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Aneli 14 days ago

AneliGivenchy L'interdit Rouge
Givenchy L'interdit Rouge   Hello dears, here you are my very honest review about new Givenchy Rouge! it's Spicy but powderish, very powerful fragrance. It definitely marks your appereance 😊. Eventhough I was a bit more into NICHE fragrances lately, sometimes I miss my good old designer vibe. This is exactly it. Old Chic Givenchy...

Carlitos01 16 days ago

Carlitos01THE PERFUME COLORS - Rhapsody in Blue
Blue fragrances are a relatively new group in perfumery. If homage should be paid to a groundbreaking perfume that fathered the idea for many new perfumes, then the trophy should be awarded to Davidoff's "Cool Water (Eau de Toilette) | Davidoff", the blue-bottled men's fragrance released in 1988. It remained in the top 10 perfume...

ULTRAnumb 19 days ago

ULTRAnumbThe Lord Of Misrule (( Lush ))
I think I have found my new favourite perfume // signature scent (( farewell, Prada Amber - we had a good time, but you can't stay until another morning dawns )). Not only does it smell of *only* scents I really love, aka black pepper, patchouli and vanilla absolue, it also develops a fascinating complexity. The best part is the name, however:...

Aneli 20 days ago

AneliBody lotions with amazing projection
Hello dears, I am back Body lotions 💪🏽🥳! So have you ever used some body lotions that have longlasting power and sillage much stronger than some veery expensive fragrances? Well here are some body lotions that I found, won many fragrances! Enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe ☺️!

DalilaB 23 days ago

DalilaBChasing the dopamine high… the way of the fraghead?
With social media, we’ve become accustomed  to associating with like minded souls where we amplify our pleasure by echoing similar opinions, likes or dislikes.  Just like that and in few weeks, I went from a solo fragrance enthusiast to a member of a tribe, few tribes actually.  It’s...

WildGardener 1 month ago

WildGardenerOh dear, that's very safe
Bois de jasmin recently blogged about new flavour and fragrance trends that she found somewhere. She said that green tea, peach and citrus are likely to be the most popular notes in the seasons to come. But where did this information come from? Was it mere guesswork to say that popular - and safe - notes are going to be popular for some time...

Elysium 1 month ago

ElysiumPrivate Trip To Asia, A Place I’ve Never Been
ZARA CHAPTER 3 East Asia is a place I've never been to. Many countries attract me, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, with beautiful cities like Shanghai, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hoi An. During a trip to Asia, besides the humid and intense heat, a perfume overwhelms our sense of smell, a perfume as suggestive as it is indefinable....

Aneli 1 month ago

AneliBon parfumeur review!
Hello dears! 😊 Have you ever heard of Bon Parfumeur niche brand? If not, it's definitely time to check it. Old french perfume vibes, very pitoresque shop, and they are available everywhere. Yep, and the price is amazing, not expensive at all. It's a MUST try brand! 😇  

1 - 8 of 753