Dior Homme Intense (2011)

Dior Homme Intense (2011) by Dior
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Dior Homme Intense (2011) (Dior)
Dior Homme Intense (2011) (Dior)
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Dior Homme Intense (2011) is a popular perfume by Dior for men and was released in 2011. The scent is powdery-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLavender
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmbrette, Pear liqueur, Iris, Powdery note
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Cedarwood



8.6 (1083 Ratings)


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8.6 (698 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 15.02.2017
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Helpful Review    1 Award
Something else!
Such a breath of fresh air in a world filled with citruses and ouds. A powdery-floral for men. Sigh. Worth all the hype, for me. Dang!

But something I must mention is the reformulation thing. I normally don't buy too much into it but in this case it was very strange. I first had a 2015 bottle which had a very pronounced cocao and ambrette seed accord. The iris and leather were present but very subtle. It was glorious. After I ran out of that one I recently bought a 2014 bottle. Extremely different. The cocao and ambrette arrives much later in the drydown and is much softer here. The main players are iris and leather. Thick, waxy orris root, nutty ambrette almost like hazelnut and suede. With a deep musky, woody base, not generic ISO E super type wood.

But either way I totally like them. I preferred the 2015 version a little more probably. Performance wise these are all quite something. Perfect projection and sillage with outstanding longevity. Definitely try if it intrigues you.

1 Award
L'Instant de Dior Homme
A heavier sweeter Dior Homme with much more amber and a lot less interest.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Bottle 10.0/10
Sillage 10.0/10
Longevity 10.0/10
Scent 10.0/10
dior homme intense
what a wonderful perfume. i have a 100 ml of it and just after a week of smelling it i decide to buy another bottle and now i have a 100 and a 150 ml of this perfume !.some of my friends said that it was great before 2013 i don't know but i believe i will buy dior again and again :).
Scent 6.0/10
Helpful Review    2 Awards
A Lil too much for me.....
If I hadn't enjoyed the awesome blending and versatility of the Original edt , my thoughts on this would have been different from what I am going to write at the moment.
As a huge fan of Dior Homme 2005 , i was very excited when I received this as a gift , I must say its very nicely done with Iris and Vanilla(too much imo) but I badly miss the leather and cacao here which I got in original EDT, and that is the main difference I see between them , I just like it but dont know its a nose fatigue or something else , the over prevailing vanilla is not letting me enjoy the beautiful scent behind it.
Love the original which is far more better, masculine and very versatile piece of art if compared to this intense version.
Helpful Review    2 Awards
Intense perfection
As perfect as Dior Homme and heavily similar to it (no point in describing the notes again then): just deeper, probably with more iris, slightly darker, muskier, more powerful and with a bolder lasting on skin. Maybe slightly woodier too. Layering the two of them using Dior Homme Intense's drydown as a base for Dior Homme brought me this close to getting rid of 90% of the rest of my wardrobe. I am not familiar with the alleged variations among Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense batches, all I know is that my 2014 bottle of the Intense is a glorious, delightfully non-redundant companion to its timeless brother.

Bottle 10.0/10
Sillage 7.5/10
Longevity 10.0/10
Scent 10.0/10
7 Awards
New Era...
Excellent by any measure. I simply cannot describe Intense by Dior using the usual descriptors(aromatic, floral, spicy, musky) because if I do…you will naturally seek to place this with other colognes in your experience. It is a very unique fragrance that is well suited for a mature gentleman.
D.H.Intense is noticed for its very pleasant & different smell. This is not overwhelming but give'em a hug or kiss on the cheek and listen for the ooh and aahs. A tiny spray has long legs. The lingering sent can last for days on your Blazer.
Bottle 10.0/10
Sillage 7.5/10
Longevity 7.5/10
Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    2 Awards
After reading a lot of reviews and saw how this juice
was hyped i decided to blind buy it. And this was my
first designer perfume. At first spray i was unhappy at
the opening; i was expecting something "wow"
considering all the hype it got. I put it up for sale the
following week, although I was still using it. I put it on
one evening for a party. And I got my first compliment
on a perfume. My friend told me “you smell so good, I
love this perfume”. I was glad at last; all hope wasn’t
lost after all.
So I thought this fragrance was meant for the evening,
especially when it’s cold and raining or on cold
mornings. At these times I still smell it on myself after
a couple of hours.
I also discovered my DHI didn’t perform so well when
it’s sunny and hot (Nigerian weather). So knew when
to use it or not. I finally settled for this masterpiece.
Nine months later am planning to get another bottle or
the parfum version.

