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OrrisLover 1 day ago

The following 3 perfumes represent for me 3 different paths that lead to sophistication.Suede - Perfumer H Sophistication as Effortless Resonance Suede simulates the velvety and soft feel of suede without being provocative or literal. The perfume is not about the imaginary scent of suede or leather; it is about the tactile smooth sense...

ElisaS95 3 days ago

ElisaS95A look at the past and present
I've been feeling like getting gourmands, which is strange as I don't really have wished for any in 8 years of being into the hobby.I like almonds, vintage perfumes and old things from the 2000s. They bring me to a fictitious (let's call it for what it is...) time back where I would fantasise about a world I didn't live in while listening...

DonVanVliet 8 days ago

DonVanVlietHow to pronounce complicated perfume names?
Most of you might have already noticed - Parfumo now offers the option to have a fragrance name pronounced for selected perfumes!Just click on "Pronunciation" in the grey info box on the perfume page:We currently support the languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.For English perfume...

Elysium 19 days ago

ElysiumHow About Revlon Charlie Purple?
As I am curious by nature, and I have both, I wanted to experience this mix on my own skin. The result is indeed excellent! The chypre and floral tones of Charlie Blue blend perfectly with the sweet and floral tones of Charlie Red, giving life to a new sweet, floral, and chypre scent. I first sprayed the Blue and then overlaid the Red. The result...

Elysium 23 days ago

Elysium​The Scent of Moor's Head Pearl and Topaz
It is not often that you are on vacation and come across a perfume, or preferably two, that you don't know and have never seen around. Well, here's what happened to me last week on my way home after summer vacation. I was a guest of friends and while shopping, I was struck by the beauty of the packaging of these two perfumes depicting...

Siebter 24 days ago

SiebterGrass & Théâtre
I've been doing videos about perfumes in German for quite a while, recently I started reviewing in English. Have a look (please):Grass by Lush:Odeur du Théâtre du Châtelet - Acte I by Comme des Garçons:Happy watching!

Rquill67 25 days ago

Rquill67Let me introduce myself...
I’m a frag-head living in Canada. Some of my favourite houses include Tom Ford, Killian, Lattafa, Rasasi, Commodity, Mugler, Guerlain, Lalique, 24, PDM, and Swiss Arabian. Some of my favourite notes include amber, whiskey, rum, cinnamon, cardamom, coffee, almond, patchouli, milk, anise, mandarin orange, raspberry, leather, oud wood, cashmere,...

WildGardener 28 days ago

WildGardenerWas Bleu Marine the first ever Aquatic?
Bleu Marine was released by Pierre Cardin in 1986, two years before Cool Water and New West for Him, and with a name like 'Navy Blue' it sounds like it should be the first ever aquatic, but was it?First of all, what are we talking about here? There are two versions of Bleu Marine: Bleu Marine de Cardin and Bleu Marine pour Lui by Pierre...

1 - 8 of 699