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The history of the label "Celine" is unusual because the high-end fashion brand was not always in the industry of fashion.

After the Second World War, Richard and Céline Vipiana opened a store in Paris for high-quality children's shoes. The business flourished and led to more store openings in the following years. The couple decided to expand and added fine women's shoes to the collection in 1959. Just five years later, the first fragrances were added, followed by various leather items in 1966. In 1969, the label presented the first prêt-à-porter collections and was way advanced with individual pieces.

After conquering the American market, "Celine" got new owners and designers who took the company to a new direction. Thus, a groundbreaking women's fragrance appeared with "Magic", and in 1990, a collection for men was also introduced (until 1997). In the new millennium, more new designers followed, always bringing newer aspects to the label.

Celine currently owns a total of 178 stores worldwide. In addition to the collections for women and men, the company sells mainly high-quality handbags, belts, and leather cases.

The homepage of "Celine" is of course well suited for shopping, but also offers a very detailed overview of all fashion collections of the past years. But of course, you can also find their shoes, fragrances, and accessories.
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Black Tie - Celine

Black Tie I can not describe you, but you are perfect
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MisiaMisia 10 months ago
Saint-Germain-des-Prés - Celine

Saint-Germain-des-Prés Clean expensive cozy fresh scent
I tasted all Celine Exclusive line and i have to say i was suprise that in this period of “hey lets make a perfume, it is a good busness today” Period when new perfumes are falling on us like heavy rain, they still manage to create...

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