SUMMARY: Soft and sweet, smells feminine in the beginning. But later the masculinity starts creeping in after an hour or so. It performs best in cold evenings and winter. It's suit and tie scent.
Scent 7.0/10
2 Awards
This reformulation version seems to me somehow like a middle term between the two previous Dior Homme Concentrations, the EDT and the EDP Intense, in terms of how the scent develops on skin. It seems to rescue the powdery iris aspect of the EDT and to soften the vanillic drydown of the Intense turning it into something more woody (but not with not so much cedar as the original EDT seemed to be on my skin). With this, the Shalimar-like vanilla homage has gone alsmot completely, but the elegance is still here. It'd be very nice if they bring back the original intense formulation,reworked maybe in a pure parfum concentration.
Helpful Review    6 Awards
Not my cup of tea
With winter approaching I've been on the lookout for a unique classy fragrance to standout on the cold winter nights. Read some good reviews about Dior Intense. But considering the price I decided to first venture to the local fragrance store to sample it. I have a decent collection of scents, maybe 15 to 20. So guess you could say I'm a fragrance junkie. But my approach is always to first sample a fragrance on my skin before spending hard earned cash. Sprayed about three whiffs of this highly rated parfum on my skin. Dear oh dear. It is certainly long lasting. And powdery as many reviews suggest. My disappointment is that after if i bought this i would be spending a load of cash on this to smell like a stronger version of Johnsons Baby Powder. The notes just get worse for me. I really wanted to like this scent. But just kept getting this annoying baby powder scent instead of a more masculine fragrance. Cannot understand the mega raves it gets. Maybe will try it on my skin again to decide. But for now i am yet to find a Parfum that wows me. Both Jaipur and this have not impressed. Gave my Jaipur Edp away as I could not stand the smell after two or three uses. They are built to last as a Parfum should. But the scents are too annoying for my liking and unique, yes, but not in a good way.
Bottle 7.5/10
Sillage 10.0/10
Longevity 10.0/10
Scent 8.0/10
Very helpful Review    6 Awards
The world's most stylish cologne!
Without any borders, the world's most stylish cologne was created.
Masterpiece, masterpiece and masterpiece.
You just need the "Dior Homme Intense", when you wearing a formal suit, to become a great gentleman.
This isn't the best cologne ever created. But, It's the most stylish cologne ever created.
Also it has one of the best "smells balancing" of all around the world.
you can't say with certainty it's sweet or bitter or soft or spicy or ...
Because it has them all.
You will have very good feedback with it.
in my idea everybody should use it to understand what's the meaning of "good feedback".
Very helpful Review    7 Awards
Dior Homme Intense
This is my "go-to" cologne for special occasions and when I want to make a "scent impression" but am unsure of what to wear. This scent is one hundred percent guaranteed to get me compliments when I wear it to a gathering. I just wore it to a wedding this weekend and when a fellow guest hugged me, she commented on how good I smelled. I greatly enjoy the powdery make-up smell mixed with the cocoa, vanilla and iris. Truly unique. I find this fragrance very special and unlike any other in my collection. It's hard to find so I'm thrilled to own two 100 ml. bottles of it. I don't ever want to be without this one. Definitely in the top 5 of my entire collection. Perfection in a bottle! I love it!
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Anasali 14 months ago
AMAZING , Mesmerizing .+3
Bottle 7.5
Sillage 7.5
Longevity 7.5
Scent 8.5

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