concept interesting and after some reports of the Esxence... More

JCopelandSFPJCopelandSFP 39 days ago

JCopelandSFPCommodity Goods-Wool Review: A beautifully safe and pleasant fragrance!
From the first blast, this comes off as immediately fresh, probably from the lavender in the heart. So pleasant. There are citruses (mandarin orange, grapefruit) at top that I definitely get. Also a fresh and crisp apple note that is very apparent. A bright sweetness. There is also a clear herbal nature,... More

AnessaAnessa 41 days ago

Anessa"Dreaming" about Mon Guerlain...
Always amusing how the brain picks up the topic for tonight's dream program from the subconscious mind, almost like letting a computer randomly pick up your SOTD based on a few informations you had provided.More than weeks after I had last read anything on Mon Guerlain, I literally dreamt about it. The first time a perfume ever entered my dream... More

AnessaAnessa 42 days ago

AnessaWhite beach sandals in winter?
Recently on the shopping mile, I walked past a couple when the woman caught my attention swaying her hips with every step. She had loose hair enveloping her upperbody like a curtain and was clad in a tight, light beige knit tunic which rather resembled a homewear. Now, I usually don't really care or watch what other people are wearing or look... More

Bcars10Bcars10 46 days ago

Bcars10Learning new words
I was reading a review here yesterday, and I learned a new word: meretricious. I love words, and I'd never come across this one before, so I had to look it up. It means "alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions; tawdy; or based on pretense, deception, or insincerity." As it turns out, that very day I came across the same word in Chandler Burr's... More

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