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SmellavisionSmellavision 2 months ago
Le Vétiver - Carven

Le Vétiver Do not be fooled by the low price of this masterpiece !
As opposed to most other vetivers, which are a little brash and stingy, Carven's is smooth, almost creamy, with just hint of sweetness. Opening with citrus/orange and a minty gin note, going through a lovely...

WildGardenerWildGardener 2 months ago
Vétiver Dry (Eau de Toilette) - Carven

Vétiver Dry (Eau de Toilette) Vetiver Nay
This isn’t a Vetiver but a fougère in the style of Azzaro pour Homme. Vétiver Dry is more powdery-full, and it has a geranium note - which makes it a more conventional fougère, but they are basically quite similar. It has herbs and a green tone...

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