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Caswell-Massey is a cologna manufacturer founded by a Scotsman who immigrated to America in 1752, making it even more vulnerable than most European fragrance manufacturers. Truly older, depending on how you count and interpret them, are only Farina opposite Jülichs-Platz from Cologne (1709), Floris of London (1730) and Galimard from Grasse (1747). That such a traditional brand comes from the USA, of all places, surprises even many experts. And yet the tradition of this house remains unbroken to this day. Even Farina, the oldest house of fragrances, cannot boast such a continuous tradition.

Founded in the mid-18th century by Dr. William Hunter, the Caswell-Massey brand began modestly, as did many other early manufacturers of "toiletries." Initially, Hunter's pharmacy sold mainly pharmaceutical and drugstore products. A similar development can be seen in Germany, England or Italy: Fragrances and toiletries were traded in the context of early hygiene products in drugstores or pharmacies (the most famous example: the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella from Florence in Italy, which still exists today, with its legendary fragrance and cosmetic products).

Towards the end of the 18th century, the growing need for hygiene products ensured that the demand for comparable luxury products also grew, especially fragrances and cosmetics from Europe. Hunter responded to the new need by composing 20 fragrances himself, of which number 6 ("Number Six") was also favored to be worn by George Washington, the first president of the United States, as well as John Adams, the first vice president and second president of the United States.

In the following decades from the early to the mid-19th century, new owners and co-owners came and went. The company changed its name several times. Several legendary fragrances were developed, which in turn became favorites of then or later presidents (1840: "Jockey Club," said to have been preferred by future President John F. Kennedy; 1860: Castile Soap, a favorite of Abraham Lincoln).

The current name did not emerge until 1876, when John Rose Caswell and William Massey took over the small but burgeoning company. Over the next few years until the turn of the century, a total of ten retail stores were opened. The growing popularity of the brand led to other celebrities from politics and culture becoming Caswell-Massey customers: the Astor and Vanderbilt families, Edgar Allan Poe, George Gershwin, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife, Jacqueline Onassis, and musicians from the Rolling Stones.
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Centuries - Lavender - Caswell-Massey

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I know the standards for reviews are quite high here, and I am not practiced in it, but I will do my best as this scent has no reviews yet. I blind bought this fragrance, in wild hopes that I might find a lavender soliflore fragrance akin to the 1990s...

DrseidDrseid 9 years ago
1752 - Caswell-Massey

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Not much to say about this one, as it is extremely linear. It starts with a faux sandalwood accord and remains that way throughout. In the end I find it a good shaving cream scent (and that is what...

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