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ChicoRoch1ChicoRoch1 1 month ago
Musk - Byblos

Musk A unisex fragrance. Not just for women
Smells nice good longevity and the price is right too. It does lean somewhat to the feminine side. Very musky and powdery and it's nice after a shower at night. You can still smell it the next morning which is always nice to experience....

Ionut75Ionut75 7 months ago
Elementi di Byblos - Carbon Sensation - Byblos

Elementi di Byblos - Carbon Sensation Diesel OTB Street
I just got Byblos Carbon Sensations and tested it for a few days. To my nose this is a Diesel Only the Brave Street clone. Smells like licorice and vanilla, a nice combo, I like it. Being sweet it suits colder weather in theory, but it doesn't...

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