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At the fragrance label "Birkholz", the fragrance design has a very special approach compared to others. For the most intense fragrance experience possible, individual scents are created to harmonize perfectly with the skin.

The family business "Birkholz" is run by Nasyr, Katrin Birkholz, and their two sons Philip and Sven. It caters to a demanding clientele, due to the exclusivity and high standards of the ingredients. But the Birkholz family wants their fragrance creations to be enjoyed with more than just the nose.

That is why the label offers various options for personalizing the fragrances. For example, the lifestyle of the wearer (sporty, natural, modern, glamorous) can be determined, the occasion for which the fragrance is used (party, office, dinner, leisure), as well as an assessment of their personal style (modern, romantic, industrial, hippie). The profile of the individual fragrance is rounded off with the desired place. In the case of "Birkholz," the choices are Scandinavia, the Amazon, Asia, Southern Europe, and Marrakesh.

With that in mind, the perfume creators at "Birkholz" are able to create very individual aromas that perfectly suit the wearer, the environment, and the occasion.

Birkholz will also take you on a journey of utmost individuality; the material and color for the flacons and closures can also be personalized for special occasions when desired.

The fragrances of "Birkholz" are available directly in the Berlin studio and online.
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Latest Reviews

AlwaysUpAlwaysUp 12 days ago
Seductive Rose (Eau de Parfum) - Birkholz

Seductive Rose (Eau de Parfum) You know it by the name
Starts very flowery, with a bit of citrus and fresh cut roses vibe. Nothing special at all, we had it many times already. After quite a quick opening turns into a very sweet, sugary, chocolate-praline-caramel substance. And it is nice,...

AlwaysUpAlwaysUp 13 days ago
Mystic Haze - Birkholz

Mystic Haze Haze indeed
Starting smoky-sweet, and really pleasant and kind of appealing and addictive. Like you smell it and realise - it is not average, it is going to be a masterpiece. The first blaze of the opening did not last long on my skin and after 10-20 minutes I started...

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