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Wayofscent 4 days ago

WayofscentMeet the beautiful work of art by Thomas De Monaco.
This is the first, limited edition fragrance from Thomas De Monaco, as he says: "The scent has a distinctive character, unfolding voluptuosly and demandingly, it's heart calling for unbridled freedom. Raw Gold is an unpolished, modern unisex fragrance which calls the spirit of the late 60's and early 70's to mind."Thomas...

Aneli 15 days ago

AneliArmani Acqua di Gioia-summer classic!
Hello dears πŸ˜€! Today I will like a say a word or two about one classic summer fresh fragrance-Acqua di Gioia by  Armani. Even though I am not a great fan of fresh perfumes due to undesirable longevity this is amazing fragrance. Just after the shower  or quick  mojito in hot summer day. 😍 The link is here !

DonVanVliet 19 days ago

DonVanVlietUpdate: Wallpapers
Sometimes you have to trust the magic of something new!In today's update, the standard Parfumo background layout can be replaced with new images.Here is a brief summary of the most important changes:- Addition of 100 new background images to glamorize the page- Support for Dark Mode- Removal of the old wallpapers, but will still be visible on users' pages...

Aneli 23 days ago

AneliArmani di Gioia-Ocean
When I saw the bottle, it was a love at  the first sight, it looks like a really stone in the  ocean. Blue color, freshness, I fell in love. It is citrusy, lotsArmani di Gioia-Ocean of pear, fresh, light perfume. But I think not for my personality hahaha. For summertime I'm either citrus or coconut, creamy vibe. The thing that I really...

Aneli 29 days ago

AneliDolce Shine ! Buy it or skip it?
I bought this perfume because at first it reminded me soooo much of Armani di Gioia-Sun which is very hard to find now. So I decided to buy it. It is very fruity and as it goes it becomes sweeter and warmer but it doesn't have the same effect as SUN by Armani has. All in all my full review is on youtube, link is here! 😍😊 Tell me if you have/had...

DonVanVliet 1 month ago

DonVanVlietUpdate: Helping You Perceive Fragrance Notes
Today, a new update brings more color to the game. The most common fragrances are now (symbolically) enhanced by images. Missing pictures will be added bit by bit. Are there any scents that are especially important to you and don't have a picture yet? Feel free to list them here. We always appreciate your suggestions...

Aneli 1 month ago

AneliElizabeth Arden Green Tea Mist and Lotion
Elizabeth ArdenHello dears! 😁πŸ₯°Summer took its place and I was in search for something citrus and fresh. I have already some citrus perfumes so I wanted something on a budget just to refresh me or calm me before sleep. I got for birthday Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume and lotion. While with lotion I am pretty satisfied...

Aneli 1 month ago

AneliBronze Goddess
This is amazing fragrance!!! Definitely worth to buy! I explained in details in the video: 

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