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OrianeOriane 10 months ago
You're the One (Fragrance Mist) - Bath & Body Works

You're the One (Fragrance Mist) Fresh and Refreshing Strawberry and Rose
I have not been overly impressed with most of B&BW releases the last few years. There have been a few I really liked, e.g. Fresh Gardenia, One in a Million, and Rose were nice. I am happy to say I can now add another one to the list...

Mozart1756Mozart1756 10 months ago
Mad About You (Eau de Toilette) - Bath & Body Works

Mad About You (Eau de Toilette) Strawberry type sugary scent
I think that scent point is ridiculous. 8.6 is too much for that ordinary, cheap, fruity, sugary girly scent. That's sanitizer version is a gift from my sister to me. Sparkling, glittery, pink and very girly. Also scent profile is very...

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