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Perfumer Aaron Terence Hughes spent his youth in Cornwall, England, on his family's flower farm. He showed great interest in natural scents and aromas as a child - especially when they came into contact with human skin. His pocket money early on went into fragrant oils, which he used to create his first creations.

A notable feature of all fragrances from "Aaron Terence Hughes" is the high concentration of the fragrance, which is not less than 25 percent in each bottle. This makes the fragrance particularly intense and lasting. The label sells numerous fragrance series, often named after their aromas.

Perhaps even more important than Hughes' fragrances and collections is the master himself because he must be described as a good person. Thus, in his fragrances, the entrepreneur completely renounces any by-products or additives from animals. His ethics towards all living creatures alone prohibit this. Of course, animal testing is also a strict taboo. The fragrances of the label "Aaron Terence Hughes" are solely distributed in those countries that renounce animal testing for fragrances, cosmetics & Co.

In addition, Hughes has his charity organization, whose work he finances out of his pocket. For this purpose, Hughes has created two special fragrances, of which 70 percent of the sales proceeds go to charity.
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Latest Reviews

Ivory89Ivory89 5 days ago
Onyx - Aaron Terence Hughes

Onyx Old wooden outhouse with rose airfreshner
This gives me an old wooden outhouse (probably the oud) with a flower airfreshner, mainly rose. It's really well blended. But I don't enjoy the scent. I expected so much more from this. It is described as highly sensual...

Schnappo90Schnappo90 16 days ago
Guapo - Aaron Terence Hughes

Guapo Solid all-year fragrance...
For me it does have a resemblance to Percival. This is clean and fresh with a touch of creaminess/sweetness in the base. Extremely mass appealing, this would be suitable for all-year use. I do have to say though, it's probably the worst...

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