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AromaPath 8 days ago

AromaPathRefined spirit of Spring
Who missed the scent of spring bloom? Finally my order came with «Mimosa Tanneron» by Perris Monte Carlo. Just 24 km from Cannes, in France, there is a lovely place called Tanneron, where every year the inhabitants of the city organize a festival, in the month of February, dedicated to mimosa. Yes, the very fluffy beauty that we are used...

DonVanVliet 14 days ago

DonVanVlietForum Update - Part 2 (Show new posts)
Thank you for your feedback on the major update of the forum. We have now tackled the issue of the "posts since the last visit" and technically improved it. A few notes on this:In general, all new / unread posts of the last 30 days are taken into account - unread and older posts "expire" and are considered as readThe system now works...

CnF 17 days ago

CnFWinter Is Coming
Winter is just around the corner. Without a doubt the season of the year that I like the most.Having been born in a small town where the winter is very hard and long makes me a human being used to the cold. It is a climate that I enjoy.This has been accentuated even more by my hobby of perfumery. In winter you can put on all those perfumes that at another...

DonVanVliet 19 days ago

DonVanVlietForum Update - Part 1
Today we have made a major update to the Forum. There have been many technical changes, there may still be some problems, which you can report here. Here are the most important changes.Easier formattingText is no longer formatted using the old BBCode tags. You can now select the text directly and format it accordingly.EmojisThe forum now supports emojis....

DalilaB 20 days ago

DalilaBReigniting the spark
Over the past few months I felt my enthusiasm and love for fragrances dwindling! I stand every morning staring at my collection, mindlessly picking up one bottle after another sniff the cap and going beautiful but not today.. not in the mood for this one or that one until I have smelled most of them then pick a safe one and off I go. I have even gone...

Elysium 22 days ago

ElysiumSo Little Knew, Yet So Extremely Valuable
In the previous post, I told you about some of the perfumes I love, but which last very little on my skin. Today I would like to tell you about some perfumes I did not know, but that have turned out to be surprising. It may have happened to you, too, to read a review, a comment, or a statement of perfume you know and discover that...

Elysium 25 days ago

Elysium​So Damn Sublime, Yet So Miserably Ephemeral
Have you ever craved for a perfume, because you read some excellent reviews, because you wore it some time ago, or more just because its olfactory family and the notes that compose it go well with your tastes, and you have ventured a purchase blindly? The desire increases with the wait; the perfume becomes part of your collection;...

AromaPath 27 days ago

AromaPathOlfactory journey - Pink peppercorn
Went for a walk tonight and I saw a tree with pink pepper. This oil is added to many perfume, but few people know that it can give really bad reaction in people with nuts allergies. When choosing the fragrance, carefully read the description of all the notes. I put it together for cooking and a mix of black peppers. It gives beautiful...

1 - 8 of 711