Al Rehab

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

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Parfumo knows 443 perfumes of this brand.
Perfumes of this brand have been rated 7.4 of 10 on average. 1754 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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ScentSlaveScentSlave 3 months ago
Dakar (Eau de Parfum) - Al Rehab

Dakar (Eau de Parfum) I read all the hype…
… and I grew up in the Drakkar Noir era (when every male everywhere owned a bottle by the time they hit 21), so I decided to grab a couple bottles on eBay (i mean c’mon, they’re only like $7) to test the hype. They arrived in the mail,...

PolarrfoxPolarrfox 1 year ago
Soft (Eau de Parfum) - Al Rehab

Soft (Eau de Parfum) First feeling: enourmous headache
When I first smelled this piece, I was quite sorry, because I bought it without previous trying and it was not quite something I expected. After only a day, I tried it again, but then, I was like - this is so amazing :) You have...

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