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Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie brand founded in 1994 by Joseph Ferdinand Corre and his then-wife Serena Rees.
Joseph Corre is the son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and music producer and artist Malcolm McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols, among others.
The Agent Provocateur brand attracted attention with its opulent design and quickly achieved cult status. It became famous, for example, by the sexy underwear designed in old pink (not pink!) and black. Famous figureheads of the brand were Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese, who were all featured in provocative videos, among others by Mike Figgis.
In 2007, Corre declined a knighthood on grounds of conscience, disagreeing with Britain's official Iraq policy.
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Latest Reviews

IseabailIseabail 2 years ago
Agent Provocateur - Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur An oriental diva
This fragrance is very chemistry dependant. I am one of the lucky ones who get this big lush rose, seductive musk and enough herbs and spices to make it intriguing. The saffron note is attractive as well. My significant other really enjoys this...

Carlitos01Carlitos01 4 years ago
Agent Provocateur - Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur L' Agent Parfumeur - The sexy agent
[Short review] A man's opinion of a woman's perfume must mean something ... I offered my wife this pink, oddly shaped bottle. Agent Provocateur usually provokes polarized reactions. It took her a while to decide which side to put this...

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