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The traditional company Cartier is a manufacturer of luxury items. The name stands for elegance and quality. Since the middle of the 19th century, Cartier has been supplying the world with sparkling and radiant. At that time, Louise-Francois Cartier founded the company as a precious metalsmith in France, which very quickly outgrew its boundaries in every dimension.

This brand is a favorite of the stars. For the right change, no customer request is too extravagant and decadent not to be made, exactly according to the individual wishes, by Cartier. For a long time now, the company has had far more to offer than jewelry and precious metal products. In the field of accessories, Cartier is now almost as broad as in its field of origin, and the same guiding principle applies to all products: the highest quality craftsmanship combines tradition and modernity.

Relatively speaking, the perfume line has not been part of Cartier's product range for very long. Nevertheless, the Cartier perfumes should be rewarded with great attention. Even the flacons are small works of art.
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TbugshanTbugshan 22 days ago
Santos is a Amber Spicy fragrance for men by Cartier , it was launched in 1982, one of the fragrances that does not end quickly if your occasions are few, a luxurious perfume for classic occasions and formal wear, the price is average, for sure...
PerfeptionsPerfeptions 1 month ago
Baiser Vole Parfum by Cartier is the latest flanker (2022) of the well known Baiser Vole line. This perfume is warm with the tonka in the opening, then green floral, then more floral waxy fleshy. Longevity is amazing on clothes and it is an ever...

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