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"Courrèges" is the legacy of the French fashion designer André Courrèges. The designer has significantly influenced the fashion of his time with his unique creations, and transcended many traditional barriers.

Born in 1923, Courrèges initially wanted to become a civil engineer. However, at the age of 25, he decided to pursue a career in art and design. After a few years in a Parisian fashion studio, André Courrèges founded his label "Courrèges" in 1961. His modern and geometric fashion lines quickly gained the crowd's attention.

The label "Courrèges" and its namesake were so innovative that some of the most significant creations left a lasting mark on the fashion world. For example, André Courrèges is credited with the innovation of the so-called Go-Go boots, the pantsuit, and the miniskirt.

From the mid-1960s, Courrèges was inspired by the emerging space industry. Therefore, his designs included metal, plastic, PVC materials, followed by accessories (glasses, helmets, etc.) Ultimately, André Courrèges' creations made history as the "Courrèges style".

But André Courrèges' creative potential didn't stop there. His label also launched several high-quality fragrances starting in 1971, followed by a collaboration between the house of "Courrèges" and a German manufacturer of sanitary ware, toilets and washbasins.

When André Courrèges passed away in 2016, his creations were revived. Renowned designers, broadcasters, and the media celebrated the fashion designer and his label for leaving traces in the industry.

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Latest Reviews

WildGardenerWildGardener 11 months ago
Blanc de Courrèges - Courrèges

Blanc de Courrèges Not quite white
Piquant red on top and woody underneath, this is built like a fru-chouli. But the fru isn't fruity - it's leathery and pink pepper, and the chouli is not just patchouli - it's more like a pillow of sweet iris. It opens up grey-red - like burgundy...

WildGardenerWildGardener 1 year ago
Courrèges in Blue (1983) - Courrèges

Courrèges in Blue (1983) Tearing me apart like a Blue emotion
It begins orangey and sweet. But there’s aldehydes and iris to reign in the syrup. Courèges in Blue is playing the codes. With dry, and cool metallic notes to offset the sweetness, it’s part orange syrup, part glint of steel;...

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