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GolcherGolcher 25 days ago

GolcherGood summer fresh/aquatic fragrances?
With summer season around the corner, actually 'Sunny season' (here in Costa Rica sunny season starts in January through April) I've been relentlessly looking for nice daytime fragrances with good performance however I'm yet to find one that really hits the nail. If you take a look at my 'collection' I've tried with United Dreams,... More

FluxitFluxit 47 days ago

FluxitAn Overview of 100+ Natural Perfumery Brands
Many brands claim to use natural ingredients. And many do. But when it comes to 100% natural perfumes, it's a whole different story. I can't count the times when an engaged sales person was praising their pure nature fragrances until I checked the INCI list and found plenty of unpleasant chemistry inside.Now, disclaimer first:... More

AmberScentAmberScent 47 days ago

WHERE TO FIND IT IN NATURE - Agarwood, aloeswood, gharuwood, aoud, oudh (or just oud) is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume, and small carvings. It is formed in the heartwood of the aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mould (Phialophora parasitica).Prior to an infection, the heartwood of this tree is odourless,... More

ElysiumElysium 62 days ago

ElysiumTwo brand new entries from Pull&Bear
Here you are two brand new entries from Pull&Bear. I am looking forward to getting home and writing a review... They both smell so freaking awesome! More

ElysiumElysium 69 days ago

Elysium​Non Stop Zara Men’s Fragrances
November 2018 is a hot month for Fragrances and Zara are going to get this packed for Christmas! Excited to get a review of these guys: Soft Haze EDT, Dry Land EDT, and Calm Lake EDT.All at €12.99To be continued... More

XanthonXanthon 87 days ago

Xanthon Courage: Sweet Water
Today after long, Benra came into my mind,But I find it less sweeter than Punjab's water.Where-ever I go in the world, I can't forget memories from my childhood,And never would my love for Punjab grow weak.World might or might not know,But true Punjabi, above-all is courageous,I have never stopped to be courageous, and never would.Even if I travel... More

ElysiumElysium 133 days ago

Elysium​The Club, the Intense, and the Edition Monte-Carlo
In the latest years, Sergio Tacchini released three real doozy men's colognes entitled Club, Club Intense, and Club Edition Monte-Carlo. I have no clue whether the last two are deemed to be flankers of the original one, certainly, they smell completely different from one another. I came across those three unknown gems... More

ElysiumElysium 137 days ago

Elysium​Her Majesty the Queen of Spices: Carribean Vanilla
Albeit the Queen's title has been given to the Cardamom, having the Black Pepper the King, I firmly believe that Bourbon Vanilla deserves it. For those who are not familiar with, vanilla is a non-pungent spice, sweet, with a pleasant perfumed aroma, oftentimes with woody or smoky facets. It's a flavor derived from orchids... More

1 - 8 of 652