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DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 22 days ago

DonVanVlietWe turn of the lights – The Parfumo Dark Mode
It‘s now possible to activate the new "Dark Mode ". If you turn it on we use a darker color pallete for all controls that's easy on your eyes.To activate "Dark Mode", simply click on "Dark": More

Exciter76Exciter76 33 days ago

Exciter76Perfume Lovers Unite on Instagram
I was bored one September afternoon back in 2017, so I decided to open an Instagram account. I’d shared pictures of my precious bottles here on Parfumo and other perfume communities prior to making this leap. However, I wanted to turn my boredom into something “artful” and find other like-minded folks in the process. My photography... More

ParfumoParfumo 37 days ago

ParfumoHow should James Bond smell? Interview with the publisher of the CHAP-magazine Gustav Temple
During our winter trip to the south of England, we managed to arrange an interview with Mr. Gustav Temple at his Lewes office, just a few miles north of Brighton. As the publisher of the CHAP, the hip men's magazine for a classic British lifestyle, he seemed to us to be a competent... More

ElysiumElysium 44 days ago

ElysiumZARA, the Thunder Feel, and the Metallic Spirit
In late 2018 ZARA released to the market a couple of colognes classified as masculine, in EDP concentration, a great package, a heavy and magnetic cap, a superb sprayer, and a plentiful 120 ml bottle colored with translucent shades outside and liquid silver inside... which almost justify the higher price around 25€ opposed... More

LiliSahmLiliSahm 56 days ago

LiliSahmMy Fave Cheapies
✔ Cologne of the Missions le Couveht des Minimes✔Charriol Saphir✔Police Forbidden✔Police Legend for women✔Police To Be Rose Blossom✔Korloff Gold✔Korloff Black✔Mauboussin Elixir✔Stendhal Noir Divin✔Aubade Black✔Madam Gres✔Gres Unique✔Angel Schlesser Oriental Soul for women✔Angel Schlesser Oriental II✔Liu Jo Gold✔Banana Republic... More

LiliSahmLiliSahm 56 days ago

LiliSahmTop Favourites
I tried hard to write a top ten list for myself but I can't.they're a lot more than ten perfumes that I love so I'm going to try limiting myself to twenty choices✔Love by Kilian✔Jean Paul Gautier Scandal✔Amouage Love Blossom✔Guerlain French Kiss✔Guerlain Gourmand Coquin✔Dior Poison Girl edp✔Lancome La vie est belle Intense✔Police Forbidden✔Guerlain... More

GolcherGolcher 84 days ago

GolcherGood summer fresh/aquatic fragrances?
With summer season around the corner, actually 'Sunny season' (here in Costa Rica sunny season starts in January through April) I've been relentlessly looking for nice daytime fragrances with good performance however I'm yet to find one that really hits the nail. If you take a look at my 'collection' I've tried with United Dreams,... More

FluxitFluxit 105 days ago

FluxitAn Overview of 100+ Natural Perfumery Brands
Many brands claim to use natural ingredients. And many do. But when it comes to 100% natural perfumes, it's a whole different story. I can't count the times when an engaged sales person was praising their pure nature fragrances until I checked the INCI list and found plenty of unpleasant chemistry inside.Now, disclaimer first:... More

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