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Among the countless manufacturers of cosmetics, wellness, and care products, some providers also pursue a medical-natural approach, including the well-known American label "Clinique".

The "Clinique" brand (officially "Clinique Laboratories, LLC") is unimaginable without Vogue reporter Carol Phillips. Phillips was bored with the same old universal creams for hand, body, and face. Together with dermatologist Norman Orentreich, she published several articles on the subject. The "Estée Lauder Companies" also heard about this, and wanted to offer this medical type of cosmetics in particular. The Lauders, therefore, brought Orentreich and Phillips on board and founded the "Clinique" label in 1968. This marked the birth of the very first allergy-free and medically tested cosmetics series in the world.

All "Clinique" products are traced back to Estée Lauder, which had already gained a wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry with "Estée Lauder" and "Aramis".

The main business area at "Clinique" includes cosmetics, fancy fragrances, skincare, and make-up products, as well as special care series for men. The individual articles are broadly diversified and range, for example, from lotions and masks to sun protection, medical peelings, make-up removers, and clear skin systems.

Even in the new millennium, the label remains true to its philosophy. In 2008, for example, "Clinique" collaborated with the pharmaceutical company "Allergan" and developed unique care sets for better skin healing after operations.

Clinique products are available worldwide in upscale stores, shopping centers, and, of course, online.
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