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The war is finally over and fashion can once again be designed full of confidence in the future, lightness and a longing for beauty when Pierre Balmain founded his fashion house in Paris in the fall of 1945.

Balmain, born in Savoy in 1914, first studied architecture and then turned to fashion. He worked for Edward Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, learning from the greats of his time.

His style meets the needs of the post-war era exactly, his vision of femininity, elegance and modernity has a share in the reinvention of a bourgeois self-design, which starts the second half of the century with a thirst for action and a great thirst for luxury. Throughout the fifties and sixties, Pierre Balmain responded to the consumer dreams of this generation with a fashion style that was refined, straightforward and at the same time very elegant.

The "Jolie Madame" becomes the epitome of the Balmain vision and the name of a fragrance classic.
From the beginning, perfumes composed by renowned perfumers based on Balmain's designs accompanied his fashion.

In the seventies, the company stumbles, unable to keep up with the times economically and fashionably, experiences many changes of direction and sales, and loses its typical, recognizable style, until in 2004 it has to go into creditor protection because of threatening insolvency and it becomes quiet around the great house, which now hibernates beyond the catwalks.

From 2006 onwards, Balmain embarked on a new, successful phase under chief designer Christophe Decarnin and today finds itself back in the top echelon of the couture business.

Since 1982 (Pierre Balmain's collection presented posthumously), the fashion designs bear only the Balmain name. Pierre Balmain's perfume creations, however, are still produced today largely unchanged. They are classics, zeitgeist witnesses and always current evergreens.
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Jolie Madame (Eau de Toilette) - Balmain

Jolie Madame (Eau de Toilette) Just Medium
Germaine Cellier was a perfume Grandmaster, but like the best players, she didn’t always win and this is one of her lesser works. A half way house between leather and a violet bouquet, it doesn’t have the arresting quality of Bandit, the audacity...

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Jolie Madame (Eau de Toilette) - Balmain

Jolie Madame (Eau de Toilette) Spring woodlands and 1950s elegance
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