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JubilationJubilation 6 days ago

JubilationWe must live on mistakes and scents (Paul Eluard)
Our life every day is studded with a profound flow of emotions, sensations, words and silences that are accentuated according to our sensitivity. I really believe that perfume is one of these!How often do we associate a person, an event or a place (pleasant or unpleasant) with a perfume? I believe that we perfume lovers... More

GaticalinaGaticalina 26 days ago

GaticalinaWhy it’s more than just 'scented liquid'
Fragrances and perfumes mean different things to different people. There are not too many things in life that excite me, that I can get completely lost in. Scents do that. I can spray on a perfume in the morning, go to work and be sure, I smell good to other people. I do enjoy the feeling of having a cloud of inoffensive pleasantness... More

AFreimannAFreimann 160 days ago

AFreimannAwards given to Others :-D What to do?
Hello! One of my favourite features of Parfumo is the fact that we have the opportunity to appraise one anothers contributions and respond with input. Sometimes though, I simply award the photograph without saying anything in the comments. I wonder, is this uncouth? Or is it merely a private way of expressing respect for the beauty... More

GolcherGolcher 175 days ago

GolcherLa Nuit de l'Homme 2009 batch
Quick question, as we all know La Nuit de l'Homme as great as it is has gone through some reformulations and it has affected its performance and is basically not as good as it was so, if I had the chance to get an old/unopened (brand new) bottle of 2009 batch for a reasonable price... is it worth getting? The price is VERY reasonable but I'm asking... More

DorothyGraceDorothyGrace 178 days ago

DorothyGraceNeat Indole, and a very, very sad topic
What does neat indole smell like to you?Fiddly faddeling around with my table-top chest of drawers filled with little bottles of essential oils and other fragrance related paraphernalia I came across a sealed tin; curious.Opened up said tin and inside were two little bottles of 10% indole and one little bottle of absinthe. I knew... More

AFreimannAFreimann 6 months ago

AFreimannWhen you've found the one...
...or is that even a 'thing' for those of us who are polyamorous with fragrance, falling in love with many fragrances at once and for varying reasons? From her debut in the 1990's until after she was discontinued, becoming astronomically expensive and hard-to-find, Karl Lagerfeld's iconic SUN-MOON-STARS was my one and only, my true love...... More

GolcherGolcher 8 months ago

GolcherShall I buy a tester?
A friend of mine works at a dept store and got access to some testers. They are brand new and I'm interested in one of them, she's giving me a good price and I know it's legit. I've never bought testers before. Does it make sense to buy a tester, is it worthwhile? What is the difference between the tester and the actual retail fragrance?Any suggestions? More

Franfan20Franfan20 8 months ago

Franfan20Young, creative and successful: a next generation perfumer - An Interview with Mathieu Nardin
Mathieu Nardin is one of the - meanwhile numerous - young, creative spirits in the world of perfumery. Already at the age of 23, after his studies, he started working at the company Robertet in Grasse and has since created a broad variety of fragrances for a diverse range of brands.... More

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