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WRothWRoth 6 years ago
Via Camerelle (Eau de Toilette) - Carthusia

Via Camerelle (Eau de Toilette) Via Camerelle
This fragrance opens with a blast of mixed citrus notes. First I smell the lemon the most; then it is balanced by the orange note. It is a fresh scent, the citrus being creamy, not tangy. At this stage, very close to the skin, I smell the flowers faintly...

SilverfireSilverfire 6 years ago
Mediterraneo (Eau de Toilette) - Carthusia

Mediterraneo (Eau de Toilette) Oceanfront Nectarine Stand
Meditteraneo begins life on the skin as a sharp, nectarine aroma, mingled with notes that remind me of a sunny ocean. Over six hours, it fades to a rather clean skin scent. The projection never exceeds a foot and quickly dwindles to much...

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