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Clean was born in 2002 under the direction of Randi Shinder, a beauty industry veteran and entrepreneur who dominated the beauty industry by skillfully merging aspiration, luxury, and sustainability altogether.

"Clean" (lime, grapefruit, orange, jasmine), the first fragrance, won the label the title of "Newcomer of the Year" in 2003. More fragrances and beauty products followed, such as the lip filler "LipFusion" released in 2005.

After a revolutionizing line of products such as "Clean Perfume" and "Fusion Beauty" - Randi Shinder created the "I Smell Great" fragrance line in 2014: the first and sole fragrance brand based on extraction to develop scents directly from things women adore, and appreciate the most.

Clean's entire production of perfumes, flacons, and packaging is environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, vegan and free of phosphates, gluten, and animal testing.

Therefore, (in addition to the perfumers Ruhi Patil, Patricia Choux, Celine Barel, Harry Fremont, and Annie Buzantian), the American brand's competitive advantage is its customers' loyalty and trust.

The products are advertised on numerous fragrance and beauty portals, in department stores, drugstores, specialty retailers, and on the company's website.

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Latest Reviews

LuckymommyLuckymommy 2 months ago
Clean Reserve - Sel Santal - Clean

Clean Reserve - Sel Santal Fresh, green, creamy, woody and sweet.
Blind bought this for a steel. It leans more masculine to me, especially in the opening, in the dry down it’s more unisex. Very green, woody, fresh, sweet and a little powdery. Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of the salt,...

LuckymommyLuckymommy 2 months ago
Clean Reserve - Radiant Nectar - Clean

Clean Reserve - Radiant Nectar Fruit, musk, wood and floral.
This one is really good. A fruity, woody, musk with a little bit of a floral and sweet touch. I love it, it's one of my favorites and it will always stay in my collection. I wear it all year round but more so in spring and summer. Love...

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