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HenskisHenskis 9 months ago
Get Ready! for Him (Eau de Toilette) - Adidas

Get Ready! for Him (Eau de Toilette) Just Don't Do IT
Well, it's not a lot to talk about it. I had this as Christmas Gift(we had 10euro limit for gifts) and I'm very disappointed. It might be the worst perfume I had in my entire life. I get it, it cost about 5-10 euro for 100ml bottle but this smells...

JhinckleJhinckle 2 years ago
Team Five (Eau de Toilette) - Adidas

Team Five (Eau de Toilette) Mass produced and oft repeated
Very little about this release is unique, novel or fact, it treads on very similar grounds as most mass produced, cheap and easily accessible fragrances. Its opening notes are very citrusy, eventually it tames down into more...

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