Création Lamis

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ElysiumElysium 9 months ago
Papaver - Création Lamis

Papaver The Flower of Joy
Is Papaver an opiate of the masses? I don’t know, what do you think? I know that "Opium (1977) (Parfum) | Yves Saint Laurent" is one of the most fascinating oriental fragrances, a classic of perfumes that incorporated all the most essential oriental...

WalanskyWalansky 1 year ago
Bluish - Création Lamis

Bluish Bluish perfume search
This is the best perfume ever but unfortunately it seems to have disappeared/vapoured with a whiff from mother earth. Anyone who has seen it please let me know. I love these perfume to bits I'm currently in SA. The first one I got from the UK then...

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