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For the past century, Berdoues has preserved its passion for utilizing luxurious materials and sustained highly meticulous standards.

Berdoues has been passed down through four generations since it was founded in 1902 by barber Guillaume Berdoues who created a fragrance to perfect the shaves of his clients. He used it for many years, passing the formula on to his successors in 1936. However, because the first fragrance was a success, Henri Berdoues tried new aromas and was also successful with "Violette de Toulouse". The third generation at "Berdoues" was Pierre Berdoues in 1970, who also wanted to create a unique fragrance. He created the "1902" series to honor the label's beginnings, achievements, and exquisite quality. And finally, Sophie Berdoues followed as the fourth generation, bringing completely new perspectives to modern fragrance design.

Like her predecessors, Sophie Berdoues has a special flair for combining a century of fragrance discovery, family tradition, and the highest levels of luxury.

The company distributes a manageable and exclusive product range. In addition to exceptional fragrances, eau de toilette, and organic perfume water, the portfolio also includes soaps, shower gels, body lotions, hand wash gel, and creams for hands and face. Special gift sets and designs are also available for different occasions.
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Latest Reviews

MykonosgyrosMykonosgyros 3 months ago
Collection Grands Crus - Maasaï Mara - Berdoues

Collection Grands Crus - Maasaï Mara Love it
Personally, I think this is a really nice perfume. You can smell the plum, which I love! This kinda reminds me of the opening of 1 Million Prive. For being a niche perfume house, it is well priced too. It lasts long, and contrary to popular belief, I don't...

VitoditoVitodito 5 months ago
Collection Grands Crus - Azur Riviera - Berdoues

Collection Grands Crus - Azur Riviera A Ok summer scent
I finally tested a full sample. The smell is very very good and pleasant. It’s absolutely blue, i feel like being at the pool on a summer afternoon. It’s more of a swimming pool smell than a marine smell. And yeah, the similarity with the Hermes...

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