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BigslyBigsly 3 months ago
Sandringham - Crown Perfumery

Sandringham Old world meets "modern man?"
With neroli and citrus listed, and based upon other scents I've tried from this company, I thought this would be sharp, but it's actually quite soft. Some (younger people, most likely) may say it's at least a little musty, but certainly...

DrseidDrseid 5 years ago
Crown Spiced Limes - Crown Perfumery

Crown Spiced Limes Classic English Barbershop...
This is a review of the vintage juice from Crown Perfumery, not the Anglia reissue... I get a primary mixture of lime, basil and clove, with nutmeg and cinnamon playing a strong supporting role as well. I really do not get any lemon,...

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