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VivienneK 50 days ago

In the search of perfect composition. Why music is closer to perfumery than we might think.
I was never at ease with hunting perfume by the note. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, I am not familiar with every note out there (can anybody tell me where I could possibly test out the hyraceum note?) and even the ones I am familiar with can be split into two categories...

Elysium 57 days ago

I can't wait to find out who will be the first designer or niche brand to introduce Dreamwood™ in its creations and discover the aroma that releases this new synthetic molecule. And you?Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, is proud to launch its newest exclusive,...

DonVanVliet 65 days ago

Update - New features for your collections
In the next part of our update series, the collections were overhauled. Quite a lot of changes have been made here and I hope that this list is fairly complete.Better navigationThe navigation has now moved up from the sidebar. This makes navigating through the individual collections easier and clearer.Sort and filter perfumes in collectionsAdditional...

Carlitos01 67 days ago

Perfume trivia - What is Neroli?
The tree...Neroli is a now a common name for the essential oil obtained from Seville bitter orange tree flowers. Its oil, quite precious among the essential oils, is one of the most popular perfume ingredients of our time, and exales a blend of floral and citrus scent. A pound of flowers is stands for about 1,000 handpicked fragile blossoms,...

Tabernero 67 days ago

​The new perfumery
The new perfumery.I don't know if it's because of my growing interest in this hobby or that it's really something that's happening right now.Niche brands and independent brands have always been there. Nowadays with the internet, social networks and especially YouTube it is very easy to make yourself known. I think many of us follow several perfume...

Tabernero 83 days ago

In search of a signature perfume
In search of a signature perfume.A search I've been engaged in for a few months now.It all started some time ago out of boredom, yes, boredom. I was bored of my perfume. A perfume that I was tired of and that didn't reflect my almost 30 years. A perfume much younger than my age.After researching on the web I went to a big supermarket....

DalilaB 85 days ago

Smelling memories
This was my first encounter with niche perfumery, winter of 2015 in Cologne, Germany. By that time, I was on my quest you o finding the perfect perfume. I got into the habit of sampling main stream fragrances in my local mall, eagerly waiting for new releases that would bring that « perfect perfume » . On a night wander in town, we went into a fancy...

Carlitos01 111 days ago

About perfumes, their clones and their mirrors...
I am almost always against the existence of a perfume copy market. However, the name "look alike" and / or "clone" can have a very broad sense in perfumery. Exceptions to the concept, which I consider derogatory, of copying or cloning can occur in several ways, namely when:1) Perfumes dubbed "copies" after all are not even...

1 - 8 of 689