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Carlitos01 2 days ago

 Perfume lovers love lists. Lists frame your preferences and position your choices. I like to make my lists named after colors.  Amber is not a simple individual note coming from an ingredient. It is a warm and fuzzy feeling that we confuse as a scent note somewhere in our brain. The so called smell of amber awakens something comforting...

Ronniwe 2 days ago

Hello everyone, One day as a birthday present, I smelled Prada l'Home for the first time and I thought it was such a good fragrance that I immediately bought it. I started to watch videos on youtube, getting interested in one and the other, and then I started to try and try, and little by little I have been acquiring a knowledge that I hope can be useful to help...

DonVanVliet 2 days ago

DonVanVlietComing soon: On par with the brands
We will soon offer interested perfume houses the option to create an official account at Parfumo to build bridges between members and brands and to enable new ways of interaction. Brand owners and representatives will be able to respond to your reviews and statements and communicate directly with the community. Own reviews, ratings...

Wayofscent 1 month ago

WayofscentMoroccan music to my soul!
You know that feeling when you're seeing your favorite band perform live for the first time and you're in the front row wondering if all that is even real..and in the next moment they're playing your favorite song and you're thinking it can't get any better than this!? This is how "L' Air du Desert Marocain" smells to me. This was love at first...

Wayofscent 1 month ago

WayofscentHistoires de Parfums-Fidelis
From darkness into the light! One of my favorite cold weather scents, pure magic from the house of @histoiresdeparfums "Fidelis"If you like rose-oud combinations, this one will leave you begging for more.Beautiful opening with bit of a raspberry tartness and saffron with jammy rose and hint of woody smoke and not so cuminy intensive cumin while...

Pitc 1 month ago

PitcWhere is the limit?
I've had this hobby of perfumery for a few years now. The smells remind us of moments, feelings, makes us lift our spirits and sometimes also makes us be melancholic.In my journey within the perfume industry and thanks to the boom that we have experienced in recent years with many people commenting on Youtube, pages like this one we have, Facebook groups...

Rquill67 2 months ago

Rquill67Sharing is caring?
I’ve been in the fragcom now for a couple years and at one point amassed 280 colognes. I know YouTubers who have 3,000 colognes so really 280 is nothing in comparison right? Where I live in Canada I have to blind buy many of my fragrances (I know I know I never recommend that either but such is life); so my only saving grace at the beginning of my journey...

Carlitos01 2 months ago

Perfume lovers love lists. Lists frame your preferences and position your choices. I like to make my lists named after colors. Noir in the name, Noir in the scent, Noir in chords and olfactory notes ... the color black, dark, uniform and apparently dull, show extraordinarily rich facets in the world of perfumes. I associate "Noir" with smoke,...

1 - 8 of 724