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Parfumo knows 3 perfumes of this brand.
Perfumes of this brand have been rated 7.9 of 10 on average. 436 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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NiningemNiningem 2 months ago
Aura Sublime - Bijon

Aura Sublime Fresh versatile vanilla
This perfume is about the duality, it's sweet and fresh at the same time. Vanilla is nicely presented together with the citric notes at the opening, but it's not harsh, just slightly refreshing, counterbalancing the sweet side. This blend...

EmorandeiraEmorandeira 9 months ago
Menthe Froide - Bijon

Menthe Froide The Freshness
Mente froide is overall a fresh perfume. The menthe is there from the beggining, athoug to the drydown It turns sweeter and a bit more balsámic. I like the perfume although for being an extrait de parfum is a bit soft. The longevity is very good but i find...

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