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When it comes to fashion, lifestyle and trends, the American brand Calvin Klein is without a doubt one of the best-known and most successful global players. The basis of the long-lasting success of "Calvin Klein" is the business acumen and the never-endingly stylish designs.

Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 as a high-quality fashion and textile company. Initially, "Calvin Klein Inc." - as it is officially known - began by selling licensed products to selected retailers. A few years later, the brand became the talk of the town after revolutionizing fashion advertising in the 80s! The perennially popular underwear offered was an eye-catcher from the very beginning.

Today, "Calvin Klein" consists of three main segments. The Fashion segment covers all clothing and fashion needs (jeans, underwear, sportswear, socks), the Home Collection focuses mainly on trendy living, and the fragrances are intended to round off the label's overall concept. Since 2002, the label has been owned by the textile manufacturer "Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation".

The fragrances from "Calvin Klein" in particular have a large fan community because they are available to women, men and even to kids. Additionally, "Calvin Klein" works exclusively with first-class cosmetics companies, such as "Coty Inc. They have been creating the finest fragrances for more than 100 years. Together with the unique flacons, this is perhaps why the label's lifestyle fragrances are so successful, although collections such as "Obsession", "Truth", "ckIN2U" or "Downtown" only make up a small part of the product range.

Just like other brands and labels in the industry, "Calvin Klein" also likes to use prominent faces to market its products. Many influencers and opinion leaders were hosted in Calvin Klein’s photoshoots and PR campaigns such as Mark Wahlberg, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger or Justin Bieber who are almost legendary icons in the scene.

However, "Calvin Klein Inc." also likes to go one step further by venturing into unknown territory with original groundbreaking ideas. The best-known example is probably the film "Back to the Future", in which the underwear of the hero from the house of "Calvin Klein" plays a supporting role.
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Eternity for Men (Eau de Toilette) Hah! I just found an almost empty bottle of this stuff... a box with various memorabilia from the late 90s in the basement. I didn't even remember owning this - the only CK I remember owning in the 90s was the "controversial" CK One which I remember because...

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Obsession (Perfume) - Calvin Klein

Obsession (Perfume) Pure Parfum
I'm always looking for vintage fragrances so i was surfing ebay and i came across this version. It said it was for MEN but obviously it was wrong. I'm really not angry because I'm currently wearing it and i think a man can get away with it. Thia stuff...

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