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BobbyGeeBobbyGee 1 month ago
Wild Oud - Béjar

Wild Oud Béjar / Wild Oud
Ramon Bejar - the Spanish conquistador in the world of perfumes dominated by perfumers from France, Italy, the USA and the Far East. Apart from the very good Sanctum Perfume - this fragrance has long attracted my attention. Wild Oud is a fragrance...

BobbyGeeBobbyGee 2 months ago
Sanctum Perfume - Béjar

Sanctum Perfume Ramón Béjar / Sanctum Perfume
SANCTUM is a fragrance that I once admired together with WILD OUD by this creator and for me they are the best of his 2 works. Sanctum is nothing but the scent of an incense-filled Christian church. This incense fragrance is very...

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