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The history of the Carthusia brand reads like a little novel with characters from the wonderful island of Capri. Certainly some things have been written about it over the centuries, others will have actually happened.

According to the legend, the prior of the monastery of St. James, it was written in 1380, had large bunches of flowers picked on Capri for a visit of the Queen of Anjou. These then remained in a vase for three days, and when the prior was about to throw them away, he noticed this wonderful fragrance that the floral water gave off. He went to a confrere who was initiated in the secrets of alchemy, and soon he created from the flower water the first perfume of the island, the "Garofilum silvestre Caprese".

In 1948 a prior rediscovered this ancient formula. With the Pope's permission, he passed it on to a chemist from Piedmont, who then founded a small laboratory called "Carthusia".

To this day, this tradition has been perpetuated. The production is still limited and the manufacturing process is the same as it was for the Carthusian monks. All products are made from the highest quality raw materials and production is still handmade today.

For the men's fragrances of Carthusia, the base is rosemary oil from Monte Solaro. For the women's fragrances, it is the wild carnation of Capri.

For those who would like to immerse themselves in the world of Carthusia, the Factory Store is located in the center of Capri - just a few minutes from the famous Piazzetta and with a fantastic view of the Charterhouse of San Giacomo.
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WRothWRoth 6 years ago
Via Camerelle (Eau de Toilette) - Carthusia

Via Camerelle (Eau de Toilette) Via Camerelle
This fragrance opens with a blast of mixed citrus notes. First I smell the lemon the most; then it is balanced by the orange note. It is a fresh scent, the citrus being creamy, not tangy. At this stage, very close to the skin, I smell the flowers faintly...

SilverfireSilverfire 7 years ago
Mediterraneo (Eau de Toilette) - Carthusia

Mediterraneo (Eau de Toilette) Oceanfront Nectarine Stand
Meditteraneo begins life on the skin as a sharp, nectarine aroma, mingled with notes that remind me of a sunny ocean. Over six hours, it fades to a rather clean skin scent. The projection never exceeds a foot and quickly dwindles to much...

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