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IseabailIseabail 2 years ago
Musc (Eau de Parfum) - Bruno Acampora

Musc (Eau de Parfum) Clean but not soapy
A woody, spicy and creamy musk. Very gently animalic, slightly powdery. Not completely a skin scent. I can smell it 3-4 inches away from my skin. This is the perfect scent to wear to bed. I can also see a sensual yet introverted lady making this...

CarlosspCarlossp 4 years ago
Musc Gold (Perfume Oil) - Bruno Acampora

Musc Gold (Perfume Oil) A wonderful evolution of the original Musc
It is an evolution of the classic Acampora Musc, it is a musk enriched with neroli, which makes it bitter and current. It has enough components, starting with its main note Musk, honey of flowers, neroli, in the heart...

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