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Perfumes of this brand have been rated 8.7 of 10 on average. 66 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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Adashi7Adashi7 5 years ago
Anther (2015) - Criminal Elements

Anther (2015) A Familiar Scent...
A week ago I wore some Amouage Epic for Men and mis-sprayed, accidentally spraying a little on my shirt. No big deal, hung up the shirt a little later. Today I took it out and could still faintly smell the Epic's base - Amouage makes some pretty...

F3tchF3tch 7 years ago
Pyrus (2015) - Criminal Elements

Pyrus (2015) Beaches in summer
This fragrance starts with a surge of salty driftwood, musk, and sweet juicy pear, the lightly floral fruitiness kept on the savory side by a touch of anise. After a couple of minutes on the skin, the anise and the fresh nuances of the pear fade,...

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